On the night of 4/20 you hit me in you car as I crossed the bike x-ing of Going and MLK. My bike few off, my body rag dolled, my girlfriend shrieked, I looked down at my shoes and noticed how shining they were (with blood), I brought my hand up to my head and felt a wet loose symbol of sorts. You sped off. The paramedics came, I saw a doctor and I limped off. I'm lucky to be alive. However, somehow during the wreck I received a perfect Swastika deeply embedded in the center of my forehead. Charles Manson, style only a little bigger. By the way, 4/20 is Adolf Hitler's birthday. Pretty fucking strange if you ask me. So, I have no ill will but just wanted to thank you for my new identity, you fucking magical Nazi or Zionist demon. You weren't even driving a Volkswagen.