In case you didn't know, the Mercury loooooooves "LOVE." That's why every year we fling open the doors to our paper, and fill it with romantic words of woo from YOU, our lovesick readers! The following pages are practically overflowing with mooshy notes that are dripping with romance—COULD ONE OF THEM BE FOR YOU?? (Quick! Look and see!)

♥ A pile of rocks ceases to be so when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind. Thank you for the self confidence. I Love You.

♥ To my Little Munchie~ Momma loves you and always will so have a great first Valentines day. To my Hubby~ All I can say is I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!

♥ Show me your dick. Now, say "Battlestar Galactica."

♥ mich: u r mad teh hawtie much luv --stu

♥ Tim, you drive me wild with your ever changing facial hair. ~J

♥ Delphin, my love, may you and your phenomonal cock make me smile many a morning for the rest of our lives. I love you. You are my life.

♥ Mr. Frisky, The last 4 months have been wonderful! You're the best Husband/Valentine a Grrl could ask for! Love Always, Your Wife (aka She-Bitch)

♥ Forest Park, tea, no more books, dinosaures, cupcakes, sandwiches, nap couch, unicorns, mold, coffee, tiny plastic pets, forced baths, ginger. You win

♥ Baby bird, I love you. "You won me over in no time at all." Owl.

♥ Amanda, you are SBA , K

♥ Be mine every day, Keith Ryan. Be all mine, every hour minute second, in all the tiny moments that matter most. With you, I am no longer lost.

♥ Lovely Lobkin! I more than adore you. I'm so glad you asked me out. Ciao bella!

♥ Master Schedule. You were right on time. You always are.

♥ Dirtyfunkynaughty Joe star of my porno show with all I say or do I bare my soul to you; my heart keep holding- juicy love magic keep unfolding

♥ I love sleeping with you under our new down duvet.

♥ Zedster, YASETM. CB

"Faith and Miracles" To my significant sweety, I just wanted to say I love you so much, and happy 1st ever valentines day! you're the best guy out there, a miracle! luv you

$ Hey, boyfriend! $ You are my absolute favorite milquetoast. I love you and your cute faysh more than I love cake or laying in bed. Unless it's your bed. With you in it.

$2 drink date Here's to many more, my sweet n! Pick up your bassoon and lull me to sleep.

(HE)ARTDAMAGED?! Best friend to boyfriend, you turned the tables & made me spin. Now my heart's incomplete without your beat. 4ever a junkie for your bliss, I love u!

**Jared=Superstar** Thank you for being with me during all our housing, pet & career changes. I love you very much and look forward to a romantic evening together! -Anna

**TIGER TEEN!!!** Happy Talentodd's Day! The past 8 months have been finger-lickin' great. You are my favorite. Xtra boob time for you! Juv ya, Licky McClickysound

*BLAIR* Now that I'm officially sane, I love you even more!

*MUFFIN* Thank you for the coffee every morning and putting up w/ my gassy self. Here's to a long bourgeois life together.

++ariel++ you + me = dancefloor dream. you should have come to the alibi. i should have asked for your number. happy valentines day.

--------MOMO STEENER My lil pinky, oh how i adore thee. Knowing that I do not tell these simple words nearly often enough (I LOVE U!!) please know u r in my heart always.

1 FOR LEA, MY LOVE I do wish for you and I to live in a world with out cat anything and my books. we both NO thats not gona happen. YES I AM STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!!!

10X You're too rad for words. Like one of those cells that lived through the concentrated PBS wash. I love you lots and lots. XxxoooxxX.

12 years of love oh my dear sweet nicky. i have and always will love you. nothin will ever change that!

143 SO MUCH!! You mean more to me than you'll ever know. I love you more than anything! Thanks for all the great times we have shared together. See you tonight.

1964 Ramber Classic Glad to have found you and your big car. I'll find more foreign erotic thrillers and take mandatory time off. Not "the kiss of death", J

2 Frnk <3 Krstn Dear Franklin, Happy Valentine's Day even though you, like most of the world, don't care much for this holiday. I still love you.

2 Virgos in Love I always knew it could be this good, and I can't wait for what's next with us. I hope I can make you as happy as you make me. Love, Abbi :)

2007 RAWK New York! Chicago! Beaverton! Sellwood/Westmoreland! Coast to Coast Tour 2008? Soundproof room 2007?

29th Avenue D Dog Your red toes make me goes, eww, la, la, wa, chica, bang, bang. If you can guess it's me I'll give you a month's worth of bjs, and a yummy dinner 4 2.

2nick "stiff" robles Just let me be your suga mama. Happy Valentines Day lover. -Renea

3's company ! I love you both so very much ! I look forward to the rest of our lifes! Love your kid... B

3000 miles I guess it isn't far enough, sweet boy. damn.

3cm Stone=Tough Guy Thank you for arguing with me, loving me, chasing me with soap. Make me believe it's worth it always. You are. I love you stupid and always will.

4ever and always PJ "And I'm melting in your eyes, like my first time that I caught fire. Just stay with me, lay with me now." I love you forever, Paste.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I bis gon bis gon gots gitty up and get me some of that there red hot lovin'. Again. Okay, maybe just once more. Ah, who am I kidding - get over here!

=*=*=* hey you - i'm still way past cloud nine. happy valentine's day. xoxoxo.

A Bunny and A Piggy. I Love You Badger. Will you be my valentine? I'll make it worth your while. wink, wink.

a call to action pdx gents, if you believe in social justice / baking cookies / watching jeopardy / k recs / passing notes, come find me!

A Date With Chris F? I have yet to find my date for V-Day this year... Who better than an author of the Mercury himself? Remember me... In love with Altered States?

A Decent Proposal Tara - Let's get married! Oh, wait... I mean, let's get Chinese food! I love you, always. -Dennis

A G ...tell secrets that only we share, stand too close+tease me i wouldn't care, your deepest desires i want to know, my deepest fire i want to show...

A GOLDEN OLDIE Meet me tonight in Dreamland. The world will pardon my mush, cuz I've STILL got a crush, my baby, on you...

A loves D! Hey DMOB! You are my sweetie and I love you! Kisses XOXO

A+R 5 years on 5 years after our voyage of discovery, we are still together and happier than ever. I'm starting to think we have a good thing going. Happy Anniversary!

A-HA!!! danke for being my bestest friend and pookie, charlie brown. i love and adore you more than the universe forever and ever. xoxoxo, sallypants

ACA Refugees Thank you for the couch to lay my head on. I love you all.

academic addiction dear other reedies, i have spent 2.5 years dealing with your b.o. and apathy. though it must be love since i keep coming back. see ya in hauser.

Ace of Hearts Lovers To my two lovers Hootie & Stiffy "Cheers" to all the fun we've had so far and to the fun we're going to have later! Love KK

ad infinitium Brillant, Reciprocating, Eternal, Naughty, Tantalizing! I will love you without end! Forever Yours, Me

AD, you're my baby So when are you moving back? Or when are you convincing me to move down? We need to be in the same so that we can start to get sick of each other. -GB

Ada mo beil if love was war...would you be my enemy? -Toddtronic

Adam S. Taylor It's only a matter of time until the beard's funeral... a thousand pirates, libertarians, and hobos weep. I love you furry or not. Kimberlita.

ADISON FAYE Happy 1st Valentine's Day!! I love you! P.S. Tell your mommy to take a shower! Love, Aunt Jenni

Adriane I hope you wrote me a valentine, or else you'll crave for those easy days when only a few tears came out of you. I love you more than ever Your Master

Aerosmith Curse. Adam, I love you.

After 2 long years To not only the most stunning, but the most patient lady I have ever had the pleasure of dating. Thanks for loving 2 month Max, 7, I love you too.

Agent Chaos Gatinha, voce e uma pessoa muito especial para mim e tem um lugar reservado no meu coracao. Com muito amor e carinho, seu admirador secreto.

AJAH To my red-hot-smoke'n-fox, Ohh Ajah. You are my special lady. I will take you to foggy-London-town. Hey you should be mine this Valentines? Thomas

Alex Owensen Too many donuts cause nausea. I'm Magayver, you're Martha. Cheetos are orange, ducks are white. I've written you a poem - you read it left to right, agape.

Alex...I love you!! You're a fantastic friend, lover, daddy to our little girl, not to mention a kick ass musician. Can't wait for our night out on V-day. -M

Alexi Sweet Alexi, you're my inspiration and my muse, my partner and my heart, my best friend and my smile. nothing else could ever be but to have you next to me. Erik

Alfonso, help me out Dirk funk, u r a sexy motherfucker. You got singin leads, guitar leads, all dem leads. And even a van 2 load them equipments in. I'm yours. -manzanita

Ali P and baby J I love the path we're on, my love for you grows deeper daily, my head spins with prospects. The best craigslist date EVER! Parenthood here we come.

Alina Misra(?) You are the most amazing girl I have met in my life. You put an idea in your mind and you do it. Most before 18. You are dear to me, lady. Take care.

ALISHA BRUNE! "Like a plane crash that never hits the ground, I fall in love with you. I'm nose over tail for you." Here's to the best year yet, I love you! Myles

Alison Murphy My love is bigger than that mountain up there.

Amanda Juellianne! Baby, Thank you for being my best friend, for trying new things, for loving me like only you can. I am 'sew' lucky to have you in my life! OJXFOREVER

amazing maizie too many days, too many miles. enough! come be the perry to my walter. i chew-chew-chews you!

Amazing Mazey You are the joy of my Mexican mornings, the rosy light of a Puerto Vallarta sunset, and the crazed hysterical giggling of insanity meeting tequila!

Amber the Godess baby you are my godess, princess, and my queen. I love you so much. Just can't wait for 15 more years of your special lovin. your hon darryl

Amie Happy Valentines Day baby. Thank s for wanting to marry me. I love you. -Mark

Amour Eternel Fight..I will, our love....forever eternal! You have taken me from darkness into light,for that I am bound! I love you & till death do us part!

Amy T-Bird May this simple public declaration of my love be the first of many. I love you forever! (Your little beast)

Amy- I may not be Justin Rice, and I may not be Lauren Graham, but I promise to always be the Buddy to your Debbie Gibson. I love you. -Rob.

An Original "Barb"! You accurately ID'd the Raekwon. I'd love you without the Wu-knowledge, but your beautiful genius magic inspires me. I love you more every year. JRJ

Anaconda Baby, I could draw pictures for you all day long everyday for the next 42 weeks. Thats 294 pictures. Whoa.

Anarchists For Bush Make my knees weak and my heart flutterly gentle. B.

AND SAMMY MAKES 3 Balding, overly sensitive, prone to mood swings and use of pile cream to reduce signs of age but will always be horny for the love of my life. 4ever.

Andrew... You have a gentle, non-invasive sweetness that makes me feel like a contented kitten curled up between your crimson flannel sheets. I adore you.


angelina you're the super raddest - stay gold killer (/-)->-< mr doorbell

ANIMOSITY IS SEXY Brett at Movie Madness - You're pretty hot, but why are you such an asshole? Stop acting like an arrogant twat and maybe I'll buy you a drink.

Anna, remember... ...that one time you got a valetine in the mercury?...ya that was me...llloovveee you! -Mac

anniestevelarrycharl pee in my face!! love, kip berman

Arby's naysayer! Welcome 2 my sexy party. Have a breast milk w/ a dash of Bacardi. The women will converse w/ u about health or shoes or the weather & every1's health.

Arundel Being with you has been better than a lunch at Chachi's, live stand-up, or a screening of Ishtar. (And you know how much I love all that.) love, -Tom

As You Wish- AR&SB Mawidge is what bwings us 2gewer 2day. Mawidge, the bwesed awangment, that dweamwifim a dweam. Ven wuv, two wuv, wiw fowow you fowever. so tweasuwe your wuv.

Ashley Mitchell! Girl, how you so damn RAD? The mind boggles! You are a force of nature ladyface, and I love love love you for it. Luff, Katiebird.

ASSY I love you, assy!

Ate Ann Hey, Titties. 10 years. We co-sign the greatest partays the world's ever seen. You're amazing and thanks for taking care of me. Love you. Franki Ann

Attention: Girls I still like you. :( x 10^n. -Nick K.

ATTN Master Shake I love you more than I could ever be able to tell you. You own my heart. Thank you for being you and loving me. I LOVE YOU BABY. XOXO -Ms Mist

ATTN: Big B Do you want to smell my butt?

Autunno mio ragazza Life is fun with you !!!!!...I dig the way you break into a jackass dance and a silly song! I love you!!! xoxoxoxo

Aven babe Happy V-day!! Just wanna say that I love ya... you know I do!! Hope you win a wrestling match or 2... I'll be there rootin for ya! (heart/love) Teresa

¡Mi Rey de Karaoke! Tomas, La profundidad de su corazon es maravillosamente refrescante. Mi corazon crece para usted. Amor, Su Nova

B*RAD OHyou know I'm just lying here, wearing a mask tickling myself with an Ostrich feather. I love you more than a fat kid loves chocotacos. That's a lot.

B, mi oso Pink as a stargazer lily pulsating, tangible and open... under a moon beam sky, starry night... the love i have for you.

Baachan Creruchan, you have definitely earned the title of "Mayor of Awesome Town." You are my Ferret Queen. I love you. - Jiji

Babalogo- Is it possible? Is it possible to improve on perfection? (I'm talking about me.) Love you! Happy V-day! Babaluga

Babe Nic, You are the prettiest babe in the world. I love you sooooooo much! Slop

Babechick! Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I'll only do it Fudd style, And only with You! I love you more every day! Your Studmuffin

Baby! I love everything about everyday that we manage to stay alive. Who would have thought it was so hard!

Baby Baby Baby I love the pattern of our lives, as we grow to know more about our selves our love grows stronger. Thanks for helping me be a better me. Love Angel

BABY BABY SUGAR!! baby sugar with sugar all over....did I ever tell you how much I love your home made baby sugar?! I hope to spend many more years with my baby angel!

Baby bliss Babe- we're at the 'for better' stuff and I luv U so! Who'd thunk it we'd create this perfect monkey girl and i'm lov'n the ba-ba-ba Felix bliss w/ U!

Baby Cakes These things are barfy. I don't usually like them at all. What have you done to me? Barfy, I say! Your ever lovin' Sweet Pea

Baby Jo You make life worth living. Love, your Kuma.

BABY TENDER LOVE Even though I'm far away, I think of you often and miss you always. You are never far from my heart. Soon we'll be eating Cheesesteaks together. -BTL

BABYCAKES Buttercup, Sweetness, Eskimo, Dove, I'm so happy with you: my buddy, my love!

BamBam Dear Homey you are the light of my life. You make me smile, you make me very happy...I love you,love you,love you. Happy Valentines Day

Barberama Babes Thanks for making me pretty, making me laugh, and being the most awesome hair artists this side of the Mississippi. You have my heart and my hair FOREVER!!!

Barrett shorts... Is that a .50cal in your shorts or do you just want to do me. (four letter L-word, but which one?...)

BASILIA MY QUEEN I love you so much and am in awe of how hard you work to balance your life. You treat your boys so good. Thank you for all you do! XOXOX-B

BE MINE WIFEYS K and K from the Babes- what would I do without you?!!? LOVE LOVE LOVE

Be Mine, Mockingbird Scout,the last four months have been amazing, I was lost without you. Take my bones for your bed, I'm yours- here's to 13 yrs o lovin! xoxoStella.

Be my frankentine Love your inner frankenstein monster, he is wonderful.Be my platonic date on our preternatural adventure. I look forward to our rendezvous.

Be my wolf Tui - I've only met you a few times but I must say, I've got a mess of a boy crush for you. And your wolf sweater. Be mine, someday?

Beautiful Providers A collective kiss to all the beautiful providers in Portland. Have a safe, enjoyable and profitable Valentine's Day. Thanks, Egoboy

Beauty Mark Twin I dig your crooked teeth, girly hair and antique bathroom. I'm glad I met you & I'm glad we started fucking. You're hot shit, and a sweetheart, too.

Bebeh of SE Portland your pussy's ears being down can only mean that we must have more sex. and if you have a better idea, you should let me know after we make sweet love

Beeswax Boy! Keep chasing me in your sleep and you can keep driving me nuts. Here's to abundance, more truth less stress and this crazy, unlikely, gorgeous love.

Beezie Bears Unite When the heck is our anniversary again? I love you more each day. Cheers to growth, individually and together. Grateful for four btful years together.

Benjababymin! I am baffled by your ability to ninja your way through my defenses, later to be won over your persistence. To me, you are the embodiment of love.

Benjy... You're the Jam! Love, Peanut

Bentley To the best dog ever! Happy 1st Valentine's Day! Love Daddy

BER-E-ANN HUGGO-BUGO 5 Years ago we were watching Son-In-Law and making out just before I threw up from too many candy corns...I hope we're doing it again this year!

best sis ever Cupcake--you're the cutest! Love you lots, Sue.

Best. Husband. Ever. ...the awesomeness institute of america can't be wrong! i love you and i want to hug you a lot.

Bethie Pie! You rock Miss Thang. You wield your spray can for love and justice in this fucked-up world. Can I give you a fruit basket? -I

BETSY ANN- It's been a great couple of years, with many more to come. Thank you for bringing me so much happiness. Love you! Mons friend, The Pirate King

Betty Rockwell =) not to get all Golden Girls on you, but thank you for being a friend. I love you so much that I even love your non-existent pooch. Happy D-day.

BFFL Happy valentine's day from your homegirl. P W. P W. Enough said.

BI-SPLASH!!! Your car is hot and it makes me want to cupcake you and I will. All night long! You can sleep in my bed anytime! And you will.

Bicycle Sex Machine Your fine fixed frame haunts my cunt like lost loves. I'll ride you for hours, you pedal pushing pussy pumping plaything you! PDX, FedX a lover soon!

Big Daddy K.O.P. My one and only tall dark and handsome man. You make me feel like a kid again. Let's roll around in the cemetary and make out...Love Mama Bear

BIG LOTS I remember last year when we wrote the same things. It was cute and i smiled like a gator. i love you more than salt and i always will. Don't Forget.

Big Pig I will never make you call my mom and aunt in the middle of the night worried out of your mind again! You are good to put up with me, and I love you!

Biscuits n Bacon I can't wait to be able to wake up to you every day for the rest of our lives.

BLACKKELLAN If my thoughts towards spirituality were of the same intensity as those towards you, I would become a Buddha in this very body, in this very life.

Blankets&Buttcheeks Are two things that make me think of you. I will crochet you a big ass blanket & make you chili anytime. You're truly beautiful. I love you. xo Poopy

Blavenchy!! Ho yeah, Coco. I dig your triple thigh rubs and golazy ginger pussy drips. Let's hump a wet streak across Europe, shall we?

Bling, blang Hammer with my hammer...Lets build a house and raise some chickens.

bliss, revised oh babes this ride is somethin else! thanks for hangin tuff through the drama. i love you like crazy- now let's make sexy time! xxx,h

Blue Monster Love I fell for your childlike nature, elfin good looks and compact sexy body. 3,000 miles was no obstacle when it came to being at your side. I love you.

blue seal of doom I got owned by the blue seal but you were there to hold my hand *blush* Let's go climb more things but with less falling and bleedy head injuries

BLUE Valentine Blue, I want to do to you what the springtime does to the cherry trees...

Blueberry... Last year I failed ~to beg, barter, and steal~I am now at your mercy. One day, your choice. I will be your anything.Please, Will you be my valentine?

bluebunny you're my favorite dinosaur and holiday. I would make you a huge steak to match your manliness, and bring it to you in bed after losing a tickle fight.

bluegreengray "whenever i get what i hoped for, like a feeling inside, it's no joke." I've never met anyone like you, and i never will again. Be my best friend.

bollocks of redhead Luv u Blatrowe! Happy B day and won't you be my Darlin this V day: drink lively, sake saucily, passionate howl passion builds, insert XXX A

BOO BEAR Wild thing, you make my heart sing. You make everything groovy. Wild thing.

Boo Boo Boo Boo Hello agin, Wendif. I love you...and your booty. The end.

