Dear Dickhead, (which is evidently your new brain)- After sharing the past 6 years of my life w/ you, I never imagined I’d be so utterly disgusted that I don’t even want to see your face. One minute you’re whispering I love you’s to me, and the next your taking college girl’s numbers at a party. One minute your making love to me and telling me how lucky you are, the next you’re grinding on a girl who looks like she’s in high school. Last week you’re surprising me at work, cuddling with me every night, and this week you suddenly feel like dating other people. You say you still love me, but it’d be fun to get some new pussy into the mix. WTF! Seriously? Well good for you— you inconsiderate, selfish, piece of shit. Thanks for throwing away 6 years 'cause there was some cute flirty girls at a college party. You’re the type of creep that gives men a bad rep, and supports the mistrust and distance women have among each other. Have fun on your new journey to find new pussy- I hope it has fucking teeth and bites your dick off.