In the Trail Blazers' locker room, rookie Brandon Roy just told Martell Webster that $98,000 for a Ferrari Spider was a "steal."

"Yeah, I think I'll get it," says the 20-year-old Webster.

Such is life in the NBA—guys are getting paid. So when you stop and think about it, it makes sense that the players listen to music about money. In fact, most pro ball players are bringing home a whole lot more bread than your average emcee. When you think about it, maybe pro athletes are the only ones who have any business singing along with songs about champagne, stacks, and rims.

I checked in to find out a bit more about the Blazers musical tastes:

Zach Randolph

In the iPod: I'm bumpin' that Young Buck, that Young Jeezy, I'm bumpin' that Yo Gotti. I'm bumpin' a lot of stuff: Lil' Boosie, the Game, Ghostface, all that.

To Chill: Akon. R&B.

To Get Pumped: "Get Buck" by Young Buck. I control [the stereo in the training room]. Big Boss controllin' it.

Worst Taste on the Team: Ime Udoka. He's got the old-man taste. Everybody like rap. [Spanish point guard Sergio Rodríguez passes by] Sergio likes what I like.

Coach Nate McMillan

In the iPod: Before games sometimes I listen to some jazz. A lot of R&B. I'm a big R&B fan. I'm a Patti LaBelle guy.

Pre-Game Preference: I like to get calm before the game.

Last Concert: I went to Smokey Robinson and I met Smokey—that was in Seattle. I had a chance to talk to him and he was great, absolutely great.

Jamaal Magloire

In the iPod: I like a lot of calypso. [Someone in the background shouts "booo!"]

On Zach's DJ'ing: It doesn't bother me at all.

Last Concert: George Clinton at the Crystal Ballroom. It was good.

Ime Udoka

In the iPod: I've been listening to Stevie Wonder's greatest hits. I don't listen to a lot of today's rap. I hear a lot of it just being around my teammates—it's horrible. For me nowadays, I got a wide collection of music, like Jamiroquai and Jimi Hendrix. I like what they call "grown folks music."

Pre-Game Preference: Most guys listen to whatever to get ready for the game. I'm totally the opposite. I don't really need to get any more pumped up. I'm ready to play.

Last Concert: Prince in Portland.

Martell Webster

In the iPod: Lil' Wayne, Rich Boy, some Jay-Z, Young Jeezy.

To Chill: I'll probably listen to some Robin Thicke to mellow down. That's a good CD.

Last Concert: I haven't been to any concerts this year. I'm not 21 yet. I'm about to be.

Brandon Roy

In the iPod: I listen to hiphop, or whatever they call it, rap. I listen to the Game, a new artist that just came out, Rich Boy, and of course Lil' Wayne. I love when Zach's DJ'ing, he keeps it real rap for me. But then, I do like R. Kelly and Usher.

To Chill: That's when you got to go to R. Kelly to mellow you out a little bit; some Snoop will slow it down too.

On R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet: [Laughing] I ain't tryin' to mellow down to that. That's a soap opera.

Last Concert: It was last year, the E-40 show in Seattle.

Raef LaFrentz

In the iPod: I'll listen to anything, I always have. I listen to country, Keith Urban, and some '80s rock.

On the Team's Taste: In this locker room you're going to hear a lot of rap. A lot of time in the locker rooms teams will play music before games. Here they don't. But most home lockers I've been in do.

Pre-Game Preference: I don't listen to music to get pumped up anymore. I used to when I was young.

Jarrett Jack

In the iPod: Lil' Wayne is always in heavy rotation. Jay-Z. Gotta have Young Jeezy. Lloyd Banks' new CD is pretty good. Pretty much standard. I don't have too many new dudes in there.

To Chill Out: Robin Thicke is the juice.

On Music in the Locker Room: We're not allowed to. If we could, we probably would.

Last Concert: Kanye West out here. It was pretty good.