Boo Boo Kitty Fuck is your Valentine forever, Douglas! You complete me. Sexy Pants on Feb 14th - there is no place I would rather be (well, year) Alyssa

Boo Boo Kitty Fuck You rock and you roll all night long, i love you so very much, will you be mine forever cassie.from Casey

Boobs; mother-in-law Dear Judy: Our fake marriage was the greatest 6 months of my life! Bottoms up! Love, Jackie

Boobur! I love you! Hoi! I just wanted to let you know how much I love you. Lots. More than Wii. I'm excited about spending our lives together with Cervantes Jr. Love -R

booby- i don't know what the heck, but i know i'm in love with you. thanks for everything. you are the sweetest and the bestest pal ever. love, booby

BOODLE & BEEDLE A message for my dear sweet husband: I love you times twenty million My creative chaotic chameleon 150 characters can't fully describe my feelings

Book Bunny Your lips..they still linger,way down in the depths of my stinky finger. Your juice I still taste..lets make love my sweet not haste. Love Thurston II

Boring... SweetBill I wanna feed you more clementines while on top and bless my lips with the taste of your jupiter-sized joystik, can ya blame me? ur gingersnap

Brad Neil You motherfucker,I love you. Thank you for the adorable baybeez. Love, Sareena

Brak Lover You're my special little brakky with the hot clam sauce. You make my heart go BOOM.

BREAK NECK BETTIES! You are the sassiest roller derby team in town. Can't wait to see you win the Championship this year!

brenda. U R the cutest walrus I ever saw in Starbucks green. U make me giggle every day & UR tusks R very shapely. B my Valentine?

Brett I... Like You You are a sweet elephant and I think about you sometimes. Thanks for the music and the movies. It's probably too late. I hope life is good. The Donkey

Bria I haven't eyes for anyone else I'm thinking of you and nobody else Even when you have "The C.B." Love, Michael

brighid human skull human skull human skull

brody the roadie I'm thinking you, me, chocolate cake, and everything that goes with it. hint hint. xo. - yer kitten

Brooklynn. Fix a car, Bake a Cake...?

Brown, Pink, Vintage To a fabulous baker for spicing up our lives! Fort Belmont fires a cannon full of love at you!

BUD LIGHT LOVER Happy Valentines Day Peggy! Through rain or through shine I wish you were mine.

BUD! I want manly date with you! Go steam our balls at Loyli? Here's to gettin' down in '07! Can't wait to see you on a surfboard! Sex wax it all! XO Yuri

BUMBEE LOVER you are my soul mate, my sister, my best friend. I thank my lucky stars for you every day. I don't know what i'd do without you. happy vday, meg. ~CU

bunny i can see our future and it is more beautiful than all our good memories. look how much of this day is already gone. won't you take my hand?

BunnyBear Thanks for the adventure of being your other half! I'll adore you whole heartedly for life. HunnyBunny.

BUNS they're delicious, my lifey partner. someday we'll live in the playboy house with the three-inch nipple, body paint girl. the thing got bent. Love you

Burgerville Sweet Potato Fries, you are amazing. I totally love you. Lily

burning for ya We met and I thought-eh. Then a new year's kiss doped me up good and suddenly suddenly suddenly !!! Wanting many more of those kisses from ya.

butt hole surfer! over a year and we're still going strong. You are so smart and sexy! I love you so much!

Buttered Popcorn You're my fave flavor of jellybelly, babe. I think we go together like sweet-salty & I'm stickin around to see where we can take each other. Love, M

by your adoring wife hey sweet s, did you forget? i'll pretend this one ----> is for me. oh, how shall you make it up to me? let me count the ways. xo, m

Cactusboy, BBE Your prickles are cute and willing to be rubbertipped! Orchidgirl's lucky to have such regular humid misting...let's keep watering each other, mister!

Cado Yeah you, the girl from LC. This is from Mama Kass. Fuck all this love shit, fuck engagments. Let's go ride bikes and drink a beer.

Cain-aka-asspumper You are the gold standard of integrity. I do trust you to put what we have first. Its a bonus your such a hot kinky bastard. From Brandon

Californian Lover Paul, thank u so much for coming to visit me 4 Valentine's day...maybe the cool ass Portland Mercury will convince you to move here! I love you. ~A

Can I spoon you? Fresh: Your neck is divine, your coos are all mine. You'll still get butterflies when you're 65... and you can always warm your feet on my thigh.

CANDY O I LOVEYOUSO! Hey babe, what are you doing tonight? You are my sleeptalking, teary eyed born scowler and my 5' 2" rocknroller assasin. Let's have some whiskey later!

Cant fight the Turge Babycakes, less than 4 months left. I love you endlessly and can't wait to start the rest of my life with you. Happy Valentine's Day! --Sweetpea

CAP'N DOUG! You are my knight in shining pick-up truck. This has been the BEST (and worst) year ever, thank you for spending it with me! Love Always - Jess

Carimiah Lives!! Ha! At least WE know what we're talking about. Thank you for being my favorite person. Me love you long time. Happy Valentine's Day,baby!

Carlos Santiago You deserve better than you have allowed for yourself in the past. Here is to a great 2007. Fuck all those who say otherwise!

Carpe Diem Darling Ted says he wants to swim in the Pacific so let's take him to Hawaii. George can watch the house. Your Teddy Bear

Carrielicious! I miss being near you. Let's watch videos and drink beer in bed together like white trash. Then go ride bikes! love love love, Doug-E-Fresh

Cassie Well fuck you then. haha, it's cool, but I'm gonna kick your ass at apples to apples. recognize. -the JZA

catch a cab ee, just one more inside joke we share. looking forward to many more. b.m.v.? love, jj

Catherine the Great "Get out of my car or stop throwing up." Je t'adore. C

CAUSE YR SMART Hey, amy. I love you more than everything. Let's play video games and watch cartoons and listen to records and cuddle until the world explodes.

CAVEMAN LOVES TART Hey we're going to be in Belize for V-Day having a way better time than the people in PDX, but being with you is the best no matter where we are iluvu

CHADLEY!!! I love you so much!! Moving here has been the most amazing adventure with you! Only 2 weeks until the big day!!! I can't wait. I love you!--JANELLEABY

Charles & Tuey 4eva Chas. Your taste in ties..impeccable. Your dance moves..gooder than good. And not to mention your niceness (x100) So, sexy, sexy..glad you're mine.

Charlie $$ It's a beautiful day- ENJOY. Thx 4 HOT ROCKIN it w/ me doll. It's been an interesting ride so far- let's enjoy the journey & the time we have- love AG

Charlie & Charlotte You are the best cats anyone could ever wish for. Happy valentines day, we love you. xoxo Katie and Brian.

Charlotte! You are awesome! If you were president, you'd be baberaham lincoln.

Charlotte*period* You're absolutely the best girlfriend I've ever had. You've put up w/all my grade school affection shit. You've put up w/my not having a job. I love.

Cheech You're the best......I love you to pieces, recess pieces......but you're a lot sweet, and your shell is a lot better looking. Be My Valentine <3

Cheeseburgers Dustin, just wish you could have loved me like I lovED you, things didn't have to end the way they did or be this way now. Hope she was worth it.

CHEETO Eventhough your morning breath smells like a kittylitter box i'd be happy to spend a million more years waking up next to you i love you studhardcock!

chef charles You're always serving it up so hot and tasty! How did I get so lucky! Next time, just wear the hat!

chi-chi I love you, S.

Chicken + Salmon I love you more than my tub of licorice. Have a wonderful day.

Chompy Chompy!! Sweet Sweet chompy! You make life the best!

Chopper, be mine? To my top of the line snuggler, cream of the crop kisser, queen bee PT, pick of the litter dog mama, downright #1 girlfriend... be my valentine?

chris i like you lots.. like edie and andy.. hug, erica

Chris, I Love Ya! To my new hubby:So far so good on the newly wedded bliss. Thanks for making things easier on me lately. I've taken note. Happy valentines day. Love U

Christian! I love you!Love you love you love you love you LOVE YOU!You penis.But at least you arent a va-heena.I wouldnt love you then. love me -Aubrey

Christopher Michaels Is the BEST restaurant ever, and you are the best boyfriend ever!! Thanks 4 staying w/my lazy, mood-swinging, depressed, non-social ass! Must be my BJs!!

Chu-Chu-Chutie-Poo! ¡Me gustas te mucha­simo! You are the best boyfriend ever! And it goes on and on and's heaven, not bed with you! Yo' Shorty, Risa

Cibo Matto 1999! Hey Adrian, pass me a spoon -mjw

Clara, I'm sorry. Last year I threw out your valentine, I'm a jerk. I love you even more this year, you strange girl. Thank you for always taking care of me, I need it.

Clarkles You are the best rock star husband ever. Keep on makin' me proud!

Cobblewhacker True, I'm better than you, but I don't see why that means we can't be friends. Love, Whale

Cody G I HEART you! ur, like, the best buddy ever!u r FuCKnG AWESOME. seriously. your neurotic crazy only gets to me a little bit. now where's my mariachi band? xx

Coffee & Dr. Jazz Two years later & you still make me melt. Loving our mornings together with coffee & dr. jazz. Just stop trying to gleek on me! Love you forever.

Coffee Lovers! You make me coffee in the morning, and coffee in the night. I hope we can share something else together, rhyming with ucking and ight! I love you ANN!

CoffeePlant Girl d/t shoooort brown hair/blue eye'd barista. you're a mesmeric lightning bolt of delicate yumminess. you make my heart freak like a tweaker. crush! xoxo!

Collaine! Happy day rolly poley colly. It's that time of year again. Want to go travel the planet? Where to? Yes! I'll meet you there-I'll meet you anywhere. -m

COLLEEN Im so stupid for you!Happy Valentines Day! Chris XOXO <@:)

Come Spank Me... Steve-O, I'm still a custy for your love. Happy Valentines Day, I love you forever! xoxoxo

Come, bunny Five months of chaotic love, sex and happiness, and here we are : working it out, making it happen, baby. Cheers to us. love&warmth.

Commie seeks Zombie SWC 6'4" 180lbs. Enjoys breakfast. Likes Fire. Wants Revolution. Seeks Zombie girl for LTR and poss wedding? Let's meet before breakfast and discuss.

COOKIE Hottest chocolate chips ever! Instead of a dozen, I got you 1 rose cause I spent the money on something you'd like - a sixer for you at my place. =)

COOKIE CRUMB naked pictures in dirty kitchen? don't forget the beer. LONDONBEAT

Cora Bora My bubble sparkle shines so bright. I heart you 4ever, Princess.

COREY LEE iayhinktayoureyayexysayosayeetmayemaytaayymayegularrayarbayebruaryfayenthtaytaayinenayorfayxcessiveeayhiskeywayrinkingdayndaayhentayothayildwayexsay!!

coreybear I love you more than my toes and ponies combined. -alicat

COSO SJOSO my beautiful little genius, you're incredible and you make me smile. i love you so much. happy frankenstein day!! ;) silver pocket protector XOXO

Cowboy Day dreaming or rollin' in the hay, you rock me! Muah! -Indian

Crack'r My origin of love. With every glance, I love you with a thousand hearts. Flip

Crazy guy from Manti No matter how sober & pissed off you may become, I'll always be here for you. Remember, it takes one crazy to love another. Back rubs for life bitch!!

CREAMCICLE FRIEND Communism is red. Old blood is blue. Berlin is cold and windy. But maybe Portland is a little by now too.

Cuddlebug! We're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl. We can make this work. I love you so much!

cupcake you and me are a match made in dream dates. i'm crazy about you, love.

Cutest boy ever. The secret I can't tell you is that sometimes I think I'm in love with you, but I still can't commit to you.

d, button up your overcoat when the wind is free

d, from awful thanksgivings to awkward resaurants in hawaii, big brutus to blowing bubbles, i'm sure glad to have you around & i love you. your monkey.

D-UNIT You're my favorite boy in the whole world and I'm the luckiest girl around. I'm so happy that you're my Valentine. Love, Kikifer Lopez

D.F. Lovecraft Many times we've stalked the horrors of the Nameless Void; I'm so glad to have you on my side. Love you forever. Your Night Gaunt

Daddy Bug Happy 35th Birth and Valentine's Day! You are my true love and BFF. Thank you for our daughter and wonderful life; without you I would be lost.

DanElectro. You are mega, ultra foxy. Oh baby. Let's fix a car, bake a cake.

Daniel I love you so much, even when I'm a grump. Thanks for making this Emily your Emily. Happy Valentine's Day, baby. xoxoems

daniel p. -my crush you are the most amazing painter i know. im too nervous to do anything about this crush, but just know that i think you are absolutely wonderful. xo

DAVE: FOR YOU for you i have a lot of love... but not alotta soup lotta soup. all my feelings, mel

DAVEY!!! Your sister is hot. I would have sex with you and pretend you are your sister. Happy valentine's day, let's get stoned.

Davey... Your cock is fabulous. You should keep fucking me with it. :) Michele

DAVID I choo choo choose you! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Claire

David James Palons Although a lot has happened between us... YOU are the best friend I've ever had! I miss you and think of you often. Happy VD, as you'd say! Love, Me.

DE DE you are the most precious muffin ever. I will love you forever happy vday, stace. xo chels

Dear *Hearts* Come along with me and we'll go down easy. Darlin, I'll be your sweet-lovin' mocking bird. This sailor hums glory hallelujah, how lucky I must be...

Dear Artfag The next time you come over and sleep with me let's cuddle. I'll make you breakfast in the morning.

Dear Dev E Devo Yoohoo, handsome! How delightful to share this ramshackle bungalow with the Prince of Michigan. May your paintings be as lush as your fancy man hair.

Dear Friends Of Mine I wish you all a candy-filled and supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, Valentine's Day! P.S. DON'T SELL YOUR KIDNEY FOR MONEY! Much Love, A.R.J.

Dear Ian, I love you. Please come back to me.

Dear Jon... I... I just died in your arms tonight. You're the cutest crossword addict I've ever met. Rabid Ponkikis couldn't tear me away from your luxurious chesthair

Dear Kimbot, You make me want to puke up my heart and eat it again. Break out the olive oil - Let's you and me get romantic tonight! Love, AnDroid

Dear Lovemonkey, Jeh gadoo for: dates, chocolate, live plants, breakfasts, video games, kisses, cuddles, and the fuckin'. -Pumpkinbutt P.S. Scraggles loves you, too.

Dear M. Camus!, Your work is beloved. As are you. Love, like life, like death, like your death, is absurd; and, thus, we love you. Dear Camus! -M. Jacobs/M. Anderson.

Dear Mango, Can you believe how far we've made it? You're the sweetest boy I've ever met and I couldn't be happier to have you in my life. Love, Panda-pie

Dear Monster You eat my food, fart in my bed, you're only nice when you drink, and you make me want to vomit. I like like you.

Dear Pants of Sugar, I love you for the patience when my words are nonsensical. I love you for turning my sentences into popular songs from the 70's and 80's. I love ya!

DEAR POOPY I will miss you if you leave for California this Valentine's Day. But, we'll celebrate when you get back. Here's to two years officially. Love Cacapilo


DEAR RUDEN: My partner in crime. My dreamer, lover, best friend. Marry me in August? Loving you, oh so muchly, Fresh.

Dear Sushi:: You complete me. Love, Spaghetti

Dear Yellow House You lost a lot of my shit, and I'm pretty sure I got an undiscovered STD from just being in your basement. But it was a nice love affair. I miss you.

Dear Zoobomb You light up my life with every turning curve of new bomb, you bring excitement to my life on salm on, hellway & big burnside. May out 16 inch love last forever.

Dearest Bitch-kitty I hope this day of consumer thrashiness and meaningless sex finds us naked in bed with a bucket of chicken. I promise to be drunk. As always, monster

Dearest Dottie B, Thanks for taking care of me after I had surgery. It was so nice of you to help me with my bedpan and urine sac. Love always, Randy

Dearest Ronaldo Happy anniversary hun! You have been a swell addition to my life. Glad we met. You, me, and beer at the backstage? You owe me! ~Brandi~

Dearest Sir, We are silly nerds. I love us. love! love! love! me.

Death Trish You're so fine in pink trickiest chick at the roller rink on the track in black you're hot, and also at home, sick, with snot! Love, Hellen Back

deb-or-ah. i love you so much you make me feel like a homo. you are my nsg dream. xo chaz

DENA!!!!!!! Everyday, you make Lavar Burton seem further away, let's go fornicate in some hay, and then sell the offspring on Ebay......XO-RC

Destiny's Child Aylor Thomps, Banana, & Glennifer; you guys are the best and remember that I will always be there for you. Mainly when you need help eating ice cream.

DIABOLICAL SPAWN Our baby kept us up all night. We are strong, we will persevere! Maybe its an earache. "Still lovin you!" Too tired to think...I love you very much!

Diamond Jake Hey there clowny clown! Where the hell are you? I can't pick you out of the line-up... even with your stilts on! I miss my pasty friend! miKsIKO

Diana From FoodFront Your eyes enchant me. Your touch gives me goosebumps. And the rest of you? Wowsers. You make me weak in the knees. Please won't you be my Valentine?

dirtbag bandit. i'm opening a vegan bakery with you! i love you like darby crash loves buttsex. let's get drunk and eat coconut facial cream again. oooh... xx cougar

Dirty Pirate Hookers Avast, me bonny lasses, ye are surely the finest booty I have ever laid eyes on. And if ye be workin for grog, I'll be seein ye in the captains bed tonight! Argh!

disfunctional dates dearest cassidy, i'll take you to prom and shower you with kisses. you'll love it so and we'll be better than all the rest without question. say yes.


DJOC I like you. -C

DMSJ !YAD SDRAWKCAB S'TI Mirror, mirror on the wall Who does she love? You, of course, snots and farts and all! <3 <3

Dmug Hmme YOU GUYS ARE TOO SWEET it all started with wild zero and now you're all my hero no one can bro down like us because we invented it i love yous guys

DNA a big fat hairy woman loves you. dont you feel special? we produce beautiful yellow haired things.

Doe. You are like a doe because of your eyes. The cats and I love you very much. We have a new apartment to make our own.

Dogs Love Hearts It'd be a salty day without the QMB. Love, Matt, Monk, Sharona, Bub & Bryon. (no, it's not a harem...)

Don- you are the... most amazing lover I have ever known and you feel just like home. I think I'll keep you. I'll even get you a bucket of chicken if you're nice.-Lisa

Done I want you to be the first thing I see in the morning, all bleary & confused-the last thing I wrap myself around in the night, warm, alive & unafraid.

Dos Burritos Michael D... You are the love of my life! You are the most incredible husband and father. Thank you for making this life so amazing. I love you! ~Anna

dots southern belle you own the most delightful smile in the world...

downpour girl mrs. horseguts. thanks for being my best friend and parter in crime. i love you beautiful.

Dragon love Tal, loving you is like loving a dragon. You're beautiful, protective, and loyal; but, when your scales are stroked the wrong way you spit fire. Chuck

Drayton No matter how hard you try & make it love you - how could I not? Just wish I knew how to make you love me.

DREAMSELLER You're my life partner. And I'm your bosom friend. The friend of your bosom. I love you forever and always, no matter what. <3 -Millionaire.

Dreamy Maxwell Lyle You are such a great ride. I love how bossy you are-mostly. Sometimes I lift my tail for others but you are my one and only. Neigh.Squeal Lila Comfort

Drew Doll I friggin love you! That is all. -Nate Babe.

DU BIST ABER SEXY Dearest David, my darling droll desideratum, here is my diktat: please refrain from defenestrating my heart which thumpathumps only for you.

Dude... I love Valentine's Day, fortune cookies, bald eagles, big dogs, cab rides, cigarettes/coffee, bonfires, flowers, laughs in bed, big lips and you lady.

Dustin "I like a man who grins when he fights." -Winston Churchill Love, Katya

Dusty of Hellshock Your ex is a moron! You're a tasty little scrumpet and sharp as a tack. - Stay Gorgeous.'re alright juice drink...hip what more could a girl want from a boy? you sorta rule. happy valentine's day!

eee eee eee! Heiney, please don't get out of there! Love, Mortimer

Eff You Minnesota I love you but I would love you more if you moved back to Portland from stupid Minnesota. please. pretty please.

egg kissin' it began to snow and we stopped walking. you carved our initials into a tree, and the tree didn't mind because trees like being in love 4ever.

eHearts Someday we'll vroom vroom on a big racecar bed, if you know what I mean. ...and if you do, please tell me. That'd be hot.

