THE DOUBLECLICKS Thurs 7/31 Brody Theater

In School w/Defect Defect, the Stops, Maladjusted; Laughing Horse Books, 12 NE 10th
In School is an interminably frustrated, '80s-style hardcore band from New York that released a stellar, six-song 7-inch earlier in the spring entitled Praxis of Hate.


The Doubleclicks w/Sarah Donner, Bri Pruett; Brody Theater, 16 NW Broadway
Sweet and sour dork-folk duo the Doubleclicks went from being a secret handshake band to a national semi-sensation when their third LP, Lasers and Feelings, entered the top 10 on Billboard's Comedy chart. To peg the Portland pair of sisters as a mere "comedy" act, however, would be doing them a massive disservice. "Cats and Netflix," the opening cut off the group's new record Dimetrodon, is a poignant tribute to two of the average Portlander's favorite autumnal pastimes, and "Ennui (On We Go)" (get it?) is an "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"-esque micro-anthem for the perpetually bored. (Note: this show is 16+.)


Echo and the Bunnymen; Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside
The second biggest band out of Liverpool, Echo and the Bunnymen return to the States on the heels of their new record Meteorites.


RX Bandits w/the Dear Hunter, From Indian Lakes; Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE 39th
Drive-Thru Records legends RX Bandits are noteworthy for synthesizing a variety of fairly disparate genres (ska, post-hardcore, progressive rock), leading to records that are usually all over the map. 2001's Progress is a good starting—and stopping—place (and dear lord, how that album cover has aged).