If you need another reason to stop spouting crap out onto F-book consider this:

For the discloser himself or herself, disclosing a lot may lead to lower intimacy and satisfaction, because the more you do it, the more you perceive there are a lot of potential mates out in the world — so a lot of alternative mates that you can choose from,” [Kuwon Lee, a doctoral student in psychology at KU who conducted the studies] said. “That may lessen the value of your own relationship.

In other words, love the one you're with and quit telling everybody on the internet about all your problems. These results were found in three separate studies at Kansas University, so I'm not even going to question the methodology. JK! No word on whether or not they had a control in place to account for the probability that people who have a propensity to overshare are just terrible relationship candidates in the first place. Either way, you know that one friend you have on F-book, the one who's always all like "Woe is me" and "Why does this always happen to me!?" You know who I'm talking about. Just send them this article along with a note that says something like "I was going to share this on Facebook, but then I got scared. Heehee!"

Maybe your friend will get it, or maybe they'll be too busy being self-absorbed and they'll just reply "Interesting!" without having even read it. At least you tried. I, for one, have reduced my F-book checking rate down to about one per day. Where are you at?