I hate cops, let me just get that out of the way right from the start. My friend and I got arrested at the Occupy last year, and the fucking cops manhandled our asses. We got bruised up they almost broke my hand, all while having shit-eating grins under their riot masks. So, I fucking hate them. My dilemma is this: last week I was at my girlfriend's apartment when we heard her car alarm go off. We ran out and these two dudes had broken her window and were stealing shit. I ran up and coldcocked one motherfucker and he hit the ground. Immediately, I get hit in the head and everything starts to turn black. I fall to the ground and by this point, my girl is attacking the dude that sucker-punched me. As I lay there on the street, dazed and confused, I see this dude grab my girl and start slapping and pulling her hair. I reached for my cell phone and thought, "I could dial 911, but I hate the cops". I put my phone down and tried to get up, but I got dizzy and fell back down. I couldn't reach my girl, and it was tearing me up inside. Back to the phone, I thought, "I need help, she needs help, but I hate the cops, who do I call?" All I saw before I passed out was my girl hitting the asphalt and the dudes running away. Thinking about all of this, I sort of feel guilty, like there was something more I could've done to help her, but what could I have done? I was hurt and couldn't get up, and I couldn't call 911 because I hate the cops.