Sgt. Art Nakumura patrols the mean and seedy streets of downtown. His 3 am mission: rope and wrangle hundreds of drunk, college kids.

Mercury: What are the hot spots at 3 am?

SGT. NAKUMURA: The hotspots downtown are 1st and Couch—you have McFadden's and the Voodoo Lounge right across from each other—and at 2nd and Couch you have Barracuda and the El Noche. Then a block away from there is the Dixie Tavern. All those clubs let everyone out at once and that's about three to five hundred people. If you can, just imagine a bunch of college kids, drinking all night, hitting the street at once.

Oh, I can imagine. What are the top three 3 am calls?

On a weekend at 3 am it's usually fights, fights, fights and more fights. Fights and assaults.

What's the difference?

None, really.

So where do you eat? Any doughnut shops you can recommend?

Everyone usually packs their lunch. Plaid Pantry is the only thing open 24 hours.

Give us an anecdote.

Well, a really common story is when people are so intoxicated, they can't figure out where they parked their cars. So they report it as stolen car. And we drive them around the block until they spot it.

Then you let them drive home?

Umm... no.