Which is faster... this bullet train or your BRAIN?? Lets find out!
Which is faster... this "bullet train" or your BRAIN?? Let's find out! 3alexd / GETTY IMAGES

BIENVENIDAS, SMARTY PANTS! It's time once again to put that brainy-brain to the test with this week's edition of POP QUIZ PDX—our weekly, local, sassy-ass trivia quiz. And this week you'll be using that cerebellum to answer quizzy Qs about shady cops, bullet trains, and "which cereal mascot best describes your dad?" Also—and this is new—you can sign up to WIN FREE PIZZA from our friends at the always delicious Atlas Pizza! (Scientific fact: Pizza makes you smarter.)

But first... HOW DID YOU DO ON THE PREVIOUS QUIZ? Ooooo-weee! VERY impressive overall! I'm also happy that we mostly agree that we should fire our current dad and replace him with either Neil Patrick Harris, or the guy who slugged neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. GREAT MINDS!


OKAY, TIME FOR A NEW QUIZ! Take this week's quiz below, take our previous pop quizzes here, and come back next week for a brand spankin' new quiz! (Having a tough time answering this quiz? It's probably because you aren't getting Mercury newsletters! HINT! HINT!) Now crank up that cerebellum, because it's time to get BRAINY!