Well that's a logical choice—when I first wrote about the recently established Portland arm of the Moth's StorySLAM open mic storytelling show, producers were still searching for a local host. Now they've found one, in local artist/sell-out Andrew Dickson. It's a good call: Dickson is affable, super smart, and an experienced showman, and anyone who saw his great TBA show Life Coach probably noticed that he's got a knack for helping inexperienced speakers feel comfortable in front of a crowd.

I wrote about the Moth's StorySLAM series here, but in a nutshell: It's a monthly open mic in which anyone can volunteer to tell a story or be a judge, and each month's winner will eventually compete in a "GrandSLAM" showdown show. Story themes are announced in advance; for the next show on December 3, looks like the theme is "aftermath." More are details available at themoth.org.