COCK BLOCK, the wildly successful all-female electronic dance music (EDM) night, finds its new home this week at Holocene after being held for nearly two years at the now-closed Groove Suite. The event's founder, Tracy York (DJ Miss Vixen), expounded on the aesthetics of the night and why she thinks a running event like this is important in an industry dominated by male artists.

"I think the night gives female DJs and producers a platform to be seen and heard," said York, adding that Cock Block is the ideal place to showcase new talent "which might otherwise be overlooked." Genre-wise, the event is mainly focused around house, techno, and tech-house, although aficionados will recognize its inclusion of breaks, drum and bass, and experimentalism. Known for packing the house at its former venue, York says, "The overwhelming enthusiasm and positive feedback for the night was completely unexpected. There's a strong sense of women supporting women in the EDM community, which has been really inspiring." Of the night's popularity, she attributes "the infectious energy of the performers and the night's reputation for great music."

With Cock Block, York wants to oppose the typical, commercially sexualized way that all-female lineups tend to be presented. Instead, York is in favor of taking it back to the punk-rock aesthetic that began in the late '70s, or the more recent riot grrrl movement from the '90s. "I wanted to do an all-female DJ event that was more in your face and badass, not the stereotypical sexed-up or soft-girly style. I felt it was important to do something from a female perspective.

"[Cock Block] is different because it's created by women in a tasteful way," York continues. "When women come together for a purpose, it creates a certain vibe. That vibe transfers to the audience. I think this is part of the reason why the night has been successful."

York has big and broad plans for Cock Block, too. "My vision is to continue to bring the best female artists from all corners of the globe and showcase the wealth of local talent here in the Northwest. I've even thought about expanding the night to incorporate other cities. The sky is the limit and I feel anything is possible."