You, a biker, walking your bike in the propped open entrance to the stairwell/outdoors at Hollywood Whole Foods yesterday about 1:30 PM. I had to yield as you as you rolled your bike through the door, I turned around to see if there were some bike racks in the stairwell or something (there aren't), and I was in a bit of shock as you rolled your bike into the store. What kind of ass clown takes his bike into the grocery store? I saw the lock on your bike dude, lock it up outside you bag of dicks, it takes less time than navigating around displays and shopping carts. You really think it is OK to roll your bike around a store? I contemplate, are you just a clueless idiot, or a raging asshole who knows he is being a dick and just doesn't care. On the upside, I left whole foods only spending $6.49, and I got two items, including a six pack of beer. No shit, Goldmine, better than PBR, $3.99 at Whole Foods. Winning.