Elbows, Knees, Fists That's you when we sleep. But I wouldn't trade it for a you that doesn't attack me during slumber b/c that you would be a robot out to eat my face!

Elise The ELK!!! First Happy Birthday, Second Happy Valentine's Day, & Third, What did you get me?! Love, Sally The SLK!!!

Eliza my love... You have lightning bolts coming out of your eyes. Your dance moves shake my soul. You do so much for Portland. What will you come up with next?

Ellen I so fucking love you... let's go play in the snow some more.

Ember & Skie M- I love your cats & I love you. C

Emily & Charlie Dear my Beautiful, Fun, Amazing, Crazy, Drunken Dancer Friends STOP You are the best STOP You make me laugh STOP So never stop STOP. Much Love!!

EMILY ALL-MINE Coming up for a year! Time sure flies when you are caught up in everything. I'm so glad we moved DT together, it can only bring good times! Love you

EMILY BOVEZ RONARD! Happy 2 year anniversary! Looks like you're stuck with me... You're still my favorite person in the world and I still love you more everyday! -Hayden

emily my applebottom baby.i loves you.don't wanna go.on without ya. cause we just started.and i'm retarded.and i'm trippin'.and i'm skippin'.for you always.awww yeah.luv b

EMILY, my boozy did you ever know that youre my hero? you are the wind beneath my black metal wings. i wish i had sperm so i could impregnate you. i love you, muffin.

Emmaline Though you're so far away in Walla Walla, always remember you have lovers down in pdx. Can't wait to see you when you come back. Love Mama Kass

Emotional Parasite To my Emotional Cripple, Thank you for sponging off my feelings until you were strong enough to leave. I hope you drown in your pride.

EMOTIONAL VACUUM Darling, your suction power is extraordinary. I don't need you or your dimples, but you're my very fave platonic boyfriend. Go Bears! End of story.

Enjoy the Silence Alyssa... For the love you show the kids and me, I love you. For supporting me in all I do and all I am, I love you. All I ever wanted is here in my arms...

Enthalpy of Love If we were an exothermic reaction the release of our heat would cause our surroundings to become HOT. Happy Valentine's. Love, N.

Eric- Thanks for bringing sexy back...We all really missed it.Love you baby. -Lindsay

Eric80% humanSloan 7 years in love with you has been tres sweird. The stranger (happiest) times of my life have been w/ U. Want to hop stars w/U when we're done here.

erin if you'll be my valentine, i'll buy the wine.

Erin Go Bragh Erin, I know that you and I will never be together. I do wish you and your baby all the best now in the present and in the future. I love you forever.

Erin Vampire Slayer That night of Buffy was pure magic for me. You can't imagine how much and long I've dreamed of simply holding you. I hope it wasn't a one time thing.

Erykah Happy Valentine's Day! Love your Buddy!

ESE Everyday is worth so much with you in my life. I'm looking forward to expanding our love. I love you boober bear. HSBND

Eskyler Hey, bunk buddy. You're the best. Te amo mucho, mi querido! Besos, Corina

Eve Delicious One year together, and I'm still trying to impress you like we just started dating. I hope it continues like this for a long, long time. I love you.

Even if... ....& especially when, I love you! It's been 14 years of togetherness & you're still my best friend. You are my soulmate, my sweetness, my lobster.

Even though, K, Even though we're not technically together anymore i'd still like you to be my valentine. I still love you with all my heart so what do ya say? -J

Exclusive Lover Yay for requited love- in every aspect! Love, your Soul Melder.

Favorite girlfriend! Our BF's haven't found us yet.Here are reasons I heart you.You dress in pioneer clothes, start intrnat'l dance parties and leave bed presents. Thanks.

FBS = LOVE Duncan. we've been friends for 3 years, how about the rest of forever? Let's press flowers in library books again. I would be lost without you. I LOVE YOU.

Fei, it's me Fabio I lovvvvvveeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu! You're the best friend a girl could have. I would never ever feed you peanuts! Asakusa rickshaws are so romantic...

Ferri Sisters Oh how the year makes me love you more and more with each passing minute! I love and cuddle all of your retardedness(this means U 2 tanya)Love, the D

Figment of My..... To THE Sexiest Figment of My Imagination! I am a Lucky girl to have you in my life! The future looks more colorful with you in it! Gratefully yours!!


Fish Fry and BEER ! I am glad to hear that you can drink beer again. I was going to say you should go to the STS9 show so we can tell the drummer he is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

Five Crazy Years Peder, I'm glad that we are we. Truly meant to be. You are true love to me, and that's even more precious than "Precious." I LOVE YOU! - Kory

FLABY Here's to the second time around (& making it better than ever).You are my everything, my best friend and the one I will always love. Boobykisses! -J

Follow me... Into the pink hole of love. I'm so glad we have made it this far, Jaz, this goes out to forever. I love you because we just fit. ;) Love, Stevie

For Emery You are absolutely the best back-up plan I ever made. Thank you for being my best friend. I love you to pieces, Em. Absolute pieces. -Your bird.

for mep dreamtime is a blast with you. you keep me warm @ nite. happy monkey love day. your sweet potato. xoxo

For Ms. Betsy Baxter We love each other!

For mumsy! You were probably wondering why I made you read this, huh? I wanted to let you know I love you so much! You're the best mom! Love Ang, Cass and Shanae.

For My BabeChick! Roses are red, Violets are blue, When thinking of true love, I'm thinking of you. Will you be my Valentine, At least one more time? StudMuffin

For my baby If I were rich I would get you laser hair removal, your very own horse, and a lifetime supply of sanpellagrino! <3 is better though! HappyVday!

For My Hunny Bunny I want you to know you that you are my everything! I love you so much and could not imagine my life without you. Thank you for putting up with me XOXO

For My I'Yat You have brought so much in such a short time. My Best Love and Dear. Love Mr. Craig

For my Monster..... Thank you for making my life in PDX truly amazing...I look forward to many more years/valentines with you! I love you! (Shake-n-bake!) OH YEAH!

For my myspace lover How did we make it this far without knowing each other? You are amazing. I can't wait to share this city with you. Cam, will you be my valentine?

For Patty Pie I loathe you so much, you make me wanna puke. Always my dearest, no more hostility. See you in the cemetary (above and below). Your Annie forevermore.

FOR RUZBEH Thinking about you on this day to say: Ruzie Doozie is a chim pham fluzie. Love, Toadie-Pants!!! P.S. Will you be my Valentine??

For sweet JM Thank you for being so patient, understanding and loving toward me. I thrive with love in my life, or deep like as it may be. I want you in my life.

For The Sweetest PK I'll play trivia, watch The Wire and drink greyhounds any night with you. My three adjectives for you are beautiful amazing and sexy. Even your face.

For V on V's Day Thank you for reminding me that I am a powerful person. Our love makes me stronger.

For You Bagoady I miss my little bubble butt staring up at me from her average perch. I hope a cat can't replace my awesomeness. Here is to the good year you deserve.

FRANK Thanks for the house key. It makes it easier to stalk you! Love you forever! Your Bunny Girl.

Frankly, Mr Shankly LJ, Happy VDay. I'm not there & we're not the same but it doesn't mean you're not on my mind everyday. You amaze me with your wit & charm. Miss ya!

Freckles, Marry Me! Someday. WHEN IT'S LEGAL! Straight couples, please boycott marriage and voice support until all couples have the same civil rights. I love her deeply


FREE POKES chief, you can stain my knobs anytime! xoxo champ

Freedom I love you, Freedom. Happy birthday.

Freeway Of Love Boy you looking so fine I could eat you all up like a hand full of pork rinds. Mmmm Our love is deep- like the river. Your GOOGS

Fremont Grand Central You: tall man with tattoos and dark hair. You are a baker... I think. I know nothing about you, but when I see you I get a little flutter.

From a friend girl Mark thank you for being the best friend ever!!! cassandra

From Jew's Truly I may state my hatred for the holiday, I'm also a hypocrite. So heres wishing you a happy valenties day Ang, while still sticking it to Hallmark :)

From one to one I can't believe how lucky we are to have found our ones. I love everything you've shared with me so far. Can't wait for the rest. Love you, babe.

fuck tahoe sweetie who i love, thank you for 10 years of great sex and bling. come home from CA now before i kick your ass. love, your sweetie who you love

Fucking Mapquest I am lost but have stopped looking for a way home.

FURNACE OF LOVE BRENT -- the floor has been LAID, and the HEAT is on. Happy Valentine's Day to my sweetie. Love, SCOTT

G. Hill Seagram's 7, sweeping, Senses Fail, The Used, making you drive me around the block once more... I appreciate our friendship - the girl who needs AA

Gagging and Coughing T-rizzle, no matter who, what, where you are, I'll always love you whether you like it or not! Secret spots, secret lovin'. . Secrets!!! Gurgle n' gag, xo


Garreth Cutestory: Thank you for teaching me to laugh about life and love...again! Yours fondly, Amanda

Gay-ass ponytail Two words: f*&%ing huge (since you don't swear anymore). And a few more: I love Tobias. Can I have him? P.S. You guys are twins.

gdt was here... dancing on my heart. pdx's GUERILLA DANCE TROUPE: u make every saturday nite a nite filled with hope... u + the groove + white in the nite = beauty

Get over here! You caught me lookin at you in the mirror (or the other way around) and I haven't stopped smiling since. I love you more than pork chops. em

Girl At Party You said I exhausted you, and would not give me your name. Let's get naked and save the world.

giulietta! we'll always have paris... and uncle ruckus... and i will always be yours...

Give me some MOORE This must be just like living in paradise. XOXOXO -Kitten

Gnarly Charlie! You've got a great ass. I'm glad we're madly in love with one another because together, we've got some great ass-ets! XO Love Buckets from Little 'Lin

God, you're a fox... Oh, Babydoll, these last two months have been so tumultuous, so crazy, so passionate, yet so wonderful. I'm gonna love you so hard, wait, you'll see.

Good investment, eh? MJ -- I've already got the key to yer heart and yer arse. Now I want the key to yer fucking apartment! I'm worth $1, eh? G

Goodnight Anus! The New Yorker Caption Contest comes to life. The illustration is of us in bed together. What's the Caption? No matter what, you are the winner...

Goosely Bumps You're the cutesterest girl ever. Be my ducky, and I'll be your buglet for keeps. I'm glad that I got over the shys; loving you is grand.

Graham B. I am so lucky to have you in my life right now. I miss you lots! Can't wait to see you! xoxo Alexis

GREAT SWORD WARRIOR: I will stalk ye to the far ends of yon dark earth, but thou will ne'er penetrate me with thy mighty sword. Always in albino ferret love, Gypsy Witch.

Gregory Bill Murry. The westwind blows for those who like earlgreyhot, thistle, polychetes, hypothermia, sand in their shoes, dog-nuts & nerdygirls. Anne over

Gregory! I've loved you since the first high five. My best friend, my one and only, you have my heart forever. I'm the luckiest girl in the world! I love you!

Grilled Cheese For some reason you make me shy! Wish I could say more than hi to you sometimes. Is it suspicious if I suddenly have lots of computer problems?

h.c. we share more than a name, by now you have your own corner in my room whenever i'm with you i feel so cheery inside, there's happiness not gloom

HAILEY I LOVE YOU Hailey, I know we had bad times, but I am sorry. I regret everything. I didn't mean to hurt you at all. Come back Hailey, I love you Hailey.

HAILEYHOSLERISSOCOOL heyoh our parents are getting married!! yousa pretty tight chica fersuree. see you every day at you house.haha love you.

Hammy's Delivery Guy I had a dream about you and woke up smiling. Never cut your hair... and find a girl to kiss for Valentine's if you haven't already.

Hanna Banana We love you! Please keep feeding us and keeping us warm! Love Willy, Crunchy & Felix.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY I Janett Took Thee Tony 21 Years On Valentine's Day.I Love You Forever.You Will Always Be My Best Friend.Many More Years To Happily Come.Love Janett

Happy B'day Mobile Hey Stargazer, what's in the cards? Have a Happy Birthday and a sweet Valentine's Day. 170 miles is an ocean I will swim. My heart to you, beautiful!

Happy Birthday! To my sweetheart - what a crazy year we have had together and we'll have many more. You are amazing and I love you more every day. My heart is yours!

Happy Valentines Day Without you I didn't feel alive! I love you so much! Brandy

happy VD Erin I love you Erin. --Paisly Montpelier Peevo Pasons.

Happy Vday MT I hope there was no problem moving out. I'll be in town Soon!..T

Harmy!! Happy Valentines day from you know who!Love you.

Harry Potter Chick You live in Beaverton with your writer sister. I live in LA on an artists commune. Let's make sweet animated loving together and eat pancakes. Word.

Have a nice life. Angela, you broke my heart. I hope being selfish is fun. I am miserable. Good bye.

Have I Told You How wonderful you are and how wonderful it is to know love and be loved by you. Thank You For Loving Me Me Bumm...I love you...XXooXXoo

Heatherrrrrrrrrrr! To Portland's "Classy Broad" - you are the only one that I want to have as my Valentine this year! Will you go away with me? You have gorgeous cheeks.

Hello bvtricia!!! HI SWEETIE!!! Happy, Happy Valentines Day!!! Hope the day is as sweet as you are!!! LOVE & KISSES, THE OPERATIONS COORDINATOR...

Hello Gorgeous! I heart you guys. It absolutely is the funnest place to work. Ever. XOXO. -Stranger With Candy.

Hermosa No hay palabras en engles ni en espanol para decirte cuanto te amo. Cada dia que pasa, me enamoro mas de tu sonrisa, tu cara y tu bellesa. Te Amo!

Hey Andipants!!! Thank you for being in my life. The past year has been the best, and I want many more. I love you, sweety. Happy Valentine's day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hey Baby You rock. Your also cute gotta date? luv ROSE

Hey Barwood! Almost four years together, many more to come. You, me and little Sadie Mae. You are my lover and my best friend. Gosh I love you like crazy. Your Mookey

Hey bb. These last 18 months have been wonderful. The remodel sucked, but we grew closer than ever when it was done. Now I just love being at home with you.

hey binky I will always be your sexy mr. mom, anytime you need to be "taken care of"! Love, your bunky.

Hey boy, hey boy (I got a message for you) Jason, I love you. And I'm taking every opportunity to say it. So there. -(yer lil smartypants flower)

Hey Bubs! I don't care if you look like like a lady or Bon Jovi. I love kissing your girly face and sucking on your huge cock. Love your SugarBee

Hey Bulky Coat!! Thank you for being the most crushing girl ever. Here's to more crushing and melting faces with our sheer awesomeness in the future. And Happy B-day!!

Hey Bunny Dearest I know, I'm an asshole a lot of the time, but you love me and put up with me anyhow. You are my miracle. Love, your Pumpkin

HEY BUNNY!! Happy Valentine's Day little churby! Thanks for being so amazing all the time. I love you forever. Now where is my hug and a kiss? Love, Belly

Hey Bus Driver... You can drive me anywhere! Linty, Lint, Lint.

Hey Chauncey P.T.!!! You are the sexiest retired librarian I have ever met. I stay up at night thinking about you. I want you inside me!

Hey Cohn-Face oh dear, by this time i'm sorely wishing i had brought you and your kittens. watch your mailbox, it's soon to be invaded by love

Hey Foxtrot Hiding from racoons in the woods while they eat our muffins was the best thing we ever did for us. I love you forever. Love, Charlie

Hey Jerk! I've never met anyone who could make me cry so hard or laugh so loud. It's been 2 years and I love you more than ever. Happy Valentines Day. Love, QT

Hey Litttle Spanky I miss your lips. Still shootin' for June. Love, Big D

Hey Miss Molly Mae! So surreal that it has been almost a year! I am looking forward to traveling around the world and through time with you. Duane ain't got shit. Kevy

HEY PENIS BREATH! I love you Beejer. I Love You Beejer. I LOVE YOU BEEJER. My sweet Hubando. Let's have ourselves one sexy Vday. Do you realize it's our 14th one? XOXO

Hey Rita Still in love and going to be our 33rd year. I'm so glad you are my snuggle-bunny. Happy Valentine's. For Always, Ralphy

Hey Sex Weenie! I'll surely miss your grizzly ass! Love, Paige

Hey Smhooger, Snow Dancing, bourbon at besaws, beach, sauvies Heres to adventure and many more we will have in our life together You always make me laugh. I lov u J

Hey Stupid!!! Just a reminder that Namdoog loves you, Dede! Best 7 months ever-wanna go again? Happy Valentine's day, baby!

Hey Superman Cuddle, geek reference, smooches. I've adored every day w/you, from making love for the 1st time to wet willies. Dork. I love you sooo much. -Kitty

Hey there Elena Hey there Elena what's it like in Oregon City? I am twenty miles away, but girl tonight you look so pretty. Happy Valentines day Skittles!

Hey you BH! You kick more ass than a cowboy in a donkey herd...and you don't suck in bed either. How lucky am I? I love you, C

Hey you, girl... MUAH It's V-day Kristin, and you know what that means. You're gonna get kissed! Look out baby, you da best! Smootchy, Smootchy, Smootchy! MUAH MUAH MUAH...

Hey, coworker! Your office or my storage closet?

Hey, LB! i don't care if the tent is flammable, i would huddle in it every nite with you.

HK Happy Valentines Day to my awesome friend... Get drunk because you know you want to. P.S. Quit getting knocked up!

Holla Penguins <3 Honey I love and respect you more than anything. Our new love den is magical, we ARE building our empire. Let's keep getting closer. Love, your bunny

Holy Hot Peppers BaY I cant wait to create HEAT in our new, soon to be, enchanted garden. Thank the stars I met & married YOU. Thank you for adding spice to my life-Kisses

Honey Sweety Darling I love you more than video games and energy drinks. Nothing means more to me than being with you and I want to grow senile with you if you'll let me.

Hormone driven teen I know you won't read this, but if by some twist of fate you do, I thought you should know that I loved you. Thanks for always being there for me.

Hot For Billy Rivers knotted legs. the claw. seeing eye finger. sweet ass slappin'. handsome. HA! fart jerks. sappy whispers. lickin' and suckin' on you. YouHaveMyHeartKS

Hot Mama T! Grrrrrr.... I Love that ass in more ways than one! You do my body good. Your hotness and my hotness is like hot cock sauce! cocka doodle doo! -r

Hot NE Warrior IRL!! World of Warcraft lovin' for you! /love /cuddle Much love, Mistil (the H.O.T chick)

hot robot love bleep bop blop bleep i bloop blop love bleep bop bleep you blop blop bleep

HOTS for Hayley HK: Think about you all the time and miss the shit out of you. Come visit me at the library. Black Jetta Boy

hugh laurie I'm in love with your ability to be the ultimate bad ass, your dashing good looks and style increase your appeal and you're so slick with that cane, house!

Hump Me! WSHHHHHH! The sound of the blood coursing through my veins whenever you are near. I never imagined how much better it keeps getting. Always. SD. MV2.

hutch you burn me up and will always light my fire... always yours, eternally grateful, love starski. p.s. kiss that skinny sweaty cousin of yours for me.

HVD Happy Valentines Day! You're so damn hot! Those Ararat girls pale in comparison.

i *hate* you andrew you've stolen my heart and i can't take it anymore. coming home to you makes me so happy i want to vomit. *=love

I dream of Jenni I know they joke about us breaking up, but sometimes I wish we'd get together. I'll give you a *ride home* any day. Will you be my older woman?

i give a what what trini, you are the beez kneez. fo' sheez. heart, jon b'z

I halvah huge crush. Actually, it's more than a crush. I love you with all my heart, Babes. Happy Valentine's Day!

I HEART THE GNR! You think I would tire of our togetherness. Truth is, you're way hotter than Dick Derby. Here's to whips, pushes, jams and blocks. You Complete Me! XO

I Heart U, Cupcake That's pretty much it. Oh, and you've got a great ass. xoxo

I LOVE ADAM STRUBLE! I do love you baby thank you for being with me another year. I want to have your babies and make all your music dreams come true! I love u I love u !

I Love Brendan!!!!!! Like Adama loves the Galactica. The reason for this is that he is an great snuggler, takes care of me, does funny dances, ALWAYS goes for walks. Smoo!

