I'm a early 30's punk femme lesbian on the prowl. I have showered myself on being a slut on online dating. It's something I embrace. So in my experience I have had dates that were lack luster and dates that has charged my spirit. I know we all want to talk shit and express the bad but this one is golden.
I met her via tinder, as a match she immediately insisted that we meet at the Yamhill pub downtown that night. If any of you don't know, the Yamhill Pub is the sleaziest punk dive that you can imagine. My heart was estactic that she was a dirty soul at heart. We finally meet up, as I arrive her boots are stoicly placed on the opposite chair with so much confidence. She proceeds to buy me a cheap beer and we talk. She asks me what I do for a living and I get nervous because I am a sex-worker and this often puts a damper on things. I honestly tell her what I do and there is no blink of the eye and no judgment. She proceeds to tell me that her sister runs the biggest fetish porn site on the Internet. HUGE plus.
We proceed into the date and all is jiving, we then close out our tabs. We leave the bar as "what do want to do now?" I suggest that we get some beers and we go on an adventure. I take her to an old gothic style church and we break in.We drink some cheap beers, talk about our lives then suddenly I press her against the wall of the church and we kiss and then fuck on the stairs of the church. I just remember screaming "Oh jesus." If you're reading this, best date ever.