I had lost the job I had for 19 years,and a perianial single man. One woman I wanted to marry ultimately didn't want me: one I should have. Now over 50, dates treated me with an air of suspicion: red flagged for never marrying . Never mind the baggage many of the women I met had.

Met a gal through Cupid and we met at Insomina coffee in the burbs. My jinx place. Dates never go well there but it's so nice. She is tall, nice looking and seems to have it together. Works in the arts. We spend over two hours talking. Figure any coffee date over an hour means you clicked.
Suddenly before leaving she shifts gears: tells me 7 years back working on a reservation as a social worker an elder tribe woman drugs her and offers her up to her son as a "ritual", She has no choice and sexually submits. She now has no trust in men. I become a sounding board for the next hour.
She touches my arm and says"wow that was important I haven't been able to touch a man in years". I email days later but that's it.