Question: You live in Portland, but do you know HOW to live here? It’s a fact that no matter how long you’ve been around—whether you’re an ex-Silicon Valley newbie, or an old-timey Goose Hollow crusty—we can all learn more about how to navigate this ever-changing city. And that’s where the Mercury’s PORTLAND HANDBOOK comes in!

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While any run-of-the-mill guidebook can tell you how to get to Powell’s or where to find a decent sandwich, the Mercury’s Portland Handbook goes DEEP—offering clear, no-bullshit instruction on navigating the trickier aspects of being a Portlander. For example, you may be wondering how a newcomer to can fake being a Portland native. We’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’ve always been too nervous to smoke weed in public, but hey, it’s a new day and you’re ready to give it a shot! We’ll tell you how to do that. Do you know how much to tip your body piercer and gas pump attendant? You will after reading our very informative article on the subject! Plus we’re giving you must-have tips about the hottest local bands, how to drink like a real Portlander, who runs what in city politics , the correct way to pet another person’s dog , and—very important—a stern reminder that you are riding e-scooters wrong!

Oh, and we’re just getting started. There’s lots more to learn and enjoy in the Portland Handbook, so drink it all in—because the more you know about living here, the Portlandier you will be.