...so they're borrowing a page from racist bigot playbook. Like racists who created segregated proms after high schools were integrated in the 60s and 70s, the haters at Sullivan High School are creating a separate and segregated prom for straight (and closeted) kids only:

Several parents, students, and others who believe gays should be banned from the Sullivan High School prom met Sunday at the Sullivan First Christian Church. "We don't agree with it and it's offensive to us," said Diana Medley.

Their idea is to create a seperate [sic] traditional prom. Students say there are several others from their high school who agree, but are afraid to take a stand. "If we can get a good prom then we can convince more people to come and follow what they believe," said student Kynon Johnson. And now they want everyone to know where they stand. "We want to make the public see that we love the homosexuals, but we don't think it's right nor should it be publicly accepted," said a local student.

Let's pause here for a moment to feel the love. Because nothing says "love" quite as clearly as "you're not wanted and God hates you." Okay, back to NBC 2's Paige Preusse:

Diana Medley is a special education teacher in town. She doesn't believe anyone is born gay. "I believe that it was life circumstances and they chose to be that way; God created everyone equal," said Medley. "I don't understand it."

Let's pause here to grieve for all the special education students in Sullivan, Indiana. Students with learning disabilities have it hard enough without getting stuck with a mentally challenged special ed teacher.

You know else has it hard enough? I imagine queer kids growing up in Sullivan, Indiana, population 4,249, have it hard enough without having to watch shit like this on the evening news.

The anti-gay haters at Sullivan High have a facebook page: 2013 Sullivan Traditional Prom. One of the organizers of this hate group would like us to know that "this is not a hate group." 2013 Sullivan Traditional Prom is just a group that has been organized with the sole purpose of creating an alternate prom that excludes gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students and to achieve that end the group's members are calling LGBT kids "offensive," sick, and sinful. What's hateful about that? Besides, you know, everything?

There's no way to stop the haters at Sullivan High School from holding an independent prom for the special bigoted kids. But here's what we can do: we can make a noise so loud enough that all the queer kids at Sullivan High School hear it. Those kids need to know that there are people—a lot of people—who think this shit is wrong.

If you can figure out how to leave a note at the Facebook page of the hate group 2013 Sullivan Traditional Prom, please do so. Or go to Facebook pages of the hate group's members and leave notes there. [UPDATE: The haters have pulled down their Facebook page.]

And here's one's for all you "not all like that" Christians out there: Sullivan First Christian Church needs to hear from Christians who think it's wrong—who think it's un-Christian—for a Christian church to serve as a meeting place for a hate group that exists only to exclude LGBT adolescents from a milestone like prom. Sullivan First Christian's contact page is here. They're Their phone number is 812-268-4348. Give 'em a shout.

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Holy shit. I just watched the video of the interview with Diana Medley, special education teacher, which you can see here. The story on the station's website didn't include Medley's full remarks. Here's the missing part:

PAIGE PREUSSE: A gay person, um, do you consider them, maybe, do [you believe] they have some sort of purpose in life?
DIANA MEDLEY: I don't. I personally don't. I'm sorry.

Take a good look at the condescending, hateful smirk that spreads across Medley's face when she was asked if gay people have a purpose in life...


...and then imagine you're a gay kid in special ed in Sullivan and this hateful bigot is your teacher.

Diana Medley's email address is medleyd@nesc.k12.in.usf. (Please be respectful if you email Medley. Blowing up at her won't help and it only plays into the Christian right's "but we're the real victims of intolerance!" line of crap.) There's also an online petition calling for Medley to be disciplined.

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