I started taking antidepressants and about a month in I found myself feeling lonely, on a weekend, posting a Craigslist w4m ad, IN THE MIDWEST.
One of my responses was actually a friend of a friend. He had seen my photo in her FB friends. I agreed to meet up that night to watch a movie and he gave me all this port wine which was disgusting and, I didn't realize, 20% ABV. I think we watched Borat?
He tells me that, since it was recently my birthday, he wants to give me a free massage and seemed to have an actual massage studio (fancy hole-for-your-face table and everything) so I stripped down to my underwear. I don't believe in magic but I do believe in the body's ability to let you know when you've been drinking terrible, terribly alcoholic wine and you are being touched by someone you don't really trust. I felt horrible. I mumbled, "I gotta go," ran out of the room and barfed in his bathroom. Then I snuck out the back stairs and called an Uber.

Upon returning to my apartment I decided to ween myself off the antidepressants. I really shouldn't have been drinking on them anyway. I think being a little pessimistic/depressed keeps me from doing stupid shit like Craigslist personals.

There was fallout with the guy but it was pretty boring stuff like, "it isn't you. I'm going through some stuff in my life and I wasn't ready for a full body massage from a stranger." etc.