Over a year ago Stephanie Casey pulled up stakes and made the move from Los Angeles to Portland. In doing so she bid farewell to a career in cinema as a film editor (Freaky Friday and The Wedding Planner, among others) for a chance to relocate here and create music fulltime. True to her plan, Casey donned the moniker of Fall of Snow and just self-released Right, a debut full-length in which her fragile voice rattles about a bare-bones instrumental structure, and her songs shimmer within their intimate and barren setup. Casey took a moment to discuss her massive upcoming tour and the thrill of working on The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

Six weeks is a long time to be on the road. Is this the biggest tour you've been on? 

It is the longest tour for me, so far. I've only done about two-and-a-half weeks in one stretch before. The length of the tour doesn't seem that daunting to me at all. There are more opportunities for a lot of great shows, new people to meet, and new bands to hear (the best part!). I really enjoy the thrill, adventure, and inspiration of experiencing a new place every day.

Is it just you, or are there backing musicians along for the ride?

It is just me. My friend Aimee is coming along for company, to help drive, sell merch, etc. When I set out to record this album, I wanted it to be very close to my live sound. So when you see my live show, it isn't missing a bunch of parts from what you hear on the recording. With the exception of harmonies and a couple sounds here and there, everything you hear on the record you will hear live.

As someone who is relatively new to performing music, do you find that it's something you're constantly learning along the way?

Oh yes! This has been a constant journey of learning and trying new things. I think any active musician would say that, even if they are trained and have been touring for 20 years. You can give 10 different musicians the exact same equipment to play and you will get back 10 different sounds. I spent hours and hours and hours researching the bands I'm playing with on this tour, and I can't wait to meet them and hear them all play. There is so much fantastic music out there. It's exciting!

While creating music must be a great feeling, how does it compare to editing the cinematic classic, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement?

Well Princess Diaries 2 was a unique experience, from an editing perspective. In general, with all the other movies I worked on, there can be a 200-plus person crew, which is a lot of different input, and we're talking about an industry whose primary goal is to make box office numbers on opening weekend. Oftentimes, even if a writer or director set out to make a movie that has an emotional impact or has something to say, it generally is lost or incredibly watered down by the time it makes it to the public. I think it is totally possible to make good movies that also make good money. But that isn't how Hollywood operates. So I bailed.

Fall of Snow perform Friday, October 19 at Satyricon.