I LOVE dog hair Jamie, This is one Muffin Top you will never get to eat... UNLESS we sit on your couch all day watching tv and eating Taco Bell! Love Lolita

I love Julia Happy Valentines Day Julia, I love you and your big boobs. Love Sondr.

I LOVE LEAH DRAPLIN! It's been an amazing year with you, Leah. Thank you for your care, love and your pootie. I love my life with you. To us - forever each other's. Love, Jacobus

I love Shoosha Sorry for the tough times. I will love you forever and you are my best friend in the world. I am glad that we are both alive at the same time.

I love St. Patrick Unlike that lameo St. Valentine, his holiday is totally kickass. No guilt-trips or the hassle of making dinner reservations. Just good ol' hooch.

I Love Tina You gave me your heart Most precious a gift that was In return I'm yours


I love you You are the love of my life and these past six months have been better then ever. Thank you so much. I love you Calin


I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!! Happy Valentines day baby. I just wanted to tell you that moving here whith you is the best thing ive ever done! I love you whith all of my heart!!!

I LOVE YOU GARY LYNN Gary Lynn, I fucking love the shit out of you! Cant wait to have your babies! Lets live happily ever after! xoxxo your girl 4ever, Arabee Heather Lynn

I love YOU Hippo #2 Because you forge your own path. Becuase you call me on my shit, and love me anyway. Because there isn't anyone like you anywhere. Happy V-Day Ippo!

I LOVE YOU JAMIE!!!! honey you are the cutest most awesome girl a guy could ask for. I just can't wait to get in bed with you tonight to give you a better present. -Nolan

I love you like hell You're my light at the end of the tunnel! Happy Valentines Day B! I Love you, Paige & Goober

I Love You Mish Hush MeowlittlechickenROAR! Haiku: The bike path, endless / Pausing for explorations / Of the shapes we make. I wish I knew a word as lovely as you, Iris.

I Love You Monkey Another year and another reason to adore you! Bring your tofu and swing from my tree any night of the week xoxoxo Kitten

I LOVE YOU NICK! Happy Valentines day sweetheart! I love you! Happy Birthday too!! Love, Crystal

I Love You Papabear! You are my sunshine! I have loved every minute of our crazy, adventurous life together! Thanks for the chair, it's really comfey. Love, Mamabear

I Love you Reags! Happy Valentine's Day/4th anniversary. I love you! Eric

I LOVE YOU SOLOMON! I love you! Its our 1st valentines day together! Always know that im thinking of you and that i love you. heres 2 many more. xoxoxoxo -your woman.alex

I love you, Mommy! Congratulations on your new job. Love, Logan.

I love you, you know Jory Mikah Lynch, you have changed my life for the better and I couldn't imagine life without you. You are what makes sense in the world. Love, Becky

I love you<3 Babe, i love you<3. I love waking up next to you every morning and feeling your body agianst mine keeping me warm. You make me feel all tingly inside.

I LOVER u Husby Husby 10 years and all I want to do is fuck you. I love sharing my life with you everyday. Thank you for being my bestfriend & my lover Love Wifey xox

I Luv Ladygun You gurls are SO amazing. I think you shot me through the heart. I ALMOST died. A<>

i luv my grasshopper love is like grasshoppers, good til the last hop.

i STILL wuv U! Drea: I miss you so much. Please give me another chance, Sugar. I know things would work out if you would just let me love you. - P.

I Touch Myself Valentine's day fucking sux, but I've been good to me for 25 years! Hands-down, I'm my best. Every girl deserves a valentine. XOXO- Me

I want Skittles! Roses are red violets are blue I want to screw some skittles you know it's true! Happy Valentines day Skittles!

I Wuv Woo Silly Pants, you are the love of my life. You are my box of kittens that makes everything better. All my heart, Humpy Monkey

I'd never've guessed Who would've thought? We met at Strip Jeopardy, and now we're getting married. I'm a lucky man. Thank you, Season. I couldn't love anyone more than I love you.

I'd rather be your.. roses are red. violets are black. you'd ALL look better with a knife in your back. I love you, I love you all

I'm All Shook Up High five for nearly two years. High five for wiping away my tears. High five for being the best. I love you. You are my Elvis. High five Campbell

I've got an ERICSHUN This city, like my heart, is never gloomy with you in it because you're my sunshine. You rock me like a hurricane! Thanks for all you do. Vroom Vroom!

IA girl plays wifey Mr. Ty Cobb, you make servitude such a delightful affair. Moving here to be next to you has been bliss & I look forward to each new day w/u my love.

IAN TUCKER I've said it before and I'll say it again, in my book you are the cutest boy in Portland and I feel so lucky to be your girl!

Ice Cream Man We have had many good times together. Here is to another valentine's day! And happy late birthday. Love you always!

ICW:gninnalp noitiut Happy Valentine's Day! You rock! Thanks for all the wonderful things you do. You efforts are ALWAY appreciated! Have a great day!

IheartFireStrippers! Dear mAlice, Won't you please let me take you to Wunderland sometime. -Big C

ILOVEAPOLLONIA since i've met you i've experienced some new stuff: franks, marriage, fatherhood, and absolute love. you amaze me everyday by just being you. i love.

IN THE GREEN DRESS we should build that time machine for the kids, make a snowman, and finally see that one band; because everything is possible! FOUNTAIN/WELL, HUZZAH!

INDIAN Bailing hay and breaking broncs, can't wait to ruffle your feathers. Giddy-Up, Cowboy.

Interspecies Erotica ADAM you DIRTY PANDA! Come here and rub your sticky paws all over my body tout de suite! I love you, you furry thing you! PS. Easy on the spicy foods.

InTheMouthOfMadness What a creation: What an experience: Four and Seven: I thought us Eleven: You 23: WOW: MeowMeow:

IRENE!!! Irene! You now have a little thing in here! You are wonderfual and deserve 1000 more of these!! Love, Lauren!!

Isaiah loves Kim I know I'm in Afghanistan, but this Mercury Valentine makes up for all of that... right? I sure love you my Llama Lipped Wifey Face!

It Rhymes with Exes! I know I'm your ex, but fuck it - you still get a valentine this year. So a hug to you and a kiss to each baby, because you four are better than beer.

It's Valentines Day! To my Sugarbear, from your Kitten: We are the gayest people in the world. I can't wait to be your wife. I love you!

J A N to the T A N Oh Janice, ever since you brought your juice-tea into my life I've been filled with nothing but joyful longing.You are my sultry sex-pot Mr Gumlick

J'tieme i wish i were better with word,s but they cannot describe the twinkle in your eyes. i wuv you, with an earth "W"

J-POO, I LOVE YOU!!! You make my heart light up and my pants drop every time I see you! I love you so much, and am thankful to have you in my life!!!

J. Charles... FYI: I think you are hotter than Hutch Harris... :) We both know how I feel about this holiday... Nevertheless, Happy Valentine's Day. Your GF, -Elizabeth

J.DEE from Kentucky Standing pat at Fountain Square, Bowling Green. Smoking cool,a lonely fool,I saw a Queen; Joker no match for beauty and grace:YOUR LOVE,MY ACE! Matt

Jasmine Lahleica K. Lucky #7, Will you be my valentine (again)? Love, Lolly Lahrine K.

JASON AYRES SO SEXY You really blow my skirt up. Happy Valentines '07. "Be mine babe." XOX Jen

Jason Edward Davis Now that you've got yourelf a boyfriend, I should be able to stop writing you these friend-obligated-pity-valentines... fuck it, I love you! Kimbert.

jason huck we have known each other for quite a while and quite simply i can't live without you and i am in love with you!

Jason the Beast Starfruits turn brown, You have scary paintings of clowns, but through watering holes and sink holes, You've never let me down. Now buy me candy.

Jason's gone Fishin' Hope you catch a Hot one that doesn't get away this V day. You've come along way from the cabin I found you in on Mt. Index, Rock Hard climber boy.

JCH Your the coolest creature to ever walk the planet.I love you so much.You mean the world to me.Thank you for being my best friend! Happy V-day!!!!!!!

JD my Lilac tree Now I am Magnolia, & Indian Paintbrush. I'm punch drunk w/our love reunited. 8-9 years! I love you more than the TRAM and a thousand dipped cones! K

JeffMmmmmm A little vanilla note to my delicious darlin' give the best snuggles...and the best head...damn, that makes you a sex god!!! ya, d.

Jeffrey Lewis To my hard working, hard rocking husband and father of the little boy I can't wait to meet- you give me everything and I love you more than anything!

Jeffy The hottest three months of tube/dunes dancing was your lips and your steps. Here's to three years of kisses, cuddles, and r. kelly. I love you so!

Jen It was a difficult year and you helped me through a difficult situation. Thank you.

Jenita You're the best and thank you so much for 2 1/2 years of love and laughter and beauty. I couldn't imagine life without you-D

Jennifer Day Last year you became my wife, my partner in Fever forever, the other hand I grasp, whose embrace I seek, the lips I crave, and the woman I love! Mark

Jennings i am so fortunate to have you in my life! your voice, your humor, your friendship, your passion, your tenderness; i adore and love you! byah! colie

Jeremy Barney Happy Birthday! You have been 30 for 6 days, but you have been in my heart forever. Happy love day to you everyday. I love you always, effortlessly.

Jeremy, I love you so much baby!! You're the best!!! I am so lucky to have you, you don't even know!!!! Happy Valentines Day, baby!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

Jess is my FAVORITE! Just another love note, mass-produced...but thanks for showing me how sacred love is, anyhow. We'll ride it around the world again. I ADORE YOU xo Brian

JESSICA! You're the Bestica Better than the Restica Jessica, Jessica! I love you, Jessica!

Jeze Munchie Nuggie I love my baby yes I do. Happy Valentine's to you. You have dark hair and white underwear and you're super guapo, I love you. Love-Andibel

Jill is the best sis J-Funk, you will always be my favorite sister, always better than Jason. You smell nice and have pretty hair. Now get back to your studies.

Jizzle Fizzle Girl. You so fine. I love yo sweet ass. I want to caress it. 4 eva. Love, Dom

Jody Anne!!! Thanks for being my one and only true love.

JOEL CHRISTERSON OMG do u remember me from the Halloween party? I'm blonde and tan and drive an Xterra. Yr sooo hott. I have like a total boner 4 u. <3 Shasta

John Paul happy valentines day from one housecat to another! I love You!

johnny baby i melt and squirm, you make me squeal. i'm lucky, i'm yours. take me now for five more years of tricks, love & laughter. your teary eyed bride, trixie

Johnny has herpes! ...but he never seems to tell his sexual parters. So all you lady valentines beware of sneaky Johnny!

Johnny On The Spot You have wooed with your sweet kisses (it's all you baby). Thank you for a wonderful year. Smooches, L.

Jon I kinna sorta like you

Jonny Loftus! I love you!

Jonny Loves Onie Life is suffering, but it is also oatmeal and mountains and music and dirt and everlasting you and me. Be my girl forever.

JOSHABOOGLE What would Valentine's day be without a public declaration of my love for you? You are my bliss & I am thankful. Cheers to another year in your arms.

Journal Swapping Numb toes pedal'd NinjaTurtle&SolidGold thru ice, glass, gravel, TNT & mud. Frozn digits held crap kafe & log'd our lives in 17 cities. How 'bout 17 more?

Journey Rocks! will you be my valentine? Thanks for being my best friend. I love you! XOXO-SLICK

JRH:hav pts w/... ..evrythng unrslvd in ur heart&luv the?s thmslvs as if they r lockd rms/Liv the?s now/Perhps then,1day far n the futur u'll live ur way in2 the answrs

JS I can't stand what you do, but I'm in love with your eyes.

JT in the LB (yoyo)! Happy Valentine's Day. Be mine?? I'm having a great time getting to know you better! ~LL

Julie - Chaka Chaka! Sexy Hoolia - You're more than just my alibi! You're my lover! I love U mucho mucho!! Let's spend the rest of our lives together! Love Claytone

June to your Johnny There is something in the way that you look into my eyes. The blue is like an ocean of desire with the tide coming in. You are a beautiful man. Know it.

JustinD My BabyDady I love your good lovin' more today than the day you took me home and I took full advantage of you! And your band, Matador of Shame is killa too.

K Double D Thanks for being such a rad friend! It has been a blast having you across the lawn. Almost as good as a boyfriend. Will you be my V-day date?

K. O. I love love love love love love love love love you! As Phil says, "She reaches in and grabs right hold of your heart."

K.Bee I LOVE YOU! Passionate Crazy Beautiful Fun; emotions, feelings and desires that only existed in movies until I fell in love with you, Please Be My Valentine.

Kaci at Shag Happy VD to the girl who popped my Whip-It cherry. XOXOXO

KAMI Feelings are creepy! - zach

KAMI FOREVER! remember the time we went to barcade to say goodbye? i'm still crying. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I hella love you Oakland style.

Kansas CityKeys God Ted Gardner,Welcome to PDX. Honey you are one of the most talented keyboard players around. I love you dearly.Happy Anniversary. Love, Virginia

Kassidy My dear, you're fucking fabulous. Don't let anyone change you, ok? Much love, from everyone.

Katie, I would still pick your beautiful self out of a full room of dreamy dykes. My love, my light, will you marry me again, each time it is legal? Sasha

KATRINA WILHELM K: I'll never stop loving you. You have my heart now and always. J

Kaytee I can't imagine my life w/o you. One day we'll make it through this & wonder how. I love you & Makia so much & am so proud to call you 2 family.

KEATSY-WEATSY You broke our hearts, but we can never forget your fey dyed-black hair or your dreamy-creamy square hipster glasses. We'll viddy you again - CA

KEEP IT FRESH! Jim - you complete me like a large chicken nachos at Baja Fresh. Plus, you taught me everything I know. - RT

Keeping you warm I thought I was dreaming everytime I woke up with you in my arms. I used to kiss you in the night to make sure you were still there.

KeepRockinTheCasbah Seattle you rock this world of mine, thanks for being part of it forever right now!

Keith's wife says: You've got what I need. You also keep me reeled in, muy importante. I think about you all of the time. I can't wait to expatriate with you. xoxoxox

KeithSexualChocolate Thanks for being my motivational speaker, friend and DAMN FINE LOVER over the past couple months . . I'm glad you're in my life right now! xo Chatterbox

Kelly Parker The wonder of you. Thank you for being my valentine. I will never be a dumb ass again.

Kelsey and Amanda I love your super nice ass. . .Happy Valentine's Day! Kelsey wear a bra. Amanda put some pants on you freakin perv. . .I love you Kelsey and Amanda!

Kelvis... ..."yeah but," I love you BFF! Luv,G

KENDALL You are the best thing a guy like me could ever ask for. Thank you for everything you are. You rock! I love you babe! "Shake n' Bake!" ~Brian

Kendraba-laba You slayed my heart like a three headed beast from Hell. I can't wait until we can make warrior children to conquer the Earth and enslave all mankind.

Kiddo youre the best We've had our ups and downs but through the years we keep getting better! I cant wait for Vegas so we can get wasted and stumble around all night long

Kiefer. I think you are more sexy. And Serious. Seriously more sexy. Love, Chuck

KILLER V'S !!! much love to TyrannosaurusLex, J Status, and the Gryphon. you guys are efn crazy!

Kimbert Eyestain I think the frekle in your eye and the egg stuck in my beard are a perfect match. Love you little heater seater. will you be my girl friend? -adam

KissyP & Mr Computer Oi!May this V Day find you in eachothers arms wrapped in a blanket of love!You are my fav couple and I couldnt be happier you found eachother!-Gina

kitchen table sqeek We still haven't done it in the closet at school. I want to listen to your ankles. I love you Rachel. Love Peter.

Kitten's Loves you! FF Camel Toe, Key Bump, Archie- Happy V.D to you hotties. XOXOXOXOXO

Kitty Kat Raar! You are a star, you make everyday a smiley one!

Kookaburra! Dear Kookaburra, I love you so much and am so excited to become Mrs. Kookaburra soon. You are my favorite person in the whole world. Love, D.B.

Korki Buchek Bing bang bing bing bing I love you baby!


KRISTAN P-NORDSTROMS you're a pretty horrible person when someone writes a bad valentine about you. have a horrible day like you should, bad karma will find you- be sure.

Kristin, my darling I luv u with all of my heart & soul.I am so happy I found you.I was a fool not to have called you the first time we met.I just wanna be with u 4-ever.

KWOKYLICIOUS My Asian Valentine - your karaoke skills are incomparable; even Bryan Ferry is jealous! I'll winggirl for you any day. Oh, oh, catch that buzz... -L.

Kyle Andrew Mario What to say? How about, despite everything, I love you. Beginning to think I will forever, damnit. Love (apparently always), Leialoha Renee Gomes

la prueba. i'm yours and you're mine... no more sitting on opposite ends of the bar. ever. i am so happy you're my valentine... i am the luckiest. besos. xo

Ladd Carriage House I know everyone has been drooling over your younger, sexier neighbor but she'll soon be gone, and you'll be the best looking one left XOXO ~b

Lady... Lady, when I'm with you I'm smilin'. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh. Thinking of you hon, I can't wait for tonight. -- JF

Laila! Remember, blankets are more useful when unfolded. Happy Valentines to the best girl ever. - J

LaLa golden silence rushes past my speech as it fills the voids of my belief. all in love with you sweets. be mine?t2t...............dski

Lan fong If I signed that sexy photo it would say: To my earth underfoot,the mother of our joy,my sweetheart,to my baker of bread,to a good strong woman.

Lara-Kitten You found it! Step two is of great importance. That bookshelf above your bed? Start from the bottom left. Up four, right two. Step three is there...

Laura, L.iebling Liebe meines Lebens, es freut mich unglaublich, jeden Tag der Reste meines Lebens neben dir aufwachen zu duerfen. Ich wuensche dir schoenen V-Tag! -J

Laurabelle Valentina If cosmic forms graced my senses with a truer heart, I haven't known it. I'm lost in the woods of this world, but you make me forget... love you, TK

Lauren Vidal You're cuter than kittens and miniturized versions of everyday items. Thanks for liking me even when I smell bad and wear turtleneck sweaters. -Jen

Lava Cake for Lala Can't wait to c ur teepee/yurt/airstream kitchen! 2Do: Ur Bday @ Hubers. Wine tastin bus. Camp @ Crater lake. Road trips. Invadin your personal space!

Le hautbois As the grls at the orphanage get more ugly my thoughts sequentially return 2U. Tho b 309yr B4U, I love our friendship. May it blossom & change always.

LEAH LOOKY HERE!!! baby, my boo, you know you're my girl. you get your ass over here and let me show you just how much i need you. or do i have to sing? you know i will!

Lee The greatest love of my life. You are always in our hearts. Kisses, Eloise, Lucy Jenny and Monkey Possum.

LENA & VAN You guys are such nice pals! I'll never forget you... You'll always have a spot in my heart. My best wishes 4ever! -Paola Garcia

Let's drink Your pinch o' Makers and my extremely dirty Martini - to being the luckiest couple on the fuckin' planet! Smooches...

Let's see ya wiggle! I have a feeling we won't be single together for long, ching-chong chili-dog. But here's a weird question: Wanna jitterbug out in muskrat land?

lew chew another year of travel, cannonballs, and fat pets. te amo por vida mrf

Li'l Latin Lynda Lu Your creation of Team Life spared me countless smash ups ("Crash here, not there"), for this, I love you. You're the best pillow burrito of them all.

LIBRA LADY!!! To my funny, smart, sexy and all around awesome Libra Lady - I love you more than I have ever loved anything! It might be too much but I really doubt it.

Liebe Lisa Happy Valentine's Day to my soon(?)-to-be-sister-in-law and the best lime-jello-pudding-maker in the world.

Life is better w/ K The experince of a lifetime was that our lives have crossed, K you are an amazing creature and I am truely lucky to have been painted in your picture.

Lifetime Valentine They say dating's a thrill. The wedding over 2 soon. Been there & I disagree. Marriage 2 you is better than anything. I adore you-My Valentine 4 life.

