Your enjoyment of Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins can be predetermined by one question: Do you think an obstacle course showdown between Martin Lawrence and Cedric the Entertainer sounds hilarious? If not, move along to the next review. And even if you said yes in theory, but have been burned by too many pieces of shit like Code Name: The Cleaner, you still might want to think about checking out Roscoe Jenkins. Or at least renting it.

Martin plays Roscoe Jenkins, a TV talk show host recently engaged to gold digger Bianca (Joy Bryant), whose claim to fame was winning Survivor by trading her panties for a jar of peanut butter. Roscoe is summoned to his hometown in the Deep South for his parents' 50th anniversary, and surprise(!), his eccentric, countrified family is repulsed by both his arrogance and his bitchy fiancée. And surprise(!), Roscoe's teen love is there, too, and Bianca hates her.

Martin actually plays the straight man for most of the movie, while Cedric the Entertainer, Mo'Nique, Mike Epps, and Michael Clarke Duncan do a damn fine job at providing the broad laughs. Sure, Roscoe Jenkins has its share of idiotic gags—the ol' family hound bones the hell out of Bianca's pursedog, Martin gets sprayed in the face by a skunk, etc.—but it's nothing more than you'd see in a typical Ben Stiller movie. The supporting cast keeps the laughs coming pretty hard, and Roscoe Jenkins is funnier and less insulting than a lot of recent comedies. Of course, the other critics sitting next to me were goofing on it the whole time (saying "oh snap" derisively at every insult got old after the opening sequence, guys), but it's hard not to think that if it had been Seth Rogen and Owen Wilson doing that obstacle course to the strains of the Pointer Sisters, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins would've had them rolling in the aisles.