"Dearest ________: Your ________ are like butter, your ________ are like silk, your _____ fits in my ______, so let's churn up some milk. Love always, ____________"

To my Sex Kitten, wishing you a superb V-Day, and many more to come!! I love you Luv Muffin! LOVE always and forever, Your Nookie-wookums!

To my SChnookie-wooky-ookums, be my Valentine, from your sex kitten!

Skote, Two roads diverge between my thighs, Mucus drips, ejaculate rips, and you--You take the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Love, Angel

Mi Bella Carina, Te amo mas que puedes conocer. Eres mi corazon y mi vida. Siempre tuyo, Zorro

to BABY TENDER LOVE: Your gracious heart has blessed me and I sing novenas to your holy name. Your sweet and generous heart fills me with gladness each day. Amen.

my car is a heap of a jeep, my place is a place i don't sleep, my second favorite food is cheap mex, but my first is giving you oral sex. happy v day

BLOOPY Love you. Need your hugs. Find the blue garland and your sword and I'll be your love slave tonight. Budda (Beeb wants to watch).

Mummy, I love your BIG soft breasts. Let me stand on them as my mouth hangs open with sick love for you. I will be your Valentine forever. Love, MAX

Sweetness: you're the only one I've ever met, who has such a pure and beautiful soul that you make me want to be better, so I can be even one tenth of what you are. H