Lil My partner in crime! What would I do without you? Guess we'll have to keep causing mischief until we find boyfriends. Luv ya! Andrea

Lil' 'lin Caitlin Caitfrien'

lindsay renee, you are sexier than Gabe, a better musician than Martin, more beautiful than any girl in PDX and i love you. XOXO~ryan ray

Lisa Ann You are my live-in lover. We survived Charles, that flood, Ft. Lauderdale, moving with that alien and a cat on pills; you, me and our cheese sandwich.

Little Bear You know I love you, petit ours. Thanks for challenging me and believing in me. And thanks for snuggling me and spanking me when I need it most.

little boi blue you are the best neighbor ever. EVER. happy quirkyalone day! wanna be quirkyslutty with me? much love your browneyed girl

Little Lisa Your my one and only. Im so lucky to have you,I wanta keep you forever and ever until were old and stinky. I Love You. From your Boy.

Little String Little String you're still the best girlfriend ever. Last year was great and this year will be better. I love you. You're the best. Love Big StringD.

LITTLE TIMMY: You're the best thing that has happened to me. I'm so grateful for all that you are & am excited about the life we are making together. For Eternity, E.

LJB You are a bearer of grace, a source of joy and light and laughter in my life. I am so lucky to know you and to love you. Pigeon

LKT hearts SJM To my babe: Will you be my Valentine? Without you I would be like a carrot with no peas or peanut butter with no jelly. Thryne loves Oseph forever!

Long distance... Here's to lazy days, long massages, hot nights, good times in great company and the best sex I've ever had. ~Kir

LORN .D Thank u 4 all the ups and downs, love, and respect. I LOVE you and your stupid ankle. Now let's get drunk and go HELTER-SKELTER on their asses! -JLW

Love Bug I want to bitez your buns

Love my Big String You tie my heart in knots!!! I love you more than string theory and chocolate. XOXOXO Your Little Stringette

LOVE NEST I missed you terribly while I was gone. Let's find a love nest to call our own and you can wear that little blue thingy all the time.

Love you always Every year I love you more, you keep me young. Love Steve

LOVE YOU BUNNY! I'm thankful every day you are in my life. 11 years, 7 Mode records, and a squillion receipts later, you are still my one and only Scooterbunny. Smooches!

Love your tight ass! You are so good to me. I love you more than you will ever know. It's been an adventure so far, and I can't wait to see where life takes us. Love, Em

LOVE.OF.MY.LIFE. KF: I'm still loving you lots and lots. You are the best person ever, and I never want to be without you. You are perfect for me! I love you. TD

Lovely Lady Laurel One can't describe your luscious long form in length enough! Your curls are perfect. This utter post cool coolness that breazes around you. I miss you

lovely Ryan dont let a broken heart get you down...someone better is out there for you. love, naomi christen. you make my world go round baby. your wonderous voice brightens my day..everyday. love you INA.

Lover of me and beer you are so sweet, hubba-hubba, glad we have a special language, wink, wink, see you under the covers sometime -your Girlie

Loverpants! My Boy I love you all of them infinity! You are the cat's pajamas, the bee's knees, and sometimes a pain in the ass. And I love you still. xo Your Girl

Lovers and friends We met on a blind date,I call it fate!We fell in love and I knew it was forever!Eleven years later and it's only getting beter! Love always,Stacy

loveyou loveyou S-Our nuclear picnic was my favorite ever and I've known we're the real deal since. you're "bad news" and you're mine mine. -M

LuBBers My Skelanga I heart ur little brown butt, puppy dog eyes, and curly black hair! Lets fight so we can "make-up" all day long! Come what may, Happy V-Day. Love you.

Lucasas It was wet before you touched it. Let's give three cheers for hard-core Byronisms. Love Lucasa Lolita Morena

luf prevails I love you my human .....more than there are rocks. you are my sparkle person ..more than baby chameleons are cute ....... always and ever luf

Luke's Beard You make me feel like an infant scrotum. I still love you. I hope one day to make a sleeping bag of you, and make sweaty love amidst your warmth. poop


Lynnae-nae My drummer girl, my fierce little sugar dumpling... Happy V-day. Now come kiss me, butter lips! Yours, in lusciousness and over-indulgence, Holly

Maciej I'm sorry you can't grow up & take responsibility for the child you helped create. We're better off without you, but you're missing out on a cool kid.

Mad Love Randy: I'll love you till the day I drive you mad. Kandi

MADDIE! My dearest sister Madison, How I count the ways. I love you that is. One: your crazy dancin', Two: nubs, Three: for just being YOU! Love. Cate

Maddie, I love you. Happy Valentines day darling, you're amazing. You're smart, funny, and absolutely gorgeous. I love you very much Maddie. -Forever and Always, Alex.

MadELINE Wilder loves you sometimes


Make sweet love Make sweet love to me on the 14th and the 19th. Let's share the love we have for each other. I want to pleasure you and I want to be pleasured by EWE.

Mama! Thanks for being so sweet to me, Dirty and Daddy. We love you! Maxine Velvet

mamama! be my bal en tine niegh niegh niegh niegh niegh

Man-bug Me wuvs you Jesse! You are the only one for me and your penis rocks my socks off. Hopefully tonight...? Twice. Much love from your ladybug.

MandleBrew McCloud Like the persimmon tree in a Ptown yard, there sprouted a rare friend in the oddest of places. You're the brightest candle on the magic fun cake.-Sp.K

Mariah, Mariah You have thoroughly won my affection forever. I'll always be in touch. <3, m.

Mariel W. always Beautiful one, all the words in the world cannot express how deeply I care for you. To touch you is heaven, to kiss you takes my breath. Be mine forever.


marshall the macho.. I say out of spite Your lip I will kiss then give it a bite You ride the short bus your special, thats fine but where is MY special Valentine's rhyme?

MARTIN I ADORE YOU Martin Vavra, my life is complete now that you're in it. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy Birthday, Valentine! All my love, Angela

Master Dean, my One I love You, as deeply as my heart beats. I need You like air. I see You in all that is beautiful. I belong to You alone. Forever Yours. Your lil'one

matt stanger u belong 2 my heart now and 4ever. there beneath the stars while a milion guitars Playd r love song they said I love you. my heart said it too

MATT THE PANTHER Matt, another v-day and i love you more than ever. Hugs and Smooches and all that fun suff!!!!Love-Your Little Kitty

Matt Thornton iloveu From your head to your toes, nobody knows how lovely you are inside. I promise to love you every morning 'til night for all of eternity. Please stay mine.

Matthew Guy Kinney I think you're rad. Let's fuck.

MAX happy V(d) Day! thank you so much for putting up with my stank, feeding my ever growing belly and laughing at my farts. You are the BESTEST. XOXO

May 14, 1985... ... I had a very itchy asshole. But then you OUSTED it! Thank you for always making me smile.

May 9, 2003 Poodle,-I love you. I checked off every box on my true, ideal love list with a few extras to seal the deal. You make my heart happy-love, Pumpkin

Mayor of Sexytown Hey Denny. I'm sorry I called you the mayor of Lazytown. You know I love you and everything that you do. BFF's and... TruLuv4ev?

McLover I don't care that your armpits smell. Just want to keep making memories that we don't always remember. I'll grate cheese w/ you anytime. - Louis Womo

Meara, I love you... You truly make me a better person. I want nothing more than to fall asleep next to you every night for the rest of my life. Thank you for loving me.

meeting place Give me your hot, sexy music! On a hot August night in a crowd of people on the Disjecta dance floor. meet me there, August 3rd 2007. perfection.

Megan Perry! B Mine! I am happy I know you! Your creation and wisdom inspire me to be a better person. Thanks for dancing with me and taking runs around the block.

Megan Quinlan, I ANIMAL YOU.

Megatron let's look at art and eat thai food together soon. I have poetry for you! Love, Douglas

Mel is Marvelous! Wonder Woman has nothing on Mel Marvelous my super hero, harley riding, hot damn girlfriend! Love you long time! Suz Fabulous

Mel, you are my Love Love is beauty, hope, compassion, desire, intelligence and the ability to laugh at anything. You are all things & more my love. G

Melanee yous is fine We've been together for over a year & I haven't killed you yet. You must be special. I love you & the cat & CSI w/ thai. My loins are yours 4evah!

Melberto Rio!!! Who's our favorite sassy McNoPants dancing queen? It's YOU! Present this cupon for one night of hot-n-spicy tortilla soup action. Love, Sky & Corina!

Melvin & the Mewlers hey pretty bitches, that stumpy lil rump is gonna take "Maaaary" straight to the top. yer sleazy manager, pipso

MeMaChu Thank you for the ice shrimp, unlimited access to your elbow, and your thumb. I love you very much! --ShrimpyChu

MEOW Dear Meow, meow meow moo, Meow moo! meow meow moo. moo meow, Purr moo. Mashed Potatoes. I love you forever. <3 Moo.

MeowKamiMeow Nobody loves you like I love you. - Ed

Mercury Messengers! Heeeeey yooooou guuuuuys! Y'all are so cute & stinky! Thanks for giving me some hot fantasies to pass the day at the office! ~your fave receptionist

MERP! MEEP! You two totally rock, I am the luckiest guy alive for living with the two coolest roommates on earth. Who touch my penis.

Mestre Jamie Star of the Universe That looks like a garden Being bright as you are I want you to shine! Love your three favorites, B-funky, Ha-na, and Di

Mi Pinche Guerita... I love you, Chrissy.You make this city worth it.I'm yours.You got me sick.But that's ok cuz you're my ruca.And I'm your vato. Tu negative nacho.

Mi Pinche Panchito Te amo un chingo, mi amore. Noy soy nada sin ti. XOXO -Tu Stinky.

Micah Micah Micah! I love you lots and lots and lots of lots and lots and lots. Happy Valentine's day. Love, Goose. xoxo

MICHAEL MAR You've got a BIG spot in my heart. You're a nice guy and now, one of my best friends. I won't forget u. Take care! -Pao Garcia

Michael Scott W. Me luv you long time. See ya at home ... you get Jack, I get Kimba.

MICHAEL STOUT Dear Michael - Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!

Michele with one L You are my best friend. Thank you for sticking with me through all of my bullshit. Five years and I love you more than ever. Love, Scott

MICKY W. AKA BRAK WAKE UP!! WAKE IT!! WAKE IT UP!! Happy V-day Mick!! I love you more each day! I hope you, me and Tiny will have many more years together. MeagPie

Miguel You're my kitten-bunches. I'm so glad we live together now. Love Lily

miss erika durant ole timberlake already took my v-day gift idea. so i wrote you this mercury ad instead. i'm no friend request from beaverton, but i sure do like you.

Miss KittyKat For all of years we have been together and all of the things that we have endured; this has been the best years of my life and I love you.

missin' you BIGTIME! ain't the same without you...bring me back to PDX soon baby, you tickle my fancy like no 'n' lust forever, your woman x x x

Missy I know our black child is cool, but he needs to kill. Let's keep him stoned so he won't rip out our juicy hearts and devour them. Love U Slamina Ytrap

missy ann your love lifts me up where we belong!!!damn your sexy too!

mJ I'm sorry for jumping on you, eating your food and blaming you for all the pee on the floor. Let's quit the fighting and start the cuddling. xo. Olive

MLH hearts SJH Meatwad- You do not need to live here, but I'm so glad you do!! Love, Frylock

MLRHB To the raven haired beauty who has made my life so complete and wonderful, to a long future together.

MLS in SW Portland Stop whoring around with the local girls when you travel to foreign countries. You're super lucky that you haven't caught anything yet.

Mo'j Kochanie Thank you for being so damn awesome. One day we will go swim with the manta rays together. Until then, I will rub YOUR belly. I love you tso much.

Molly... I have said nothing because there is nothing I can say that would describe how I feel as perfectly as you deserve it.

Momo How do I thank you? W/o you, my heart would stop. You make me feel safe and loved, and I love you more and more with each passing day. <3 Leia

momo poopoobutt My freakishily good-looking, mind-reading twin is better than Dr. Pepper and sweeter than Hawaiian Punch. My lurve for your lazyass is ultra skyhigh.

Monkey Love Can't wait to show you how much I love you, my tree. From your Raven. Happy V Day!

MONT Who are you thinking about today? Who should I be thinking about? Where is the guidebook to figure out what the hell is going on here?

Morgan I love you! After 2 years what else is there to say? I love you and I want everyone to know! Happy Valentine's Day baby!!! XOXO Rosie @->---


Morgasm I'm so happy you're my brother! I love you so much and am so grateful for our friendship and connection! ~Wildfire

Mountain Goat Boy! I would traipse over rocky hills with you for the rest of my days. May you always eat sweet hay and rocky ledges to climb. Love Always, Donkey Girl

MQ I want to do nasty things with you and a rubber chicken! ~F

MR MONKEY MAN thanks, my beautiful treefrog tree, for being my buddy and my acrobatic partner and my mirror and my counterweight.

MR. CUDDLESWORTH III Don't jibba jabba my heart. Just wanted to say I love you. <3 xo, Miss Magoo.

Mr. D! You're the best friend I could ever ask for. I'll love you till the cows come home,which means forever! Now, please stop farting in bed. Love, Mrs. D.

Mr. Hood Don't make me do what I did to you in Seaside-the neighbors couldn't sleep til 5.There was somethin smokin in that room alright-52 pickup? XOXSalzibar

Mr. Kwiatjkzowxjqski To the other half of Portland's cutest goddamn couple. What? We can't help it if we're still totally blissed out. You and our apartment totally rule!!

MR. LENOMA-RONARD You are amazing! I love you so much! Words could never describe how I feel about you. But thank god sex can! When you read this, find me IMMEDIATELY!!

Mr. Olson Sweetie McCutiepants: Love you tons. This is making even ME sick. XOXOXOXLu

Mr. Rose-From Angela I thought of what I want to say, but this is going to be public and I am at work, so I won't. I love your freckles and your brutish determination.<3

Mr. T, My Studmuffin You are my favorite! I really do love you more than coffee whiskey and wine... Lets make beautiful music together all night long!! -your amjam

Mrs Moore / 'Spouce' Thanks for saying yes, and for going to Mexico with me... and Germany too! I love you with all my heart! (ps - please dont get rid of our kitty!)

Mrs. TNT Wife with a fantastic behind! Another year with you and another Valentine in the Mercury. I love you so much and have BIG plans for us this year! -T

Ms Mist heats up I shake I drizzle You dance You sizzle and together we'll ride the danger cart to hell!

Ms. G: molten eyes that will grab my soul for the rest of my life. ILD (g)

Ms. Nafarious i fuckin love you! you are the best! holy crap! you fuckin rawk! p.s. tell betty that henry says hi

Much Love from NOLA to all my homies back in p-town. I miss you all and hope you are having a better Valentines day than mine. I'll be thinking of you from camp hellhole.

muffin I love your guts.

Muffin Lover Muffin baby, I love you & I'm so glad I met you & I'm so glad you liked my black sweatshirt & glad you named our plants & I love you... from Biff

Mulatto I need another chance, I'm sorry about all the weed and broken promises. I love you. I'm not dangerous - Your Son Zippy.

MUPPLE!! I don't always know how to say it but I love you. Will you be my valentine this year and forever? I never want to be without you...

Must Love Dogs Are we coming up on 28 or 29 year years? I can't keep track, but each one gets better, if slower. Love from your sweetie!

my 1950's girl to my dearest bethany. i love you more than you will ever know. happy valentines day sweetheart. [there might be a dance for you later.] gregory

My 911 friend! I love our late night calls, filled with laughter and witty conversation! Maybe we can catch a Spork the banana concert when you visit! MMWAH!!!

my adult home I said goodbye before & now I'll return. I am done with Korea, it is you that I yearn. I luv your music & your beer. Sorry my luv for the lost year.-n

My Archie Thank you for proving that love is freedom. I love you true and always will. Your Paul

My Baby Sweet joy befall thee. You are a more rapturous sight than Jesus with a waterbottle any day and you do taste like Elvis looks.

My Beautiful Wife Everyday that I am with you, time stands still. It feels like we are two souls dancing on the clouds. I love you, Suzanne. Love your Hubby, Jason

My Beloved Prime Your brains, body, passion, soul, art, playfulness, dice-throwing/cardplaying gusto and mad cooking skills are some reasons that I love you so-your D.

My big strong man... I love you more each day. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you...yeah, yeah lets just get some icecream and play nintendo!! <3<3<3<3<3

My Blood is on Fire Sweet Bella you make me want you everyday. You are my soulmate, Lover, and partner on this journey called life. Love you!!

My Boogie Anekah To my sweet baby girl.I love you so much sweetheart. I'm proud to be your mama. You are getting so big! I love my sweet little boogie. Love, mama

My Brown Star I love you sooooo much! Your Mommie, Bebe Le Strange.

My BuBu I love you BuBu, Forever does not seem long enough any more! Love B

My Bunny Love My baby girl. I love you like crazy. I always want you with me. To have and hold. You are my sunshine. You give me goosebumps from my head to my toes.

My Darling M.O.M.O. Every second with you is heaven. Your kiss, your touch, utopia. You are my hot, sexy valentine and I want you now, Now, NOW! All my love, Mrs. D.

My dear MadamE Positron You are my Victorian Queen. Let us partake of opiates with the moon on the moon. With luck, we will never become obsolete robots. Xoxo, Mama McCoucherson.

My Dear Pizza Breath You're my favorite person, but I hope my gass hasn't killed the spark. Wouldn't you agree we're about due for an awesome adventure? love you tons

my dear pythagoras the only way i could love you more is if you were the tall blond chem-e that melts my heart.

My Dear Surgi Baby FUN Awaits.You're an annual vs periannual, but i still love ya. V-day sucks but wanted to say thanks for decadence and cuddely funniness luv yr hon


My dearest Ray Ray Thanks for being so damn great! You've got the coldest feet and the warmest heart. I love you!

My Dearest Stephanie Thank you for always being there, for always showing me love, for always cheering me up when times get hard. You mean the world to me, My Love My life

My Dearest Sweets Another wonderful year of being your hot little slut, and I've never been happier. You've made my Phantasies come true. Marry mii?

My fave puggy! Please darling, let me find the off switch on yer belly. -Diggitron

my fave school girl Ever since the night you sang karaoke in that short skirt and rude necktie, I've been smitten. Hope you stay hot for teacher a long time.

My Foxy Cupcake I never knew I could love anybody the way that I love you. You're the sunshine in my heart and the ants in my pants. I'm forever your catfish friend.

My Girls (+Rumbles) FRIENDS! The only thing without batteries that makes v-day tolerable. love you Misa, Lauren, Rae, Rebeccas, G-Lo, Aysha, Lojo, Dana, Kate, kitties!<3K

My Goddess, My Queen Baby You are the highlight of my life. Where would I be without you. Your beauty rocks my world, I can't hardly contain myself. Love you forever.

My Hot Anti-Pasta! I'll be thinking of you as you spend the next four months hiking your sweet ass up this way from Mexico.

My husband/"spouce" We joined our hands & mixed the sands. Mexico last year. Europe this year. Where to next year? Thank you for the ocean. Love, Your wife/"wif"

my ku'uipo I am unconditionally yours. Please say you'll be mine. Aloha au ia oe!

My Little Downhiller U make me feel like I am home again U make me feel like I am whole again U make me feel like I am free again However faraway I will always love u -A

My Little Sweet Face Even after all this time, I am still happy to call you mine. You make my heart go pitter-pat, & I want to pounce on you like a cat. XOXOXO, me.

My Lost Love I'm sorry it had to end. Even though you left me at a time I needed you the most. It's all good. You could still be my valentine. It's been lonely dad4smc

My Love You mean so much to me. I will always love you, like my angel and my Hannah. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart- sarahdale

My love Omi I'm so glad this is the third V-day with you, babe. I can't wait for the rest of them. Love Aaron

MY LOVELY IRMA VEP From Castro street to 127th place. From snorkeling in Maui to 4am bug outs while camping. We've been through it all!! I'll love you always~~Kat

My loving drea The last 2 years have been the happiest of my life. Your kisses, your smiles, your love are what keep me going. I will be here for you forever. love devon

My Marbled Murrelet Kiss on your nosemouthfacecheekarmanklebuttearneck!!! I love you! love, Snowy Beach Plover

My Maze Lets make a date in a fading field with only one chair for the show & circle each other in pounce mode ~ a two cat protest to stop the cranes for Love

my moonchild color change rainbow gleam that cannot hide under a gelato sun

My Ol' Man PaPa, You are the man of my dreams and i don't EVER want to wake up ! I LOVE YOU !

