I knew something was weird when I went to your table and you had a bible on it, I was raised atheist, you didn't fool me! I fly solo at my bar, I'm the bartender, waitress and bouncer, so it was easy for you to sneak out on your tab. I saw you from the patio and yelled "Did you pay"? No, you did not, and you sprinted with your newborn baby in a stroller to get out of paying your 16.50 tab. You are a piece of shit. Not only did you not pay but you put your baby in danger! Do you take that bible with you to make servers think you are a good person? Well you aren't. Why should I have to pay for your 2 salads? Maybe you thought my bosses would pay? Why is that fair? They own 3 restaurants plus caterings and put in 14 hour days. I don't care that you have a baby, birth control is free at Planned Parenthood and you should have used it if you now have to steal from hard working people to eat. I don't feel sorry for you! You better come pay your 16.50! We know who you are!