[Name Redacted] sells cocaine. He makes a lot of money.

What kind of background led you to this? Did you study anything related in school? (Business? Marketing?) Do you have relevant work experience?
I graduated from PNCA, where I studied painting. I've probably had 45 or 50 jobs in my life, a lot of bartending, a lot of restaurants... shoe repair. I also sold weed in my 20s. I looked for work after I graduated and it was really hard. I was going to Northern California to trim weed, and my friend asked me if I wanted to try selling coke because it's easy and you make good money.

Is that who you now work for?
In the beginning I was getting it from him, and he got it through a Mexican guy. Then there was this creepy guy who would come over and smoke crack. Now I work directly with the Mexicans.

Are they the people who are importing it?
I don't ask questions. Our transactions are like 30 seconds long. Actually, just a few days ago one of those guys suddenly disappeared. He hasn't been answering my texts, which is really weird.

Do you worry about how dangerous this field can get? About getting caught up in violence or getting busted?
Not at all. I just sell it to, like, hipsters around town. I only deal with people I trust who want to have a good time. Sometimes people need it for school. I won't sell it to addicts. I'll stop answering their calls if I feel like they're too into it. It's fairly safe.

Do you ever consider advancing up the food chain of supply?
No, not really. I don't think I would ever supply it to other dealers. I don't need that kind of bullshit.

How much do you earn annually?
Well, last year I had like $18,000 saved in the bank. Fuck... I don't know. $60-70,000? If I can save that much without really being careful about spending money, probably about that.

What are the other upsides?
It allows me freedom to do other things. I have a problem working for bosses and people who don't appreciate you for shitty wages and crappy hours and bus commutes and all that shit. Some guys probably use it to get girls. Actually, I know some guys who are like that, but I don't do that shit. It's the most annoying thing to me.

It's definitely cost me some relationships. Friends who stop calling for any other reason and stop being friends and just become clients. It's fucked up relationships with girls who work their asses off for no money while I barely work and make more than them—that's never good for a relationship. Or they don't like the fact that I have to go out all the time to bars and stuff constantly. It's awful. People also will call you at 2 am drunk, and if you really want to make money you have to put up with it.

Given the choice, would you get out of the business?
I've tried. I've really wanted to several times. It's been like four years, and I would love to get out of it. If I found a good job, I would drop it so fast.

So do you have any advice for someone thinking about it?
I'm not giving away my secrets. But: Don't do the drugs (very much). You're not going to make very much money if you're doing it and giving it to your friends. But yeah... I would advise not doing it. Plus, I don't need the competition.

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