Donna Martin—then a resident of the 90210 area of Beverly Hills—spent her teen years playing Tori Spelling, a supposed daughter of famous Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling. Ever since Martin moved away from 90210 in 2000, Martin has made a career out of being Tori Spelling—even going so far as to write a tell-all "autobiography" about her alter ego, entitled Stori Telling (clever!). Now, at the age of 34, Martin is once again playing Tori Spelling—and this time, we are to believe that Spelling is an "actress" who is now in a "movie," and one that will debut in "theaters," and not on "the Lifetime Channel." The film, Kiss the Bride, explores the age-old story of one woman in love with a man who is in love with another man but who ultimately commits to a woman (just like it says to in the Bible).

Over the course of a short group interview with the actress, I was able to gain some small insight into the mind of Donna Martin. Although it was at times frustrating to interview an actor so deeply committed to her craft that she refused to break character for even one moment—she was totally unresponsive to anyone who would not address her as "Tori Spelling, a woman who is too busy and important to do individual interviews" (PARAPHRASED)—I can only imagine this is how it might have felt to interview Brando in his heyday. When finally allowed to ask a question, I inquired about the unconventional sexual elasticity of Kiss the Bride's characters, and Martin answered, "I hope it dispels the myth of marriage."

Well, you would know a little something about "myths" now, wouldn't you, Donna Martin?