Another great musical parody from Mr. Rainbow. But the news cycle churns faster than Rainbow can crank these video parodies out. Kavanaugh is yesterday's news and later this week's news. Get to work on ROSENSTEIN!, Randy. The Hill:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Monday morning was on his way to the White House and expecting to be fired, according to multiple reports. News outlets reported that Rosenstein was preparing for his departure from his top position at the Justice Department soon after a bombshell report from Axios that said he had verbally resigned. Conflicting reports emerged throughout Monday morning, with some outlets confirming the Axios report while others reporting he was refusing to step down. Axios reported that Rosenstein was planning to resign in anticipation of being fired. CNN, Bloomberg and The Washington Post quickly confirmed this report. NBC reported that Rosenstein was refusing to resign by his own volition, saying President Trump had to fire him. All outlets confirmed that Rosenstein was on his way to the White House.

Rosenstein oversees the Mueller investigation — and once he's fired Rosenstein, Trump can fire Mueller. The constitutional crisis would appear to be upon us, kids.

If Mueller is fired, there will be protests all over the country. Nearly 10,000 people have signed up to attend the protest in Seattle — a march from Cal Anderson Park to the Federal Building on 2nd Avenue. If Mueller is fired before 2 PM, the march is today. If he's fired after 2 PM today, the march is tomorrow at 2 PM. To find the planned protest near you, go here.

UPDATE: Rosenstein wasn't fired this morning and didn't resign. Also...