My own Mr. Ratt Mobb Even though I met Mr. Reverse Balding, and Mr. Broccoli Meets Mayo, and Mr. Backwards Cuddler, I still lubba lubba you... BOO TWO CHEW!!!

My Partner in Crime Happy Singles Awareness Day my Sweet Corrie! May all the happy couples get VD! Your BFF Crystal

My Prince Charming Michael, I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines Day! I love you so much! XXXOOO! Love, Brat Girl XXXOOO

my pumpkin pie.... you are my pumpkin pie. you are my vegan organic pumpkin pie with a dollop of soy vanilla ice cream on top and a vegan vitamin on the side.

My Rabbit... Rabbit, rabbit how I adore thee, found you lost in the city of SEA. Looking in your eyes I see a reflection of me. Oh Rabbit,rabbit how I adore thee.

My sexy Hasselhoff I love you so much! I know that we don't get along all the time, but you mean more to me than the world itself.You enjoy this valentine honey. Shelly

My Sexy Lex Luthor Bought a Heiny to your foxy bald-self; it's been Dahlias and hearts ever since. My eternal kryptonite, meet you for world's end in Fiji!? Are you on?

My Sexy Therapy Girl Let's talk about our feelings... and then do it. I lurve you like crazy. -Boy

My Ski Skating Queen I love to see your thighs flexing as you fly over the snow. Your slow rocking from side to side reminds me of your playful sway, your lustful kiss.

My Smoochie-Moo! You are my one and only, my fantastic sweetie, my Smoochie-Moo! I look forward to the next 30 years with you! Much love, YOUR Smoochie-Moo

My Soulmate Where is my mind? Eye probably lost it behind the boathouse in Santa Monica. I'm happy I found you. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Cephus.- Danica

My Superhero To my Earth and my Stars-You make me smile, your my warmth and my heartbeat. This is our year and I love you with all of me ^_^ XOXOXO LU MU NU

My Sweet BABOON, Every year it only gets better, I am so happy in the the life we are making together. Be mine now and always. Oodles and Oodles of Love from your BUG

My Sweet Girl You will always be mine. Owned and abused by the one you love. What a gift we have been given-this love-and what a life we will lead! Love, your King.

My sweetboy on Hoyt It's been nearly 10 years and I can't help but love you more & more each day. Thank you for being such an amazing companion. Here's to the next 50 years.

My Tamasutra Love My love for you is like a hunger, A need to have to bestow, A lavish lust for flesh and a yearning For beauty as austere as polished stone.

my teeler piqueno... you are the love of my life, my doctor bf, my freckle face snuggser! will you be my valentine? daddy loves you and promises to never ever let go xoxxx

my trolley treat mix me uppa pot of that steamin stew cuz stephen f wood, u mah goo! no hambooger helper or ricearoni lies, just some real homecookin n a side o fries.

my valentine corah Corah I love you more and more each day you are my best friend and I love you very much. Happy valentines day sweetheart

my vegetable goddess The first time we met, the way you cradled that cucumber I knew you were the girl for me. Thank you for leaving your family and son to be my sex slave

My Very Own Margot! What a lucky lad I am to have a lass like you. I love you so much all the time, I hope you love me also. Aw shit, I fucked up the rhyme.

My Viking Man Glad to have you as my Valentine, unconventional though our first date may have been. I'm not talking about the Fountain.

My Wallflower It's been wonderful watching you bloom. I celebrate our story every day I wake up next to you. This love was meant to be/to last. Love your Twisty Bit

naaaah bitch you always make me feel like a pretty girl even when you forget to light my cigarettes. lets be valentines and eat steak and play video games..ok? ok.

Naked Boy In My Bed Sexy JAMES, your kisses make me weak, and happy, and oh so lucky to have you in my life. Won't you be my sweetest Valentine?

Nancy "NC" M'honey The formula 4 our love Ts+nC=xtc Little did I know it was only just me. Thanks again for a taste of love true. You'll never know how deeply ILU. TS

Nater Tot! Kisses, huggers & snuggles with you make my heart go pitter pat. My sweet babe, my world is dizzy for your love. You gorgeous man, I love you so much.

natey monkey sooooooo much love for my mother fucking monkey!

NathanRex Thanks for the boyfriend!

Natki my Loverly my love, you are my happiness. I don't tell you enough just how much you mean to me. You drive me crazy you sexy whiskey kitty. all of my love to you.

Neem neem Neem neem neem neem neem! <3^3

NEIL THE REAL DEAL Neil since 1/9/06, I knew those big lips had to be mine to have a slice of my banana pie. You are my one and only lova. Keep that bangin ass tight. XxXOo

NEON SPRINKLZZ!! I lust after your music and your neon fanny packs! You ladies are champions!

Nice Guy at Bar Bored at wrk. Yr presence at 11ish matters. Gay, jst tryin to enjoy drnk, notice me, all/none of above? Not sure. awkard and blushin. luv, grl w/ treats

Nick, and Eli Fuck you in your silly asses, Man I love you stupid fucks. I want you to sit on each others faces and act like pigeons. Hoo ho coo co (pigeon sounds)

Nicole Cook! I love you sweet lil' peach. Someone is San Francisco misses you! xoxoxoxoxo

Nicole P. I know that Nate-Dawg is far better looking than I, and probably drives a nicer car. Hell, he cuts his hair. But I'm your soulmate. Love Kevin Chauncy

Nicole Petersen. Your musical tastes are eclectic and brilliant. Your eyes are mirrored with the fire in my heart. Your hobby is expensive but don't give up. Nate-Dawg

NIKKI MOHEN Yeah, I cleaned your room, but you came to my shows, support my ambitions, and showed me that you can expect good things from love after all.

No Giraffe Here! Once upon a time you were my friendly neighbor, now I am truly blessed to call you my partner. Still enjoying the journey of our lives - I Love You!

Nomadic thought... leads your smile. In jaw-clenching quietness u stand. But u hear the brightest stars, put them in your pocket, & save them just for me. SJH loves MLH

Noodleface If I could be anything, I'd be a blue Nissan Versa, so I'd be all shiny and new and you'd be in me all the time. Canada's dumb.

NoseHouse 2yrs. 10mos. has been so impossible. But the impossible keeps happening. Keep your eyes on the Face & things will turn out OK. Always love you.

not just a nitwit! i love you no matter how much you love listening to the all american rejects, watching young and the restless, or making our house dirty... sexy girl.

o harvey girl i adore you from the tip of your melodica to the neck of your guitar, and all those snares between

O My Honeybee I think I prevented you from plunging off a cliff the other day. I will continue to do so as long as it's in my power. I love you. You make me happy.

OBAMA YOUR MAMA Baby, you make me so damn happy. Cheers to this lifetime together and the next. And no matter which condo we choose, we'll get the job done :)

Ode to My Orsby! For tolerating my grumpy faces in the morning, smoking chambers, and fur hurdles on the stairs. Knowing you makes me better person. I luv u so! Danika

Ode to Rupert-- Tell me what you're made of, and i'll tell you where i'm headed (heh, heh...). You skirt me like the moon...and, oh!, how i LOVE you so!!

Ode to Sergio Bike to me o awesome one, and pick the lock to my heart with thine extreme skill, in the ways of extremeness, which is extreme.

Oh Bebon! If I had your snugglebutt here I'd make crepes then spoon you all night, even if Finchy got mad! Je t'aime, mon camarade!

Oh Darling Our co-respiration is ecstacy. You're the one that I want and though I never expected to be in love again, I'm thrilled it's with you, gorgeous.

Oh my Homie The Love you share rocks my world. I am so happy w/our life together. Welcome to the second half. The sun is shining, the weather is fine. XOXOBabe

OH SNOODLE DOODLE HAPPY V-DAY KITTEN! i just loves you so much it overflows out of my skull and heart and onto the floor... i promise to mop up afterwards. LOVE MONKEY

Oh Sweet Poopiehead: You are my whole world and then some. I wouldn't trade you in for all the sushi, A3s, Z8s, friends, family, mexican food or booze in the world. XOXO!!

Oh! Oh! D'Annunzio! I love you so much, my Italian Stallion. Happy Valentines Day. Now, LET'S FUCK!

Oh! Oh! Tiago! You live on a porch. Your body odor smells like weed. You are the funniest Mo'Fo' and your bad boy streak is absolutely lickable. You rule!

Ohh shit he did it He remembered! Let's continue on with this love driven journey of ours, maybe I'll teach you to drive. Love you Misty, happy Valentines Day. -Kevin

Ohm my. We fell in love on a mountaintop beneath a giant ohm. We crossed the third circle of hell. I love you now more than ever. You kick ass. Never leave.

OhPeep! You are my absolute favorite sparkle penis, THANK YOU for all the joy you bring to my life! Love me all ways, always! U wanna Squirrel Curl? Yours,Gem

Oinkey Frodo Fista Oinkey, Oinkey, You're so keen. It's like you're in a magazine! With big blue eyes, and chubby arm, I feel like i'm back at the farm. Love, Dish Face!

OL JEHAZIEL i may be a trapper but its for a good reason.your too cute.nothings better than throwing down together and then broing down.I LOVE YOU BABE!!fuckcoit

OLD MAN BOOMER I love you. I want to kiss you, even though you pretend you don't like it. I don't care that you aren't as fat as you once were. Be mine. Love, Snoopy

Oldie Hearts Queen Love goblin. It's been a wild ride and I've enjoyed sharing it every step of the way. Cali to the Roadtrip to Mexico to PA to the Stump, I cherish you.

Olive Juice! Baron I love you and would go to Vegas with you and wed in front of Elvis over and over and over again! Love, Baroness

OLIVE/BAILEY Its been two years and I am still so in love with you. You are my world and I could never be happier having you be the one I wake up to. Happy V day.

Only 1 I want Think I was blind before I met you. Now you are my lover & best friend. Happy Valentine's Day, Donny. You are the only 1 I'll let inside of me.<3 J

only mermaid for me arrrrrrrrriiieeelll. oh ariel, how i love thee. you can always make me laugh and you never let me down.

ooh ooh lil'babby Lil'baby you are the sweetest thing. Your the only lil'muffin I think of. You are the bestest girlfriend and I can't get enough of your love baby. T$

Oohh! Electric Sheep Oh how I love to run my fingers through your wolly-ness... You make me baaahhh with pleasure. Show me your Phillip K. Dick...

Ooozsha-boo! Boo-boo-doo-doo! Oozsha-boo-boo-boo!

Oops! Marrying was rad. Heh. Sorry I seemed to have gotten knocked up, but I bet the baby will be born with a tinfoil hat already. I love you, Invid

Oryn d whore'n house 6yrs ago u gave me the 1st v-tine card that said u'd love me 4-ever. I can't ask anything else of u except quit blaming the cat when u fart-love tuffy

Osh My Sweet B Dear B - Osh, you make me feel wonderful everyday and I love you. You are beautiful and amazing and my happiness. I melt when I think of you - H. Ham

outPost spectacular My mind is awake and I can't slow it down... missing all of you like hell. Best roommates ever, minus the rats. Much love, Smalls

P. Coat Waxenbuffer "...don't worry, cause now I got your back, and every time you feel like crying, I'm gonna try and make you laugh." Love, Kittenface McGee

Pace Cadet when you back that ass up, I start to feel all melty, and kicking rocks is way better with you by my side. I'm so glad you're mine/ your bunny j

Parrot's Mamma Happy Valentines baby, menu4evr

Party for two? Mirnay, you are tastier than an entire pan of caramel corn or some noodle pizza. I would even pick you over a Whopper I found under my microwave...

Passing by I caught you looking at me the other day, after we passed on the street. I looked back too. Ask me out sometime.

Patricia my love I love you more and more each day! Thank you for the best three years of my life! Love Darren, Smokey, Momma, and Opal! Happy Valentines Day!

pdx in summertime YOU with guitar: saw you at PDX POP Now! last July. Thought you were cute. Meet me at this years festival August 3rd-5th.

PDX Pop Now shirt You, guy at local music show: your shirt said "ask me about PDX POP Now 2007". . . Is it too late to ask?

Peanut! I like your soft round butt. Let's fuck hard! Happy valentine's day! I love you. D

peeanutbutterr woolf RO REAH! its true, you gonna get eaded!

Peet's Coffee Ladies To all the lovely ladies at Peet's Coffee on NE Broadway. Your smiles make my heart palpitate--or maybe it's the coffee. You are a group of FOXES!

PETER REITAN My favorite time of day is when you are holding me in your arms in our bed in the morning. I love you! Laura

Petie Mc Sweetie Thank you so much for planting your seed in me. It'a a boy!

Phlebotomized For Kir, my surgical vampire, you have pierced my heart, veins, and brains with your hot love needles. Bleed me dry and bandage me in voluptuous fire.

Picnic Baskets!! Hey Boo Boo! Let's go hunting for picnic baskets! If there's anyone I wanna love, it's you! You're amazing! Kiss your Yogi when you see him.

PIPPI LOVES PIPPI Oh you pretty chitty bang bang... will you be mine?

Pish Posh Annika Heaven on wheels. A lighthouse beaming the way through a storm. A sing-a-long song. A muse. An allegory. Life, as I know it, won't be the same.

Pittsburgh or Bust! Hey, Pickle Chips! I love you forever! I'll be home soon! Love... Boog Nut

Pony I will kiss your sweet muzzle! Love you forever (and ever), K

Poo-Fiend! Im in looove wit you/workin for the night/just 2 kids in love/holdin hands in the city/smalltown girl workin hard/never lookin back on the train track

Pookie, it's me! I love you so much, Pumpkin. You're the coolest and have changed my life for the better, even with the cat. Now give me a big, sloppy kiss! Love, JoSH

Poooonani-nani-nani Immigration law has kept you away from me this Valentine's Day, but you'll be showin' me yer thang for a week straight when I get you back. I love U.

ProfessorTinklebottm I can't believe you've put up with my crazy ass for this long!! You are one of the sweetest, funniest, and cutest men I've ever known. xoxo, teacup

Pukarin! Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for everything you've done and do that makes my life so much better than it could ever be without you! I love you!

Puma Espanol Usted es mi gatito del sexo. Deseo lamerle toda la noche de largo. Your Polish Papi, Tiges.

PUPPY you are so wonderful. i can't help but smile every time i see you. thanks for giving me that extra push up the hill. I love you deeply. xox chelsea

PussyWillowDarling Our Dearest Brenda, Oh how we wish we could revisit our time at the mini log cabin. Please bring your sister. Miss Hot or Monkey? Love, Dommy and Ewi

Puzzle Piece Found Love was always missing a piece. With you I have fun and laughter. With you I know that I am always in your heart. To the Man I love, Your Baby

qtpie13:another year of missing you, over the miles and through sheets of pain. but i finally understand that i'm in it with you as long as i breathe - it just is. always.

que lindo que sos mi amor, still think you're the best guy also you're super hot HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON

Queen of My Parade Annie babe, you bring so much to my life and leave me speechless. These past six months have been the most amazing time. I love you. Happy V-day!

R-E-D red H-O-T Once you start you can't be stopped. Butterfly you make my neck, back, pussy and crack feel so hot! I'm so glad you are my Valentine.

RABBIT HEAD My dearest Rabbit, you are the best mother a moosh moosh could ever wish for. Beautiful on the inside and out. You make our lovely house a home. R.H.

RACHEL have I ever told you you're my hero? you are the wind beneath my wings. -Ica

RACHEL AT BLACK CAT Rachel, Rachel, how I adore thee. Your charm is more than just serving some coffee. I've had the most colossol crush on you since the moment we met.

Rainbows & Unicorns Sweetheart, Life with you is Garden State, Pan's Labyrinth, The Painted Veil- even a little Borat, but always full of pleasure and joy. I Love You.

Ramona loves Daddy! I'm the luckiest pug in the world! You serve up kibble like nobody's business! Can I chew on your thumb awhile? Mom wants some kitty feengers!


RCR FM I couldn't ask for a better group of girls to spend 4 nights a week with. We're effin hot as hell! XO Leet P.S. No more injuries!

Red delicious Phaedra, you are the apple in my eye. Making love to you is like being in heaven. Love, Joel

red hair;green eyes! From the moment I laid eyes on you, I just knew that we were meant to be together. There was something about your eyes, They were just like mine. love

Red Headed Vixen Can't wait to find the blue police box in London to do the nasty with you! You rock my world when we "walk the line" "so good"! :-) Love ya babe!!!

Red Hot Shikse Mama You may not be Jewish, but you're MY chosen person. Happy birthday, baby!! Boy, do I fucking love you.

red robin! remember,if things dont work out with your 429 year old,ill be there for you.

Redheaded Square Foul-mouthed & spunky hot little momma that runs Rose City Tobacco. I don't use my hookah, I come in just to see you. You to light my fire!

Richard, Mira! Mira! Taking my boots off is the best thing I've ever done. It keeps getting better! I'm glad we found each other. I love you! xoxox Beth

RING RING RING RING My love is deeper than the ocean, wider than the sky. I love you will all that I am and all that I will ever be. I give you rings My lovely one.

RoBear I'm thinkin' R. "Robear" Burnett ... Will you be my "silly Ro-bear" next only this day but many more that follow? Bear Hugs .... ??? (XOXOXO)

ROBOTRON & LION Sparkly sacred treasure of you! puts the dance in my toes and crinkle in my corners- who now can slow our strawberry-flavored takeover of the state?

Rocketman Digging through records and playing at the Bins with a Crunchwrap in one hand and a P.B.R. in the other is all a girl could ask for. I love you <3

rocketman<3starfish ))>><<(( Thanks for being the best Valentine any rocketman could ever want I<3 my starfish! Happy Valentines, baby!

Rodeo Romance Comes from CA w/a banjo on his knee, Sweeps me away w/tender melodies. Strummin', yodeling 'til giddy-up time, A TX gal found bronco-Valentine.

ROMANIAN HOTTIE Number two, number three in country for sex in mouth. I love you. Listen to the Bee Gees while I eat your pussy? Heaven. Kisses.

Rookiepoo With grace and artful flare You spread the cheeks of your derriere You,like order ordering schisms Clenches the snake and ponder its jizims

ROOTS KING Faith move more than mountains. Blessings more than counted await the sower of good seed. Snapdragon

Rose City Wrangler I'll help you fight crime anyday. Let's clean up this city!! PS: You're cute.

Roxy You're my Maggie May. The feelings I have for you...words cannot portray. I will hold you until the end of time...if you'll be my Valentine.

Ruzbeh.. Hamdu li'llah!! U R amazing. Don't let anyone treat you badly okay? -KISS-

RYAN BAUER thank you for a wonderful birthday. minus the tillamook law hicks. be my valentine? love you a little longer than forever. JACKLYN RAE FERRARIS.

RYAN PEDERSON: Move back to Portland my love. U're missed here, u're loved here...come back & be my man & the father of our greek beagle. Iloveyoumorethananything.

ryan? at UPS you're hot pushing around carts, unloading packages and alls i wanted to say is that i think you're a babe, happy valentine's day

RyAnMaSon @ScApEgOaT yer so hawtt!!! u can stick me N E DAY! next time i cum in, im gettin sum pussywillows rite above my... well, U KNOW WHERE!!!

S-ness I want to take you far from the cynics in this town, also.

S.M.A.P. The one thing the fire didn't take from us: Sunday Morning Ass Play. Happy Valiversary. Thanks for five great years! I'm proud to be your melly...

S:m ] We've only met a few times, hardly even talking to each other. But between the messages, texts, and concerts, I have to say that you are amazing... :]

SA Texas Trans Mom Amber Cristina. A million miles away. The hole in my heart, only you can fill. The hole in your heart, only I can fill. This is true. Antonia

Sacky...I love you. Thanks for being my hot, sexy cookie and best friend too...I love you more every day..stew

Safety First! RCS, you will always be the Best Date Ever! I'm honored to live with the Hottest Safety Ambassador to slither her way into a limo! Luv, LL (& Trollie)

sako. my bear. i will eat humble pie from you anytime. 10,000 times. i finally get this. please tell me it's not too late. this tigress met her match. vegas? love. tko

Salmon luv chicken! It had to be you It had to be you, wonderful you, When thinking of you, It's then i know, That I love you!

