A second date was off to a lovely start until after dinner. My date got up from the table, sat on the same side of the table as me, leaned in to kiss me and instead bit my lip very hard. This hurt and was a huge turn off. Being polite and interested in finishing the second drink I had just ordered, didn’t say anything. After finishing my second glass of wine, he leaned in for what I was positive was going to be a kiss. Again he bit my lip and this time with even more teeth. At this point I tactfully ended the date.

My date was kind enough to give me a ride home but before we left I used the restroom quickly and in the process got a bit of pee on my hand. I did not wash my hands as I really just wanted to get home fast. While on the ride home we got stuck waiting for the train to pass. (Not the MAX, the actual train.) I dreaded what was going to inevitably happen next. My date leaned in and bit my lip for the third time, I firmly told him I don’t like being bitten. At this point my date’s eyes softened, he gently picked up my urine soaked hand, put it in his mouth and bit my fingers. He then asked “do you like this?”