This place is kind of a hole in the wall, has no public restroom, and is terribly cold except in summer when it's unbearably hot. The food, however, is a dream.

The vegetarian chimichanga, one of many such vegetarian choices, is a $4.25 savior of souls. It comes in one of those checkered paper boats, dressed atop a bed of lettuce with generous portions of sour cream and guacamole. It's enough for two, but a gluttonous indulgence for one. Don't forget to sprinkle your chimichanga with King Burrito's enticing cilantro/onion mix; it sets off this behemoth of yum.

King Burrito is also the home of the original NoPo forearm-sized Burrito, and they build it accordingly, delicious and ample. There are over a dozen different ways to construct the aforementioned monster, including coma-inducers like The King Burrito itself, featuring steak picado and chile rellenos; TOGETHER. Other highlights run the gamut from traditional favorites like cabeza (beef head) and menudo to American decadence such as the double bacon cheeseburger and chili cheese fries.

Even if you don't call in, orders are usually ready in a couple minutes. It helps that King Burrito's been doing it since the '70s. Subsequently, their effortless execution of mistake-free orders reflects this experience. This is a valuable utility for North Portland residents who, like myself, require copious amounts of delicious Mexican food, but may not have the time or wherewithal to spend and hour in a restaurant. Even for NoPo outsiders, King Burrito is located conveniently enough near I-5 to be spot-on strategically as well as culinarily. In essence, King Burrito lives up to its name. LANCE CHESS