THE SELF-DESCRIBED and invariably accurate "legendary indie nerd bible" chickfactor celebrated 20 years by printing up a hard copy of their music fanzine. It's been 10 years since readers had one of these babies in their hot little hands. And as is the case with most of time's little cruelties, a lot has changed in that decade. As co-founding editor Gail O'Hara says in the intro, "When we started chickfactor, it was all about record stores, vinyl, paper, typewriters, Polaroids, letters and packages in the post, fanzines, and yes, real film... I miss that stuff." The chockablock chickfactor has these old-timey artifacts and more. It's crammed with long interviews with Joe Pernice, Bill Callahan, Frankie Rose, lovely Bay Area music-makers Grass Widow, and Portland drummer Rachel Blumberg before she fell in love and moved east. Plus gobs of the fanzine's trademark goofy band polls, album reviews, and a Jukebox Jury with the Corin Tucker Band. It's 60-plus pages of how it used to be, immaculately compiled and ready for nostalgia-parched eyes. Dig in.