Complete Discocrappy
(625/Youth Attack/Disgruntled)

Charles Bronson (the band) played fast and snotty hardcore between 1994 and 1997. Complete Discocrappy is a two-CD release of 124 songs, plus a short film of live performances and outtakes from various Charles Bronson (the actor) movies.

Hailing from DeKalb, Illinois, Bronson (the band) had an appeal few can pull off--equal parts not giving a fuck, hyper-prolificness, and deep sarcasm. On top of their game, Bronson broke up in Chicago on August 1, 1997.

Part of Bronson's game was staying one step ahead in a scene that frequently got lazy and stagnant. "If people weren't responsive to what we were doing, then they were old news. We just wanted to undercut all that exposure crap and break up before anything caught on and got stale," says Mark McCoy, Bronson frontman.

"There's something very romantic about leaving behind this whole little world we created, one that people wouldn't catch onto until years after the fact."

And here we are, years after the fact, with a Bronson discography. While there's a tinge of nostalgia hearing all these songs again, they sound as vital as they did when first released. Discocrappy is chronological, and follows the band from one basement recording session to another, with hilarious movie samples and outtakes peppered throughout. By mid-career you hear Bronson's musicianship and songwriting mature, bringing their technical ability up to par with the sophistication of their humor and energy. Discocrappy keeps you laughing while you jump around the living room and stagedive onto the couch.

But don't expect polished production values and full-color anything--Bronson played raw and aggressive hardcore from beginning to end, held together by the band's obvious sincerity. "We really believed in what we did; we weren't fucking fakes," states McCoy. "I can listen to it now and feel totally proud that those are my roots."

Those who already love the band will cherish having every song in one place. For those new to Charles Bronson, Discocrappy is a standout document of late '90s hardcore.