Buried deep inside of today's Good Morning News, Steve mentioned that early this morning the Oregon Zoo's Rose-Tu gave birth to a healthy female elephant calf. What he should have said was:

BABY ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!! BABY ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then he should have posted THIS picture from the Oregon Zoo's Twitter account:


This is a huge deal—breeding elephants in captivity is notoriously difficult—and a goddamn adorable feather in the cap of the Oregon Zoo's already world-renowned elephant breeding program. Of course, Rose-Tu almost trampled her last baby to death... but according to a dispatch from the zoo, “Rose is doing considerably better this time around... When [her last calf] Samudra was born, it was four days before she would even let him come near her, so we’re much farther along this time. We’re starting to see motherly behavior from Rose, and the calf is already nursing a bit. These are great signs that the mother-calf bond will be a strong one. Our animal-care staff is working hard to help the two along, and things are progressing every minute.”