Posted Wednesday, April 5, 1:20 pm

Update: On April 5, the city released further documents from the claimant's attorney. The documents, published below, include "additional facts," and more graphic emails allegedly written by Chief Foxworth. Click here.

In a nine-page document made public by the city attorney this morning, Portland Police Bureau employee Angela Oswalt has accused Police Chief Derrick Foxworth of sexual misconduct.

The complaint alleges that, starting in 2000, Foxworth—who was her commanding officer at the time—began soliciting Oswalt for sex, using department phone lines and, most interestingly, email. The complaint includes several highly explicit excerpts from his alleged email correspondence in which he describes sexual acts (oral) and boasts about the size of his penis.

Oswalt claims that she never submitted to his more bizarre requests, but did on occasion have sex with him. Foxworth, who was married at the time although undergoing a divorce and living with a girlfriend, demanded that Oswalt keep the relationship a secret.

One of the most interesting claims made in the potential lawsuit is that Foxworth told Oswalt that he was called in to then-Chief Mark Kroeker's office and was told that then-Mayor Vera Katz and Willamette Week both knew about the relationship. Foxworth then said that he had a connection at the paper that would protect him. If Willamette Week knew about the affair, they never shared that with their readers.

The complaint also alleges that Foxworth told Oswalt about confidential and sensitive police matters, including a sexual harassment claim against members of the bureau's Special Emergency Response Team, as well as conversations with then-Mayor Katz about then-Chief Kroeker being fired and replaced by Foxworth.

Oswalt says she broke off whatever relationship she had with Foxworth when he got remarried, but she claims that "threats from Foxworth and others regarding her position have continued to this day," including recent instances in which Foxworth "berated claimant in front of other people on what would normally be benign business matters."

The result, Oswalt says, has been severe emotional distress that has forced her into treatment. She is seeking damages for violations of her rights, intentional emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, outrageous conduct, and deprivation of her right to work in her chosen occupation.

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Documents released April 7.
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