You’re Riding Your E-Scooter Wrong



OMG Thank you!!!

I was almost hyperventilating from the terror of what was starting to look like an entire five days with no scooter content at all. None!

I knew all along, in my heart, that The Mercury would not --COULD not-- let us down.


I’m all about scooter shaming


Are y'alls just down on scooters because the Willamette Week went in on the side of scooters? This sort of snarky "hot take" is pretty tired yawn If I want to listen to people whine about scooters j could just go on to Nextdoor


I am 71 years old. The e-scooter has enabled me to access public transportation that was just a walk too far. I always wear a helmet. Your diatribe assumes the worst and ignores the benefits of a transportation alternative that extends rather limits or replace Portland's public transit system.


Years ago there was a short craze of using trampolines for entertainment. The trampolines were set into the ground, so people could just step onto them and bounce to their hearts delight. Unfortunately, if they bounced wrong, they would land on the hard earth or pavement. This happened and the resulting broken bones and law suits quickly ended this little episode in stupid human ideas. Now it's scooters on streets with cars, trucks, bicycles, and other vehicles. Uh oh. With limited use, and used safely with a helmet, scooters could be a help to some people. However, from what I've seen they are a toy waiting for a very bad accident. This morning I was riding a bicycle and a young guy on a scooter zipped around me. He didn't have on a helmet, and from what I could see he had no protection if an accident did occur. He was going faster than I was going, and quickly ran two stop signs before dipping onto a small road. Perhaps these things can be helpful in some situations, but as a general form of transportation, I think this is an obvious problem waiting to become a crisis.


This is amazing. All the articles have been! How do I write for the Mercury! #dreamjob