Summer is here and I am so giddy with excitement! It was a long winter my friends, a long hard winter. I HATE the winters here, have since the day I arrived. They're so fucking long and so fucking wet, I can't stand it. Every winter day, I wake up and just sigh looking out the window, "Another fucking MISERABLE day". I complain to my coworkers incessantly about the winter weather and my attitude is a gray as the sky. All of my friends hate the winters too, and most nights you'll find us at the bar doing the only thing one can do when it rains: drinking and complaining about the winter. Just riding out each intolerable day until that beautiful sun arrives is worthy of a medal. Some people have asked, "Why in the fuck do you live here then?" and I just reply, "Because Portland is the place to be, but the winters SUCK!". Now that summer is here, I am jumping for joy and life has meaning again! I'm like a kid in a candy store, just overwhelmed with possibilities! Rivers, bike rides, sex in parks, concerts, bbqs and incessantly talking about how sunny it is! The summer sun is shining! One thing that does bother me though, are people who complain about how hot it is. "Oh god, it's too hot today!". C'mon people, shut the fuck up and enjoy the sun! Quit your bitching and moaning about the summer weather and just soak it all in! If you don't like the summers here, just move the fuck back home! The sun is here, could there be anything better? Life if worth living again! Yay!!!