I was delighted to learn that all-ages venue Satyricon managed to acquire a highly sought-after liquor license this week. In other cities with reasonable alcohol laws, this might not be newsworthy, but in Portland, a smaller all-ages venue with the ability to serve booze is a beacon of hope. Hopefully this will make Satyricon economically viable for a long time to come, while giving music-lovers young and old a place to fraternize, see shows, and start bands together. Book your act here, folks! It's Portland's best hope for an all-ages hub right now.

Congratulations to after-the-glow rock stalwarts Pseudosix on finding a home with Seattle label Sonic Boom for their excellent, as-yet-unreleased album. This could be good news for you, too, dear reader. Pseudosix is looking for a few good musicians to join the band on upcoming domestic and European tours. Email pseudosix@yahoo.com if interested. And when you and the band are on the Champs-Élysées feeling homesick, you can get a taste of home, thanks to label Tangled Up! which will be releasing Portland-spawned Talkdemonic's fantastic Beat Romantic in Europe this summer.

Speaking of Europe, did you know that the cello was invented in the city of Bologna circa 1660? Did you also know that an ensemble of approximately 10 cellos, called the Portland Cello Project, will be playing what sounds like an awesome show Sunday, March 11 at 8 pm at Berbati's? The repertoire includes classical and pop favorites, as well as originals.

You can head over to that concert having musically and gustatorily sated yourself that afternoon at a house-show-cum-potluck at 2136 NE 19th beginning at 11:30 am and featuring the house's new residents: Dragging an Ox through Water, Ghost to Falco, Argumentix, and Bird Costumes. This motley crew of tuneful experimentalists incidentally comprises the cast of what would be the coolest reality show ever.

But that's not all! You should split yourself in three Friday night to check out electro-acoustic post-rockers Small Sails' record release show at Holocene, a diverse evening of playfulness and beauty at The Artistery featuring Honey Owens' haunting Valet project and endearing three-piece the World Court (who have a 7-inch coming out soon on Tomlab), and, finally, a set from strangeoid collective Drats!!! at Langano Lounge performing selections from their rock opera Welcome to New Granada, based on the 1979 film Over the Edge.

If all that's got you jazzed up about local music, pop over to the PDX Pop Now! volunteer meeting Tuesday night at Tiny's in Southeast at 7pm. (Disclosure: I am one of the organizers.)

Lastly, it seems Modest Mouse ain't the only band in town that can sell out two shows at the Crystal Ballroom. Congratulations, MarchFourth! Meanwhile, local chanteuse Beth Ditto of the Gossip took the stage at the NME Awards last Thursday to duet Heaven 17's "Temptation" with none other than Pulp vocalist Jarvis Cocker!