One of my cooler friends, a lady about ten years older than I was, wanted to set me up with a guy from her Tae Kwon Do dojo. I was into it. She was my good friend that knew my personality + free dinner. I wanted to keep it friendly/casual so I suggested she join us. In retrospect that's weird BUT I'm also glad I did. Fondu dinners, I did not know, are three hour affairs with a fruit course, cheese course, vegetable course, meat course and dessert. Many little pots of warmed sauce arrived and perished. The guy turned out to speak entirely in Simpson quotes, even when posed with direct questions about himself.
What was the year you were born? You don't make friends with salad. Where were you on the night of October 22nd? You'll have to speak up. I'm only wearing a towel. Hoo boy. Can you imagine Simpson quote pillow talk? Stupid sexy Flanders.