Evening Shows: $6 or $5 w/ a can of food

7 pm Opening Party At The Gypsy (Across the street from Cinema 21), 21 & over Outlaw Poverty, Not Pros by Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot Vice by John Woodward & Tammy Stones

• 8:45 pm Do You Want Me To Stay? by Gina Gold & Pam Doré Daddy, Make Me A Star by Sharon Mitchell & Lisa Rollins

• 10:30 pm Suck It & See (Excerpt) by Jacob Pander Skin Trade by Gorilla Theater/Outside In The Grudge by Ernest Truely & Dave Queen Not Even Ashamed by Queen Ruth E. Grandma Bingo Orgasm! by Tonya Hurt

• 12 midnight WADD: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes by Cass Paley Whore on Whore by Victoria Schneider

THURSDAY, OCT 5 Matinee Shows: $4 or $3 w/ a can of food

• 12 noon The Man From Venus by James Diamond Skin Trade by Gorilla Theater/ Outside In Do You Want Me To Stay? by Gina Gold and Pam Doré Big Girls by Sara McCool Porn 101 by Nina Hartley & Sharon Mitchell

• 2 pm G-SPrOuT! by Mirha-Soleil Ross & Mark Karbusicky mirror box stories by Lilith Blind Eye to Justice by Scarlot Harlot File This...Sex Workers' Cabaret in Canada by Gloria Hole & Amber Dawn

• 2-4 pm Sex Worker Symposium at Muu Muu's (next to Cinema 21), all ages, hors d'oeuvres, $20 door Chat with the Filmmakers! Special guests: Sharon Mitchell, Scarlot Harlot, Gina Gold, Ernest Truely, Dave Queen, Teresa Dulce, Gina Velour, Queen Ruth E., Tammy Stones, John Woodward, Victoria Schneider, Tonya Hurt

Evening Shows: $6 or $5 w/ a can of food

• 7 pm Mother's Mink by Scarlot Harlot Live! Nude! Girls! Unite! by Julia Query

• 8:45 pm Zen Pussy by James Kramer & Annie Sprinkle Herstory of Porn by Annie Sprinkle & Scarlot Harlot

• 9 pm Closing Party/Live Show sponsored by Portland Mercury at Dante's (SW 3rd and Burnside), 21 & over, $10 door Live Performances by Miss B. Haven, Viva Las Vegas, Teresa Dulce, Gina Velour, Morgan Le Fey, Nishira, Scarlot Harlot, Sharon Mitchell, live music by Racine Stripe, and music by DJ Gregarious

• 10:30 pm Ecstatic Moments (excerpt) Close Encounters of a Sophie Kind by Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp Sex and the Physical Therapist by Maggie Knowles & John Friendly Rimfest by Brandon Iron Masturbation Memoirs (excerpt) by House O' Chicks

$50 VIP passes for all events available at Reading Frenzy (921 SW Oak, 274-1449)