Things that happened prior to my first date with a coworker:
1. I did not eat lunch.
2. I did not eat dinner.
3. I got stuck in traffic for an hour and my nagging fear came true, I was late to our date.

Things that happened during our first date:
4. We smoked pot in his car outside the venue before watching his good friends play in a band.
5. While leaning against the wall by a trashcan, the band got farther away as if receding into a tunnel, like a pinprick off in the distance.

Things I found out after I came to from fainting:
6. I spilled beer on myself and knocked over the trashcan when I fainted.
7. Paramedics had been called to check up on me. I was sitting on the curb looking up at them when I came to.
8. My date's friends in the band asked if he'd seen the girl pass out in the crowd. He had. Hundreds of people had.

Things I found out eight months into the subsequent seven-year-long relationship I shared with my date:
9. My shirt had worked its way up around my neck when he had dragged me out of the club while I was unconscious.
10. It made for a doozy of a first date story.