Hey Baaabe. I stopped playing Call of Duty in order to write this. It wasn't getting any more real. I hope you understand how important this is to me. Your profile in OkCupid it's perfect. You like what I like, in some ways like in another field of said interest, which is what I want. So I can get to know new stuff. I read your profile and I understand most of what you're trying to get through, if not all. I like the poetry and art you posted online, and even when describing in your life line what seem as mistakes, I fucking love 'em. What I get from your personality it's so much fun and what my body aches to be in contact right now. My mind as well. But apart from communicating somehow thru OkCupid there's no phone or email or OkCupid way of getting in contact with you. I love your dresses, as well as your pics walking your dog. You look fabulous in all of them. An angel who walks the earth. Do you want to go out for coffee and cookies or for some tempura and beers? I'll pay just to remember the next night meaning to be conscious it wasn't not just some daydream.