ARROWS AWARDS Soulless commercialism at its finest.

THE ARROWS AWARDS recognize excellence in British television advertising, and you'll soon have a chance to catch the best of the best on the big screen. Yes: This is a collection of commercials. And yes: It is totally worth watching. While I have dumb moral qualms about YouTubing American ads (because that is precisely what The Man wants us to do, and I don't want to be a part of his System), I had no problem enjoying these. For one, they advertise products with adorable names, like "gu" and "weetabix" and "rugby," and for two, they are fantastically done.

If you want the complete viewing experience, do it like I did: on your period, with a lot of wine! You will feel every feeling there is to feel. You know that Sarah McLachlan commercial with the starving animals? That's nothing compared to some of the shit I just went through. It could be that my lady brain is all jacked up right now, but spots for a retail chain, Google Chrome, and KF-fucking-C made it legit rain on my face. Imagine putting your most poignant Instagram into motion, and then add sick children, with accents. Yeah. Good luck keeping those eyes dry.

And then there are funny ones! They were so funny. And smart! Like if the movie Walk Hard was cut into 90 seconds, but about Doritos. Why can't we have such great advertising? I wish we Americans were not, as a people, so dumb. I'd mute a lot less television if we had boy bands, well-tailored suits, and Gordon Ramsay in our commercial breaks.

You can wait for folks on Reddit to find all of these ads and have them trickle down to your favorite blog, or get off your ass and see them all on the big screen. Just don't forget to bring plenty of tissues. And tampons.