DONOVAN WOLFINGTON Wed 8/19 Anarres Infoshop
Benjamin Davis

Donovan Wolfington w/Sioux Falls, Post Moves, Blind Lovejoy; Anarres Infoshop, 7101 N Lombard

Donovan Wolfington have perhaps the most quintessentially perfect name for a mid-20th century British Prime Minister who never actually existed. The New Orleans-based "twinkle daddies" produced a terrific record in 2013's Stop Breathing, a collection of emotionally charged, pop-tinged punk songs that, not unlike Title Fight's Floral Green (which in hindsight, is becoming more and more of a barometer for melodic punk's rapidly mutating aesthetic), is the sound of reformed emo kids shifting away from Epitaph Records inanity and toward the inescapable glamour and clamor of classic/indie rock. The group's follow up, 2014's Topshelf-issued Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark, doesn't do a whole lot to expand on their sound, but it doesn't need to. As a companion release, it buttresses the relatively terse preceding LP magnificently, and at least one track, the propulsive "Quitting," stands alongside the group's best.

The Portland throng of impassioned punk acts is well represented in tonight's local support, which includes Sioux Falls—whose portion of a new four-way split with birds of a feather Robot Boy, Snow Roller, and Dana Meyer is the release's highlight by a fraction—and the geometric, post-punk nerviness of Blind Lovejoy. 


Centaurpalooza w/the Lovesores, Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers, the Cool Whips, Down Gown, & more; Centaur Guitar, 2833 NE Sandy

It's been a bumpy eight months for venerable instrument dealer Centaur Guitar. Last winter saw a number of hefty burglaries befall the local business, resulting in the loss of several of its most valuable instruments. Despite these awful hurdles, Centaur is still around and still a huge asset to the local music community, in more ways than one. The shop's annual, free Centaur-palooza festival is now in its ninth year and is something of an underground institution, featuring well over 30 bands and occurring over three days in the store's parking lot and in the adjacent bar, Katie O' Brien's. (Note: The evening shows at Katie O'Brien's are not all-ages.)