Sam your smile makes my heart flutter and my eyes shine and so but then so......kaiza

Sam & Madi This is just to tell you both that i love you forever and always.And you both are the most beautiful girls in the whole world.Love john

Sam Hearts Cole I know "I Heart" is out but hear/t me out. I heart you for hearting your heart by quitting smoking. Now x-rays can see your heart behind your lungs!<3

SAMANTHA You're a BITCH!!! You didn't share the weed. -Guess who

Samantha J. Hummel the "J" stands for Joan. I love ya happy vantines day...!

SamMy sWeeet cHEEKS 2 the sweetest ass I know 4REAL. U R truly the best. Don't stop making me laugh or I'll cut your hands off. NOW lick my butt. Hate 2 HEART U

SANDMAN Will you, or won't you??? You've got my number, give me a call.

SARAH Why don't you make a move?

Sassy Self I see your gorgeous face peering out at me from windows, cars and puddles. You're So cute, who could you be? Oh Wait, you're me!

scary monsters super creeps. c'mon buddy. i'll come running to tie yer shoooooe. i'm happy just to dance wit' you. i'm on call, to be there, one and all. i'llbethere

SCHMOEL I want to do you... hard. Happy Valentines!

Schmoopie Whoopie Here we are, the first of 40. Is it too early to exercise my option to renew? -- Carlosote

Scott is so Hot! U R the hunkiest man in Oregon! Babe, you still give me tingles! Love, JTA

Scout/P.Ivy/Lil Red All of the changes that are swirling around us at a maddening pace, it all melts away when your eyes meet mine..GHEY! 1229 to forever. I know right?!?

Scrabble Champs Josie and Liz, you are the best gal pals a girl could ask for, I love you. You're better than any boy could ever hope to be, funnier and gorgeous too.

SEA MONSTER Your monster toes are almost grown out. Time for another pedicure. Valentines present? We'll go together and I'll even let them touch my feet. loves.

Seany Baby You were the one person that could make the one night stand work out. It's funny to see how far we've gone. Thanks for the laughs, play, & sexy love.

seasick still docked the powder kegs between my legs are exploding for you. oh sheila, take a bow. don't be afraid, girl. take my hand in glove, billy budd. luv, moz

Seasons of Autumn 10 Days, 2,000 miles, and yet you touch my soul. Happy or sad, laughing or crying, up and down with the good and the bad I'm yours and blessed to be.

Secret agent suuzle To my partner in crime. The last 8 months have been amasing, can't wait to see what missions await us the in future. The red lizard

Sellwood Reiki Guy You: dark hair & glasses, I had Reiki session, asked about drumming circle. My email\phone is on 1\27 signup sheet D-8@hotmail -- energy connection?

Senior GFY Thanks for being such a pure heart, and reminding me what a good person can be. You are very special, even if you stole my broccoli beef. xoxo Wags

Senorita Loco D! At the lonely end of the rink, it's you and me. Always and Forever! A Great Big Love for you and the girls. Always and Forever, Senor Loco

SEORSA Corporate holiday aside, will u be my valentine? You make my heart flutter. I could kiss you all day long. Happy Valentines! Love, me

SERIOUSLY CASUAL I'll keep writing you songs and try to not scare you to death, if you keep giving me smiles and making your sexy, disgruntled sighs. I love you Amanda

SESHI GIRL wancha to know about the seshi cat shes got two eyes but a little cross and a bat just the best kitty in the whole wide world she might be 80 oh baby!

sex muffin'.... you smell something? i heart you. -poochie pie.

SEX!!! A big ax man came through the woods and turned him into paper and printed the Bible on him. And my roomate, he slept through it all!!!

Sexy Aubrey I love you and cant wait to spend the rest of OUR lives together. Happy Valentines Day my love. Cheo

Sexy Italian Boy Oh Vinny you are so sexy will you be my Valentine? I want to have sex with you a lot over and over again. I want you to snort coke off my tits.

Sexy Kitty- I love that you can be a little girl AND a red hot slut jumping on my big daddy dick. I love how we laugh and fuck - and I love you. Yours, Sir

Sexy Panda Bear Hi there, I love you so much... you make everything fun and sexy. Let's kick the roomates out soon.

Sexy Viking Lass Chelsea, you are the sexiest women in all of P-town. Your lovely lady lumbs bounce to my drums in all the right ways. I am very lucky to have you. B.

SHAVULVA! I fuckin love you, girl. You make me squirm with happiness, ooze with insanity, and generally wet my self like an overexcited puppy. Viva KOEBURFL1Y

Shawnnica Demonica X Never forget that I think your sexy. Never forget That I think your cool! You're my girl, my wife, my heart, my soul, my everything. I la you. -Nubby-

She ate Here's looking at you, kid! Van sleepover = bad idea. You and me forever = good idea. At least I got that part right...

She who was 007ned Killer Bees are not taking me out. I could understand killer horses that's scary shit flying through the air and kicking you in the face.

SHERBEAST! I love your bones more then any bone lover in the whole universe! I am glad you are mine and hope for more great sex and cuddles in the future. NO U!

Shiney Thing In my search for a 'Best Friend' I look around and realize it is you! You will always be special in my heart and your giggle music to my ears!

Shining Meowi Star Your goddess star shines like no other. Many kisses, hugs, cuddles and loves. XX dc

Shmoopie!!! Can I just tell you how much I love those hot lunches we do while watching Curb, playing quarters and eating P. Murphs? Start thinkin about it...

Short and Sweet You're my darling, and I still can't believe how great you are. You can push me off the bed any night.

Short...But Sexy Jeppi, will you be my valentine...? You don't even have to buy me anything, except....well, a plane ticket to London! Ich Liebe Dich.

Shut Up Baby... I know it! This is sewious... Let's not get married, spend the rest of our lives together and go maul walking everyday. xoxoxoiloveyoutobitsxoxoxo. PI

Sickly Sweet I never thought I would feel this way about anybody. This is the happiest I've been in a long time and I never want it to stop.

Sierra You are an amazing girl! How lucky I am!! Happy Valentine's Day! I Love You! Paul

Sir Pantless May we always wiggle. Heh- Herr Wiggler

skittles Miss ya, Loves ya wit alls me heart...DDY

Slaughtered Lamb I did not know you, but I loved you. I'm sorry that Matt took your life for such worthless causes. May you rest in peace.

SLAVE ASS LOCK Meine liebe slave. entertain me with this banana.. not like that slave. O how i dream of tanzen at the ratskeller. Sigh.

SLAVEBOT wunderbars, russia, frankenstein, boombox autobahn, waterworld, lemons, paulinekroneheim... you're my bfforever XOXO i love you - makes me hungry!

SLY Will you be my Valentine? CGF

Smokey and Froggy "I take my hat for one thing, one thing only" "Oh...Take your hat off...I mean if you want to" "I want to". Do you want to be my valentine, Froggy?

Smokey Topaz Upon my heart, the crystal chant of your name, etched in veilings of golden light, it is the blind of a sun's flare to hold you in a sight, te queiro. V

SMOOTARD It's like having a pet monkey with breasts, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you! Guard against caterpillar theft!

Snarf Snarf.... You can bite my ear and slap my ass anytime. Love you. xoxoxo S

SNOOPY POO PIE BOO Dearest Boolicious Buns: You are the sweetest weenie anyone could ever have. Happy third valentines day. Love, Mom.

Snooze Loaf! You're so cute tucked up in a little catloaf. How I love to beat your butt as you lick, lick, lick, lick, me with your scratchy little kitty tongue!

Snorkel Bob Snorkel Bob's has beach chairs. Happy Valentines Day to my favorite, beloved nood. Being (en)gagged to you is fun.

snugglicious! thank you for being my everything. <3 dlove

So......what now? Cedric: thank you for being the sexy badass that you are, 3 crazy years aren't enough, i love you

SOCKS Elaine... Why, yes, I AM having a poetry reading tonight. Happy Valentine's Day!

Socks...knocked off Erin, thank you for coming...tee hee...get it. Happy Valentine's Day. Love Drew

Solidarity, Kitten. Almost on my feet. You've kept the faith, though, and that means you kick ass. Thanks for the couch and the companionship. Lets get drunk again.

SOMETHING SILVER I miss you Washington Square hotties! your jewelry is almost as hot as you are...

Soulmated my paul, you're a joy and a gift. i would've proposed if you hadn't. [tink tink tink] partners for life. forever. i love you. your archie

Spanking Billy? Detentions with you are the best part of my week. I watch you in class and think about you hard, and bent over my desk. Do I look hot? I do it for you. x

Sparkle Pony Keep the kegs flowing and the long nights going. Rock or be rocked your the most magnonomous uber lady ever! T-1-11

spence&larry4eva love. love will tear us apart, again. wanting to go on gaycations with you... always with you.

Spencer-licious let's make out in the back seat of your mom's car, i can't wait to kiss you until you holler. will you be my valentine, you sexy black man? love, em

spicy thi forget all the hipe lets get but naked and fu** tonight.

Splunker Lover Will you be my valentine? I appreciate all of the petting, cuddling and splunker love. You know how to treat a kitty right.

SPOOKYSHOES!!! Our 2nd V-day! Thanks for roughing things out with me lately. You have been wondeful! I love you Laura!

Spooney, my Spooney Dearest Derby Widow I love you lots. But you've caught me red handed. Let's take your Xmas present for a ride. Mimosas and eggs benedict? XOXOLSM

spudnut it is never too late when it's really love. it is never too far when it's really love. it's the lusty part i'm having trouble wrastling...

SpunkyBruster Your luv hangs over me like an ariel tram. When I look into your eyes, it's like I have a 20+ story bldg in my pants. U R a landmark in my heart. Jim

Squiggles Du Jour! My dearest darling SexGod von Deerhoof, I love you like no other. You are my favourite, especially when you pose like St. Sebastian. xoxo Wifey

Squishface Happy Valentines Day, Squishface! I love, lub, luff you. 2 f's! Yours, John. <@:)

State Fair Sweetie I never thought I'd meet someone to love just by volunteering to lend democracy a hand at the fair. Glad I ended up with you rather than a carny!

STEPHANI NORWOOD I am so incredibly lucky to have you in my life. Beautiful and honest and clear. Let's do a million amazing things together. I love you. Sam

Stephen You're the best love maker ever! You're penis feels good inside me Love Chris

Stevie You make my heart smile

Stinka stink stink Well, you look like goat, and you act like a goat, and you smell like a goat, and you might be a goat. Oh, you might be a goat. Love ya, sweets.. B

stinky poo you are my little squish muffin, and i love you. v-day: you and me, saw III, a bottle of wine, and some buttery shrimp? perfect. let's squish always.

Stitch My first valentine! I love you so much, hun. ^-^ *muah*

stop being stubborn. dear chimney: i know you will come to your senses. it's ok to miss me. love, baby burden

stumptnbaristaphilia It's better than sitting at the rack, watching you pull espresso shots. I wonder if you like it when I watch, too. I wait for your move, if any.

Stumptown Aphrodite I really don't know what I'm doing here when I see you take the same sweet steps you and me alone, a secret kiss impossible I am none of these things.

stumptown beauty Lizz* you're lovely. you light up my life. congradulations on opening the new cafe! xoxo -g

Sugar for Sunshine Thanks for all your love, strength and patience these past 6 months. You are amazing! I love you so much. So very much. Sweetly, Your Sugaroo

Sugar Spider You said don't do it, and I did! You'll have to punch me at our next comics club meeting. Love and kisses from your BFF, pho sho'.

Summer Hearts Summer dreams come so easy; and can't live throughout your years. Some they say dreams aren't easy; can you make it though the tears? ILYM

Susan You are hot

Susana de Seattle Hola Novia, I can't believe I waited 28 years to meet my true love... I think about you every hour we spend apart. TE AMO! Axel

Susie Q McD Oh Susie Q-I love to do you-The way you play that bass-Your love in my face-Oh Susie Q Keep up the excelent work in anatomy class.Professor BOLT

Svelte, Sexy Biotch! It's not every day that I tell you I love you... OK, maybe it is, But on Valentine's Day it's the law

Sweechy from Shmomfy I still love you and always will. So many memories-shows, school, McMenamins, your/my place. I'm thankful and sorry. Let's play video games together!

Sweeney + Peetey Dear Sweeney, Thank you for letting me love you, even when you want to kill me sometimes. I love you and you me. Let's kill all naysayers together!

Sweet Beekeeper You have spun me round and riveted me with your quirky charm, smoldering gaze and wicked, wicked tongue. Your minions can sting me any day, any way.

Sweet Davey I love your very soul. I love your sweet nature & gentle ways. I am so glad you are in my life. Your hard cock helps a lot too. Luv You-Roni

Sweet Digby Hey sweety, I think your great. The past couple of months with you have been great. Only the best in the near future. I hope you thik likewise.LoveNTS

Sweet Jen After so many years, I still revel in your glorious curves, our new baby wedged between us as we sleep. Loving you is my most worthy occupation. Mich

Sweet lesbian Lover You came into my heart after the loss of one of my best friends. I so needed and got your sweet love. Love me hard, love me strong, know I love ewe.

sweet sk8ell We have had an amazing life together and every day just gets better! I treasure every new day with you. LYB!

sweet snugglepup thank you for being the most wonderful gender-non-specific partner ever. i gave you the drunkest years of my life, you gave me the best. zai jian.

Sweet Spirit Lova, will you be my Valentine? I adore your gorgeous booty.

Sweet Sweet Annie I will always love you and your sweet boy. Save me a place in your heart. Mine will always be here for you.

Sweet Sweet Ms.Cowan You thought you would find me in the bushes eating a cucumber but I found you with my wine trap and I'm sooo happy. Be my Mrs. Pendek. I love You W.

Sweet-face!!!!!!! I'm a crazy anonymous stalker who you know very well. I just had to let you know I miss the insane life we used to have together. -Your booty-call

Sweetest Alicatt, You will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope you find someone warm and squishy to spend this mindless day with. Love always, Coreybear

Swing my way I know you're not into guys, but we're so compatable. Just give it a shot yeah? You'll never know until you try. I know you won't read this. I <3 U. M

Symbol bangin monkey Nothing like a sexy nerd, your gorgeous mind makes my stomach flip. Any more rainchecks I can cash?

T&X Cute.

T-Box Bring back the butthole! i love you like no other. wanna go for a ride on the meat boat of love?

T:Zoo F: Toogs Dirty limeracking, Sauvie Islanding, snowshoeing, goodfooting, NoPo dive bar going, mid-day pre-snowball fights, gifts of music. Who needs V-Day?

TALL AUBURN STUNNER SWEET, SVELTE SMOOCHIE GIRL- Hot August Days become warm winter nights. You never cool down. Keep me with you, Beautiful Lady! Love, Your Man

TANCO Two houses, three kids, numerous cars, and several morgages...I would do it all again to feel your skin against mine. With love and no regrets.

tapered sweats?uhuh! Nguyen,your friendship is a feast for the heart!Thanks for all of the laughter, kindness, and trips in the U-Haul.Maxed out quota? Never!Love,Rowny.

Tart, spending Valentines Day with you in Belize is going to be wonderful! Love fafa, caveman.

Te quiero, mi amor. Juan Carlitos, Happy Valentine's Day y gracias por todo el amor y carino que me das. Te quiero con toda mi alma. Miles de besos de tu Lisita

Team Bü! Monkey monkey underpants.

TEAM VAGINA ! Netters and Amanda my Favorite vaginas in the whole world. For v-day, Me. You. A midget. Naked. Beef Gravy. Damn it feels good to be a gansta. luv u!

TeAmo Mammacita I love you TittyBear. I'll Always want you around. You are the beans to my tortilla. Will you be my Valentine hot temalle?

TECHMAN You are my shooting star, every wish come true. Be here now, in my planet apart. In a silent world... we will understand. I love you, Be my valentine?

Teen2Teen = Love! Dear Teen2Teen, Thank you for educating about sex, learning about love, and promoting safety of self! You amaze me every day!

Tex! Come here, for cupcakes and forest park. And me.

Thank U Aesobi Seksu Matto-san, You are my brave love. You inspire & protect, listen & encourage like no other.Your passion is ectasy- a place where only we exist.I luv u!

That Special Maizie 1000 hugs and 1000 kisses to the most beautiful girl in Portland. There's no one in the universe as magical and wonderous as you.

the cutest wookie.. That first night is still so fresh in my memory. You sang Ring of fire, then we kissed for hours. That was the night you stole my heart. luv u always

The Far East Haus You all know you are sexy! Because you all are rockin it in the kitchen! muffins, scones, soups and other fancy stuff! Lots of love is going around!

the future is ours roses are red violets are blue,it really sucks to think of life without you.Shelley we have the rest of our lives,BE my valentine and I yours. alex

The Greatest Dear Matters, You're my roommate, my boy, and most importantly, a best friend. Hooray! For you and me. Love, Cate p.s. Matt is the BE. Seriously.

The hard fucking?! You've always been my cherries jubilee. Though we will never be a duo, I love you and will always be there when you need me. COCK ASS!!!

THE HOTTEST MAN!!!!! GEORGO MOU! I love you beyond words. Thank you for teaching me what love truly is. Your Eleni

The Little Prince You are my Valentine at last & I'm never letting you go..I'm so in love with you! Thank you for being a part of me! ox Your future wife

the lovely mr. brown what a lucky girl i am to have a boy like you. all my love xoxo -ms. d

The Madness Ian. I try and I try and still the madness gets in the way. When will you toss the madness aside and take me?

The Music That Sings I want to learn the music that sings in your heart. For if you ever forget, I can sing it to you and give you tears of joy.

The only ten I see We have seen monsters and walked on the moon, but mostly we have held on tight. I love you my Panda Prince.

the piggel happy valentines day the piggel, although every day already is. from that pig.

the [bitter] end? last year was great. you will always have a place in my heart, and liver. i guess it's time for you to grow up - it was fun while it lasted.

TheCrystal You're lovely - Walk On MeowMeow LONG LIVE ADRY

Thess I'm so glad we're back together, even if you are difficult. I want to take you to the fun dome and work on you all night. Erik

Three Way Makeout! Yeah...I am the luckiest guy in Portland...

tie and bind me Andrew my love and Master. My world began the day I met You. You make me happy and I can't wait til we can spend the rest of our lives together. Cassandra

Tiff & Diane To my two other mommies, you guys are awsome.Thanks for everything. I love you! XO

tigey SPECKRRRES!!!! xo tari

Timora Happy Valentine's day little buddy!! It's not a chance meeting, but close enough!

Tiny Kisses For my Eli. xo, Heat.

TJ, I LOVE YOU BABE! TJ, You have been the best valentine that any girl could ever ask for! I hope you will be my Valentine for ever and always! Love you babe!-Nikki

tjb!!!!!! i feel so complete having you in my life. how could this left tit ever survive with our her right tit woman? wanna get boston married?

TLA-Truly Love Aaron Aaron is hot & Aaron is cute. To my heart he knows the route. Be mine forever & I'll be yours too. This way we'll never have to be too blue. xoxo E.

To bad you're tied up And not by me. You tease like you're interested, flirt like you mean it, but always give me mixed signals. Make up your mind - friends or more? long blondie

to bob (on day #115) nothing could have prepared me for everything that you are, and the happiness that you've brought to my life. you are amazing...happy valentines day!

To Commissary You put the jam in my jammers! My life would not be as SWEET without you! All my love, Gina

To everyone I know! You are so wonderful to me in every way and I am so lucky to have you all in my life. I would send you all one individually, but they won't let me. LR

To Ezra My sweet boyfriend. You make me so happy! I'm so glad you stumbled into the Hungry Tiger on that June night. Love, J

to Hubert Cumberdale Oh, Hubert, you taste like soot and poo! *sob* Let's pajama-party together forever.

To Jereme Jon: Please Be MY Valentine Booger. I Love You!! xoxo Love Sarah

To Kath From Saffron Your smile leaves me breathless, Your touch is more than I can take, I can't wait to see what our future holds, And the path our love will take.

