Dear gross lady riding her bike on the sidewalk downtown, I understand that maybe you don't know the laws and rules around here. I'm sure you are probably so fucked up on whatever drugs you're using that the sidewalk (full of people) seems like a perfect place to ride your (probably stolen) bicycle. However, you nearly ran into my husband TWICE. So when I said to him, "Watch out honey, bicyclist behind you. On the sidewalk." I was a little irritated that you seemed to have no care in the world about how close your bike was getting to people. Your little tantrum was hilarious as you brought out the high-pitched valley girl voice, "Like, oh my God! Like, people are riding bikes, like, on the SIDEWALK! Oh my gawd!" Just go keep doing your meth or whatever drug of choice you abuse. Try not to ram your bike into someone who will beat your ass. On second thought, feel free to ram your bike into whomever you'd like. P.S. Your hairstyle makes you look like ridiculous.