This city isn't alone in idiots running around with paint cans tagging their mark on every possible vertical and horizontal surface. But your artwork majorly sucks. I don't get the point in ruining someone else's property without permission as most buildings in Portland are pretty good looking. That's just downright rude. I have nothing against a well-placed mural or other street art, mostly because those are painted by people with talent and approval.

Your shit sucks too. I can read hieroglyphics better than I can your stupid tags. I know, you think you're the next Banksy and probably get a boner everytime you pass your chicken scratch on your way to your probation officer.

And thanks for tagging the nice tree in my neighborhood. You show that corporate entity who's boss! I also love the paint that was splashed haphazardly on the sidewalk to be washed away in the rain. Way to turn your art into an environmental problem too, why stop at felonious vandalism, you know?

Instead of painting the city you need to talk over your daddy issues with a shrink, because you're severely mentally ill.

Oh and this rant includes the fucktards etching their artwork on windows around town. Now that's just over-the-top wrong.