Listen, I know this has been done a bazillion times, but I don't care. To the dumb asshole on the #12 bus this morning: you entitled sack of shit. You *do not* need three seats so you can put your fucking legs up. Did it never occur to you that someone sitting in the disabled section might not have a *visible* disability? No, you just assume that you are entitled to three seats—even at 7:30 in the morning on a packed bus. The fact that your primary support came from that 500 pound tub of human ballast sitting across from you in a scooter should tip you off to the fact that your self-centered bullshit is not impressing *anyone.* And one more thing, as long as I'm mentioning human ballast—if you're so fucking fat that you can't walk, do the world a favor and kill yourself. All you're doing is consuming resources—a lot of 'em by the look of you, you repulsive hog. Fuck you, gimpy, and fuck you, too, hog-beast. You people are making a really compelling case for nuclear apocalypse.