Just in time for this week's story on a bill by State Senator Ginny Burdick that would ban high-capacity ammo clips in Oregon—complete with quotes from Burdick calling it "good policy," the Portland Democrat has been told it won't be happening this legislative session.

The Oregonian reported today that Burdick's bill on ammo will join another bill seeking a state assault weapon ban in legislative committee limbo. Read the story in here.

House Judiciary Chairman Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, who is another key figure in the gun-control debate, said he doesn't plan to take up Burdick's legislation or another bill in the House that would bar the sale of semi-automatic military-style rifles often known as assault weapons.

"I personally think that the high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapon issues need to be done at the federal level," said Prozanski.

Burdick does have other gun control bills that are moving forward, including a bill banning people with concealed handgun permits from bringing guns onto school grounds. The O's story also says some other gun legislation is still on track, including bills that would strengthen existing background check requirements, ban guns in the Capitol, and require people doing live-fire training to obtain a concealed handgun permit.

I've left a message with Burdick seeking comment and will update if and when I hear back.