I went on a second date that I knew I should not have gone on with a guy from Plenty of Fish. We arranged to meet at Pioneer Square and go for coffee. I overslept and texted that I would be a bit late. He was the one who looked like the Unibomber.

I suggested we go to the Stumptown at the Ace Hotel. I got a coffee that he proclaimed was "too expensive" and we chatted for a while after he asked if I am a coffee snob? I ask where he works, and he says he plays drums and makes jewelry boxes? Mind you, I said I was looking for someone professional in my ad. He has no plan for our outing, but says he would really like to have a donut. I don't want to go to Voodoo, so he suggests we go to Blue Star donuts. He does not know where there is one. Neither of us has a smartphone. I offer to drive us to the one on Hawthorne-he doesn't own a car. Of course there is a line and the $2.50 donuts are "too expensive". I buy him a donut and we sit in my car and eat. Then he proceeds to talk shit about his baby mama and then brags about how he never married her. As I am taking him back downtown and wondering why the fuck I went for a second date, he tells me he doesn't think we are " vibing". NO SHIT SHERLOCK. So glad to get this cheap ass douche out of my car.