DID YOU KNOW that Haywire star Gina Carano and Man of Steel star Henry Cavill are an "item"? You did? Why didn't you tell me? And why didn't you tell me this?

The appearance marks the red carpet debut for the 30-year-old former MMA fighter (who was nominated for Best Actress in an Action Movie at the Santa Monica, Calif., award show) and the Man of Steel hunk, 29, who have been spotted together multiple times since the fall.

The sexy new pairing adds fuel to online rumors claiming Gina may be making a cameo as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot. (Via.)

Let's watch a clip from Haywire while we think about how great that would be.

Since the idea of Gina Carano playing Wonder Woman is simply too beautiful and perfect to ever become reality—this world is not that kind—let us now focus on something that will be happening: Gina Carano and The Rock in the next Fast and Furious movie, coming out May 24. Given (A) how surprisingly fun Fast Five was and (B) Warner Bros.' track record when it comes to anything that isn't Dark Knight-related, I'd put money down that Fast Five will be better than Man of Steel. Unless Carano does end up being Wonder Woman in Man of Steel, and also if Man of Steel turns out not be about Superman at all but actually about Wonder Woman. And also if The Rock turns out to be in Man of Steel. In that case, the two movies might tie. Anyway. I leave you with this, and I bid you good day.