How to Fake Being a Portland Native



It seems to me Mr. Streckert that you are to use your own words the "xenophobic dickweasel" you compare Portlanders curious about someone because they're not from here simply because they ask them where they are from. Telling people not from Portland that they should pretend or lie about where they had grown up just to fit in is sad and frankly kind of pathetic, especially for a grown adult. Everyone should be able to speak they're native accent how they see fit and not be ashamed of it. I am and native Portlander as you say you are and your characterization of Portlanders as xenophobes is just flat out wrong. Yes some people that grew up here are weary of others moving here increasing the prices of houses and real estate which causes greedy developers to tear own some of those Portland land marks to tell transplants to namedrop. That's not me and neither is it any of my friends or family. My wife is in fact from Pasadena CA and many close friends are from other parts of the county that all moved here to Portland. I celebrate all my friends cultural and regional diversity, some from Texas and some from Wisconsin. You think those people should actively try to suppress they're native accents only because you think its rude or xenophobic for someone that grew up here to ask them where they are from?!? That is ridiculous. There are many places full of fake people where they try to pretend they are someone else. LA, NY for example. I lived in NYC for four years. I met lots of people trying desperately to pass them selves off as native New Yorkers and it was in fact sad and pathetic. Personally I was ask my times "where are you from" and I gladly and proudly told them. Many people would tell me I had a strange and interesting accent. Imagine that, a native New Yorker saying that to a Portlander. I didn't think of it as rude or xenophobic, on the contrary. It was a prefect Ice breaker for people start a conversation about being an american from a different part of the country as well as a great excuse to educate people who otherwise would have assumed Oregon was one of those States next to Oklahoma. You wouldn't tell a person that had just moved here from another county to suppress their native language and culture would you? Maybe you would. I hope you think about your own prejudice and how easy it is to stereotype people even if you are one of them.


uh oh the comment section...I understand the criticism against the author, but it's the Mercury, and this is seemingly pretty harmless.

Most people who aren't from here are probably reading this just to learn the ins and outs of the city. I don't think the author is actively asking people to suppress their voices or pretend to be somebody else.

Portland does have a huge xenophobia problem, though, and this read like a light navigational guide. Real xenophobia is when people fuck up Californians cars and spray graffiti on their houses and personally target them. For the record, I am from Wisconsin and have been living here for 4 years.


I am observing that the people who have a problem with this article and appear xenophobic are the people who are from Portland.


Yeah, because someone that arrived from New York, NY is going to care about the changes in the city.
People born and raised in their present cities will only have positive opinions about people with more wealth coming to their town that already has pricey housing and stiff employment.


Portland sucks. Why would I want someone to think I was from here? That my big accomplishment was that I never managed to leave my home town? Pathetic.


As a native Portlander I thought this humorous piece was dead on. From the White Stag sign to Rose Quarter to descriptions of Portland passive aggression, Streckert nailed it. And it's humor folks. Walk it off.


Walk it off, and if you are driving, don't start laying on the horn because I'm holding you up from wherever it is you think you need to be besides Here and Now.