MIAMI CONNECTION Dragon Sound: Theyre almost as good as Ice Prez and DJ Tanner.
  • MIAMI CONNECTION Dragon Sound: They're almost as good as Ice Prez and DJ Tanner.

Remember last week when I wouldn't shut the hell up about Miami Connection and I kept having contests for tickets? Here's one of the entries.

I would love tickets for no other reason that I never win shit from you guys despite trying for the last five years. I will make the same offer that I always do and offer a not too shabby bribe—as rapper Ice Prez I will write and record a full length rap song about the Mercury!

I immediately wrote back.


Then I promptly forgot all about it. Until last night, when another glorious email from Ice Prez showed up in my inbox.

Thank you for the tickets to Miami Connection! The movie was incredible, loved every second of it. As per our agreement, I have recorded a Portland Mercury rap, as well as a Miami Connection rap.

What? Yes.

And so: Here are "Blogtown" and "UCF Knights," by the incomparable Ice Prez and DJ Tanner. "Blogtown" is a moving chronicle of the Portland Mercury's proud history—and it's crammed with shout-outs to Mercury writers and commenters! (Are you mentioned? Probably not! But maybe!) Meanwhile, "UCF Knights"—like all things even remotely connected with Miami Connection—is a work of singular genius.

I hereby proclaim Ice Prez and DJ Tanner to be the Official Balladeers of the Portland Mercury. Each workday at Mercury H.Q. shall henceforth begin with "Blogtown" playing over the office loudspeakers.

"Blogtown" - Ice Prez & DJ Tanner

"UCF Knights" - Ice Prez & DJ Tanner