I stepped in yet another pile of dog shit this morning and I'm getting sick and tired of it. I hear all these anti-children people out there bitching about the random kid crying or whatever. Are you kidding me? I live in SE, off of Belmont and 28th and do you know how much fucking dog shit is in this neighborhood? I've never lived in an area with so much shit left out in the open. Every morning when I get into my car at 7:00am, 30 seconds into my drive, I'm smelling shit! I'm understandably too groggy to grab my FLASHLIGHT every fucking morning to inspect the path to my car. For fuck's sake, why should I have to? I am sick and tired of people letting their dog's shit out in the open. I hate you people... with an ever increasing intense passion. Give me a crying baby any day of the week, I'll take it over piles and piles of dog shit. FUCK YOU.