To Mr. E Je vous adore. Hope we can get coffee someday. You're so unbelievably gorgeous & smart I can hardly stand it. I really wish I was your type - xoxo.

to MVM i am your broccoli. i am your cakes. you are my love. you are my best mate. te quiero siempre - miss b

To my "Blue" As we spend our first Valentine's Day together, let me tell you how glad I am that we are together. I wouldn't, couldn't see myself with anyone else.

to my <3 SJ Heren I love you more than I can type. Even more than my computers and studio toys. No really. Be my valentine! All My Love - Your quad H - MZ

To my average Joe You have given me more than I could ask for; You are the ying to my yang; The Velveeta to my chili; You complete me! I love you, Forever Ashley

To My Ba Bushka I am so happy that we are getting married i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you i love you so much happy V day Tiffany

To my babyfriend I just want to cuddle with you forever. You make me so happy everyday. I am the luckiest man alive. Can I have more handjobs? Love, Johnny

To My Beloved ICM Happy VD! I love you more every single day, and the sex just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for being the love of my life, Your ManCandy.

To my boopie! I love the snuggy, I love the sammies, I love the curly hair, I love the camera, and I absolutely love you. Will you be mine?

To My Boys Cesar, Josh, Mylar and Ginger Snap... I love you all and will miss changing the world with ya. Fight the fight fight. Screw the establishment. -I

To my Buhr Happy V-day baby! I am so happy I get to spend it with you this year! Kisses and hugs Boo Boo

To My Coffee Geek Love you lots, despite - and because of - your obsession. Smooch smooch. Lets have coffee @ Coffeehouse NW together soon.

To my dank treat.... Rorie, what did I do to deserve you? You make me so happy. I love you more than anything and always will! I am going to marry you.

To My David All my heart belongs to you! Love, Sara xo

To my dear Sassafras Happy Valentine's day! Here's to several more wonderful years ahead. You are an amazing people and an amazing talent. When can we go pick out Apollo?

To My GeeHod: I love you more than you know!! 12 years was a long time to wait for you. IT WAS WORTH IT! I LUV U! 100/100 O YA MY MOUTHS OPEN! XOXOX UR Princess

TO MY HABIBI I'm so glad you found me. Frankenbush and One Eye Willy wouldn't have it any other way. 2 is the magic number. I Luv you! XOXO - Your Habibi, Coco

To My Honey Bunny Al, I love you more with each passing day. You have made me the happiest girl in the world. Thank you for always being there for me. Always, S.

To my Husbandicio You are my sweetcio, from your head to your feetcio, of course your dark meatcio, makes me so completecio. So please luvicio be my Valentinicio.

To My Labybug, This is your hardcore love thug my heart's the thing that cupid mugged so this valnetines day you get lot of hugs. love dragonfly

To My Libra Man: I love you!! Want to build walls together forever? From your Libra Ladaaaaaaaaaaaaay...

To my lil' princess Thank you for being a part of my life. I don't know what I would do without you. Love, Your Woodsman.

To My Love The life we share is what dreams are made of. You bring me joy everyday Kam. I love you more than the moon and the stars. Happy Valentine Day Baby.

To my love, KMG KMG (Kayla) No matter what happens, I will always chicken pot pie you. I love everything about you. You are the only one for me. Love FLEEH (Phillip)

To My LOVE: Thanks for an amazing partnership the last 6 years. I'm blessed to have you in my life. Love you with all my heart! Forever bunches: LOVE your MUNKY

To my love: E-dizzle I think we both agreed that 2006 generally sucked. Luckily, there was no one I'd rather have spent it with than you. Much love to you! - "Goose-Baby"

To My Lovely Otter Cuando dormimos te amo. Here's to cuddling, cooking, spanking, holding, traveling and waking up with you each morning... xoxxox E

TO MY MUSK OX LOVER Hello lover!The past year & a half is all a whirlwind of mini vacations, Rocky,White Castle,lace thrown up to the fan,& your love & support!LUV MINI

To my Nacho.. Thanks for all the sweet hot passion this year lover. You're so good to me and donk. Happy Birthday, I love you! - your snoid butt.

to my nicby, you are the best thing ever...seriously, ever. here's to two more years times a million. i love you like what. -john

To my Sammy <333 Here's to two years and countless hours of HOT doin' it! Oh, and a big SCREW YOU to everyone who thought we wouldn't last. I love you so much. ~Ester

To my sexy BEAST The sweet love that rocks us late at night, early in the morning, and all afternoon is forever etched into my heart. You make my life complete. ORlovesU

To My Sexy Dean After all these years you still make my heart race when you are near me. I love you with all my heart and soul! Happy Valentine's day my love! -Gina


TO MY SUSIE Q three skies and frosty faciels always and forever

To my Sweet Babboo.. Isn't he dreamy?... He carries around that blanket all day, but I think it's so cute! I love you, Sweet Babboo! From your Sally.

To my sweet Kuma, Here's to our first Valentine's Day! I love you baby!! Yours forever, Magic Pants

to my teenaged lover You are a smart and funny person and a terrific f*ckbuddy. I love it when you curl up in my arms and fall asleep.

to my true love thanks for being alive, you make my world turn, i love you so much

To my Voodoo Grrl You have no idea that I crush on you, with all those "I saw U's," yer kinda intimidating. Fuck this corporate day and let's play. I'll be the one in red

to my world traveler You mean the world to me, my one and only.Thanks for everything - you inspire me daily.I love you beyond words.You are gorgeous and amazing.xox

To My Yardbird I feel free as a bird, flying around in the long as- baby, as long as I've got you! Those who wish to sing always find a song.

To Nancy from Sid Happy valentines day my love. Hope you have a good one and there will always be a place in my heart for my Nancy And my lil Sid luv u so much Big Sid

TO POKEY FROM PINCHY I love you more each day we are wed. Sorry I am a jerk sometimes, hope I can make it up to you with kinky sexual me.

To Red Head from the Rev., you are a dream come true. XOXO yr Snrbr

to rocky thank you for being the most wonderful person imaginable. you take such good care of me and the babies. I owe you a lot of suprises. love you.

To Sarah N., I think I've taken quite a fancy to you, which is to say I've fallen a bit in love. I want to watch Full Metal Alchemist with you! Please write. Marc.

to shalese, from pmb dear shalese, i want you to know that i truly love you. this past year has been an amazing year. happy 1 year anniversary, you nutcase! love, payton

To Steph... I know that I have a mumbling problem, but I do not mumble when I say that I love you more than rock and roll and chocolate milk put together. love B.

To Stevie my love You are my definition of love. May we never stop fighting for what is right-someday we are going to the moon and back. I love you. -your dark meat, Jaz

To Sweet MPC It still feels like the first time we touched. You drive me crazy with your buttons. Let's make music together. Tonight I'm going to fill you up. EB

To Sweetpea, We've taken 26 trips around the Sun together, Let's take 26 more! Love ya! From E.T (TRIPOD)

to the british sqaz There is never a dull moment being around your cheerful personality and great sense of humor. May your cheeks turn red with hugs and kisses. -johnny

To the one I love I love you. Happy valentine's Day. Here's to another good year ahead of us. I wish upon you much love and blessings my sparrow.


To Tristin + Shannon Hey kid! Jus embarasing u by saying I luv u, in a passionate and romantic way! I luv u 2, crotch-hat + am glad u r coming home. <3 ari Hiroki=hot

To YOU This valentine is for everyone else. For everyone that did not get a valentine. We all deserve a little love and I love YOU. All of you.

To: J -Happy V-Day! You mean more to me than you will ever know. I wish you could be a part in everything I do. You put a smile in my heart when the times were tough. M

TO: MY SEXY RYAN M.! FROM: YOUR HOT MOMMA! You continue to make me feel the best every day! I love you with everything I have inside of me! That includes you! Heart-T

To: Susanna & Jerz Happy Valentines Day you Two Love Birds!! Love, Sarah

To:my sexyGoddess you have alway's been there for me in bad times and good i'm glad we got handfasted on my birthday i will never forget that day I LOVE YOU love ur God

Todd+Candi I love my Candi-pants;) You an Cin make my world so much brighter. I have finally awoken to the woman of my dreams... Be mine Kaiko

tomiss you are a fucking bitch.

Travis, D.A. "I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question." Thanks for putting up with my illogical moments! Heart, Lucy

Tripping to You It is safe to say that things have not been easy. But, i can also say that it has been well worth it. I love you Caitlin very much. Lancelot

Tulip! Thank you for your truth, Your flaxen locks, french toast and bacon; and always always always for the growth inpiring love that you pour into me.

Turkey Butt Q: Have you ever intentionally sniffed an animal's butt? A: Do guys in leopard print pants count?

Turtle loves octopus Mi pulpo bonito: Amo ir abajo en usted. Envulvame en sus tentacles y roca­eme con su hembra ejaculate. Ame, su tortuga del seor

Tweety To the little girl that makes my valentine's heart melt. You are the sweetheart for whom sweets are forbidden. Here's to our future despite our road.

Two roads diverged Mike I'm so delighted to be your best friend! I'm thankful every day you love me too. May we always look back knowing we have made all the difference.

Ty My love for you is endless. I am still in love with just the same as the first day we met. Happy Valentines Day Love gf

valdolan what kinda name is that

Vero beach girl You know, you must take a look at me / Baby, baby / I know that's the way / You know, you must try the new ice cream flavor / Do me a favor, look at me closer... I love you baby.

Veronica/Rachel Still can't get it straight. I, smoked with you outside the Dollar, kicked it with your alter ego on New Years, now I hope to see you on Valentine's.

VERT UR the best even when I'm cranky. Thnx 4 reminding me that I deserve more than what I let myself settle 4, cuddling a broken heart. I love you honestly.

Vic even though neither one of us knows what we are doing. I love it and you more than ever! love,imoan

Vin Brontosaurus! There is no other dinosaur in the entire galaxy with whom I'd rather live on the moon. Love, Your Baroness

Viva La Sancho!

vsd be my valentine always love, aef

wait ed, they don't love you like i love you.

waiting for you PDX POP Now!. Find me at Disjecta on August 3rd-5th. . . I will be there swooning over you and smiling.

walker texas ranger i like the way you love me strong and slow. through everything, you are the one and i am so happy to be with you! love, your wildfire

Walrus i don't need a paper heart or box of chocolates. you let me know how much you care every time you mount me. love, Ho 1

Wanted-Bay Area Babe Arial. New Times Roman. Courier New. Which ever font is expressing this message, nothing more will capture your attention than the words: I LIKE YOU!

We like to watch... Et coutons. Et jouons. Tu regardes la tala, je fais les dishes. Nous regardons Jeopardy quelquefois... Qui sommes-nous?! Tu sais. Je t'adore baby. xx

WE LOVE YOU KEVIN! Happy Valentine's Day! You're the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. Rocco, Reggie and I love you now and forever.

we'll have'em always axe wielding firemen; sauvie; raoul; chicken; the goonies; gorky; walmart; hot tub; birds of paradise; the beach; you; me; valentines day. ?

Weezy Tuckles!!! I'll be your whale if you'll be my bunny. No...I'll be your tasty bev if you'll be my shit-house. No...I'll be your gummi but I'm not a toy! Yes!!!

Weird Kinky Science Dan - Nobody told me that a Polish scientist would ROCK MY WORLD. YEAH BABY! Usted es mi amor verdadero. Your Moorish Maiden, Jax

weird weird I am intrigued by your shape and your mind. I know I could love you if I wasn't already in love with someone else. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Welcome to Hengefork Love, you are the only seahorse who is also 100% bous. You are sexy, brilliant, pretty, and adventurous. Thank you for horsing with me. I adore you.

Welcome Vega By now you've crossed to my side of the Via Lactea, with trumpets resounding and hurdy gurdies churning--your splendors are unending, SexFace. -Altair

Well Did You Evah? Did I ever tell you how happy I am that we met? You rock so hard. So, so hard.

What an Improvement You're better in bed than all my exes, and I actually love you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Whats Good Ma? Will be my "Dirty" Valentine?

where my diamonds at Happy valentine's day, Grandpa. You'd better hope I'm getting that chocolate-covered diamond pony this year. xoxo George

Whipped Cream? Or whip me? or both? You decide... I love you either way... or ANY way... I wait with breathless anticipation... you know where to find me...

Whiskey Giner carrie, the girl that's always there for me and gets me drunk off my ass you make me want to squeeze mustard all over your body lets eat bacon togther

Whitney Leigh- Happy Valentines Day, lady. As the Golden Girls say, thank you for bein' a friend. I'll be down to visit soon! Love, Nessie

why do i love thee? you-are thoughtful & responsible, have an intelligent sense of humor, are a good dad, seem to maybe like my orderdisorder. we complement each other.

Why I am a destiny. Pan - every individual you meet will pale in comparison to me. Roads may diverge, but inevitably, they lead to Rome - and me. Happy V, V-E, and V-J day.

wide open space Toad!! It's been a year since I fell in love with you. Now I know you really are full of diamonds. Let's go explore the world together. luv B

wife of the year! I'm still blown away that we stumbled into one another, at fucking Chopsticks!!! Happy Valentine's Day, baby, and Kisses All Over Your Butthole!!! :)

Wilderness Bear, I am on your Honey hunts and blackberry baked goods Snuggles while we watch our breath rise. Can I get in your Bee Hive?

WILLIAM HOLLEY So glad I ended up walking by the kickball field that day. You make me so happy and I love you.

With Love From Manda For this my Kelsey, Danny, Korey and Janette, I have the time to ask you yet, I'll take this super SBA time, to ask you all to be my valentines!

Without you I would still be at the Tortoise agonizing over misfortune. Instead, I found you Rabbit, and there's nowhere I would rather be then in this loving solace.

wolfdog you make me wanna rip your clothes off every time we hang out I love eating bacon with you after humping all morning You are my favorite work out J

Woo Hooley! You are my favorite snack.

WOW-I LOVE YOU! I couldn't imagine marrying anyone else! I love you sooo much! Just, come to bed more often and tell WOW to go away for a little bit! Love, Beeker! :)

Wreckin' Balls We have kicked ass, camped and made many a stirfry. Thanks for loving me in your way. Can't wait until we set foot in our tropical paradise.

Write it in the sky- in gossamer teardrops. Battered, chapped... pussy. Happy V-day, Lee. - spanks

Wynne's and Jen's Prediction- I'd meet the man of my dreams. Reality- you're pretty damn amazing. I've been so happy these last few months, Joel. Love, Vivien

xoxo I love you, Aaron!

Yarkies???!!!??? Roses are red violets are blue. With out you Leah, I would be a violet too! xoxoxoxxoxo and extra mouth yarkies!!!!! Love Ray-Ray

YARROW ULEHMAN! You're the hottest, sweetest girl I've ever seen. Let's get wrecked on Veuve Cliqout, oil up and make love on my Persian rug for 125 hours. Yummy!

Yes please :o) Mr. Cat's Meow, Mr. Bee's Knees, my oh-so-sexy Mr. Main Squeeze, my soda-pops & my heart flip-flops, so please Mr. S Valentine, won't you be mine? ~S

Yo polka, you party Hey Lily, I am really joyed and glad and happy and humbled and friggin totally psyched that you are in my life and stuff! --Much love, your Miguelito.

Yo, Bergmeister what i always wanted to say is: you make me want to hang things on walls. And: saddle up, because tonight the duct tape cowboy rides. happy valentines

Yo... Hey, D-Lover, Happy V-Day. Wuv Woo Spoogles Doogle Shmoony Shmoo Shmoo. NinjaSex4Ever. Word Is Bond.

YOJIMBO I love you so much! You are my rock and I thank my lucky stars that we found each other. XXOO. MWAH!

You & me Eric, I never even dared to dream that there was someone like you out there for me. I love you. Lisa

You + Me + Dylan Any time you want; he misses you oh so much. Love you, cuntface. P.S. You're not a piece of shit. srsly.

You are lovely Bobby Bobby from Abu Dhabi How does your garden grow? With kitties and prunes and gold doubloons And daffodils all in a row

You asked for it.... You Got it.......Sweet sacred Sage, your eyes burn me whole and alive. This life is ours, and I am so delighted to share it with you. I love you.

You Crazy. Us Glad. You know that we know that you're out of your mind. But I hope you also know that's why we like you. If you weren't crazy, you'd be like us. Boring.

YOU DESERVE BETTER Everyone knows it and soon you will too. Chin up little trooper, some people in this world are waiting to be nice to you and appreciate your efforts.

You dropped that cup you looked right at me and it went boom. I would have dropped something, too, if I had anything to break. Other than a heart, of course.

You got nine more... of those fingers? You know, it might feel kinda good. I'm not a stocker but you have a way with the G string. Love you lots. XOXO.

You had me at "So just sit back, and listen..." Playing with you makes me happy. So Darling, from now on, I promise to reduce the tp use. Ooooooooooooooooooooxxx.

You little turd Hey Max! It's been two years now. Isn't that crazy? I remember back when you read the my Valentine in this same stupid paper. Now- where is my pony?

you make me tomp. oh booboos. you make my rompatomp go "tomp tomp". i'm so glad i crawled into your bed three years ago & started making babies. love your pumpkinhead.

YOU MY SEXY BITCH! Damn, Woman! You So Fine, And You Mine! I Gonna Be With You Until The End Of Time. You Gonna Feel The Tingle Of My Love Rocket!

you rock my world foxy,remember when you were drunk and climbed up that really tall tree and then broke in my house and i was sleeping soundly on the couch?iluvusomuch

You sexy Bastard You have a amazing smile. Why don't you smack my ass more? I deserve it, dressing like I do. Dinner? Let me feed you. Your are my favorite person.

You Sexy MF "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I would do everything to Lisa, I don't care what she looks like. I would wreck that chick."

You win. As long as it's with you, talk of the weather will do.

You're a dream... my dream. May this dream never end. We met here. Now I see you every day and there is nothing better. You are my best friend. I love you honey.

You're broke but I love you ANDY B. Come ski with me in our quiet quiet land - we'll run on the lake and dance in the snow and kiss where only the trees can see

You're Down With OPP You're 33 years my senior. Yes, we're fucking other people. Happy VDay anyway. Your new car is better than your old one, but I'm still not impressed.

You're on my JIGU! Mr. Bubba, you make my heart spiral & sashay out of control. You are full-assed coffee to my soul. Like Firecrackers & balloons, that's how we roll.

You're super! Eric: Valentine's isn't so bad even if you are single. Cheer up! You have a lot to be proud of. Very Proud of You Katie

Young Pasqualle Boys didn't think you'd be so...ohhh my...that's just...ohhh...well...I never thought...ohhh,, look here...oooh, that tickles!!...

Your hot... uh... touch I am so glad that we aren't like most married couples! When you cum on my face, you make me swoon like the luckiest wife alive. I love you!

your Toes are cute! even though your toes are U know! I still think your very HOT! I LOVE YOU! and i know your the one!!!!

Z.K. you don't always smell like roses, but I love you alot anyway! life is short, lets spend some QUALITY time..

Zach I know what you must think of me, but I just don't want to hurt you anymore. I will always love you. Always. I think of you everday. Hotnspicy soup?

Zach, you lanky fuck Hey, why don't you put down WoW, stop playing with Cassie's tits, and let's smoke some fuckin CHRONIC. also, i gave you herpes in your sleep. my bad.

Zach... This Seattle Girl misses the hell out of you. Can't wait til you're better so we can hang out and do all the crazy stuff we used to. Love you so much! <3 Jamie

Zap I took your heart and all you got was a fake dear head. Don't forget! 9:30!

Zazbot is so hott I love you Zaz! Smart, independent, and drop-dead gorgeous. You are my dream girl. <3 <3 XxoOoxX E> E> -Ben-inator

Zing -Burn -Ooooh No matter how many cheap shots I take at you, you are the man in my life! You make me happier than anything and I love you.

Zoe 'n' Abby's Mom For all the things that have torn us apart, we always find the love that binds us together. There is more to our love than our family. Be mine.

Zoe's PAPI Remember, I love you deeply, and I'm glad we still have each other through everything. You have changed my life! ))<-->(( FOREVER! <3/Chicken's MAMI

~Anthony~ May our crazy adventures together never cease! I love you more than anyone else (even Mary Jane). Be my Valentine?

~Melissa~i~love~u My beautiful wife i want to ~TASTE~ just how sweet you are.I know youll melt in my mouth.Love your wife for life ~Malissa~ I miss you just hold on n