i was in a long relationship,untill he broke it of i was hurt at first because he was well my first. he told me to move on so i did but now hes stalking me . he stole my house key,and my school ID.ive cought him several times in the act of sneacking around my house and following me. i know he took the key and stuff because i went over to his house to return his clothes and ect. when i found them,he smokes weed witch was always normale but noe hes doing something else and hes getting really creepy with the stalking thing. he came over one day after i caught him spying on me through the fence of my ally. he told my mom he wasnt over me and that he wanted to talk to me but i had left imideatly.Am i beaing to paranoid? i dont think so. and didnt he tell me to move on ? what should i do?