I heard it. I live 2 blocks away, was in the garage puttering. I knew it was bad. I got the dog, asked my son if he wanted to see what was up and walked around the corner. All the barflys at Ship ahoy were on the street. The white Toyota was in a bad sort. The ambulance just got there, but no one was in a hurry. It didn't make any sense, were the People involved out of the car? No. Dead. 2 of them. I didn't realise it until my son started getting agitated. It was the 5, maybe 10 people filming. he wanted to beat the fuck out of you silly pricks for filming the horrendous tragedy unfolding before our eyes. He is very capable of that, at 6'2"-220. I tried to tell him you stupid fucks don't know any better. We bailed after only a minute or so, but I should have let him beat you, you smiley filming fuck. You know who you are.